Steal Alert: UNIQLO Wool/Cashmere Topcoats $50 off + Ultra Light Down $10 off

UNIQLO 90% wool / 10% Cashmere Topcoat – $ 99.90 ($ 149.90)

UNIQLO calls these their “Chesterfield” topcoat (despite not being a true chesterfield), and they’re one of the better values in classy looking outerwear on the men’s style market. Given one or two conditions…

You live in a warm climate, or, you run particularly hot.

UNIQLO 90% wool / 10% Cashmere Chesterfield Topcoat

The Camel color. Very rich. Not a washed out straw shade.

These things are NOT well insulated. And the fabric isn’t that thick. Yet, the fabric really is something. 90% wool (and a fine wool at that) and 10% cashmere. They’re super soft to the touch and hit just above the knee.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something warmer/puffier, UNIQLO is also running a $ 10 off promotion on ALL of their ultra light down.

That goes for their hooded seamless parkas, their hoodless jackets, vests, etc. Head here for a full in person review of that hooded seamless parka.

Ultra light savings run through the 13th, while the wool outerwear deal expires Sunday (and thus, necessitated a steal alert post on Friday, since it’d be gone before the Monday tripod.)

That’s all. Carry on. Time to switch to decaf.

UNIQLO Men's Ultra Light Seamless Down Parka

UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down Seamless Parka. More than a few colors to pick from.

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