United adding 1,600 high-end seats in a bid for more premium passengers

United Airlines is expanding the number of premium seats in its fleet by 50 percent.
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21 Savage’s Birth Certificate Reveals He Was Born in the United Kingdom

21 Savage is facing deportation after being arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Atlanta on Sunday.

According to ICE, the 26-year-old rapper is an “unlawfully present United Kingdom national” who came to the U.S. on a visa in July 2005 as opposed to the Atlanta native many of us believed him to be.

His visa expired a year later and he has been living in the United States ever since.

Daily Mail has uncovered the rapper’s birth certificate and it indicates he was born to two British parents in London. According to reports, he lived in the UK for 12 years before relocating to Atlanta with his mother.

His U.K. birth certificate shows he was born Shéyaa bin Abraham on October 22, 1992 at Newham Hospital, in east London, and his parents, Heather Joseph and Kevin Emmons, are also British.

For those keeping up with the story, 21 has twin sisters still living in London — choreographers Kyra and Jayda. Jayda took to Twitter to explain her brother’s citizenship:

“But Shaayaa moved to America when he was mad young, so he basically is American, he grew up there,” wrote Jayda. “I’m bare confused as to how they’re trying to deport him though… He’s been comfortable this whole time, even when he was gangbanging and shit. This smells fishy.

21 has been doing a lot for his community, so this whole situation is unfortunate. Hopefully he’s able to figure out a way to stay in the United States.

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United Airlines bans puppies on planes

Your emotional support animal in training may not get to fly business class anymore. Or any other class, for that matter. United Airlines is changing its policies regarding emotional-support animals, banning animals under the age of four months from the cabin, “to further ensure the well-being of our employees and customers while accommodating passengers with…
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The best destinations for culturephiles in the United States


Everyone has different hobbies; some like to collect things, while others like to explore the world. Among those who love to travel and see new things are people who are interested in learning all about different cultures, or culturephiles. They are especially fond of exploring the history and culture of different regions.

With so many destination options out there, it can be difficult to decide where to go first. So, culturephiles, here are the best destinations in the United States for you to check out.

Houston, Texas

The most significant historic attraction in Houston, Texas is the San Jacinto Monument, commemorating the battle of Texas, along with a great historical museum. There is, of course, a huge space center located in Houston, which can be a great place to visit if you are interested in space exploration and the history of the US space program. There are also various other historic buildings, statues, and architecture that are worth seeing in this fascinating city.

New York City, New York

The marvelous Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, and Ellis Island are just a few of the most visited places in New York City. Colloquially known as the “city that never sleeps,” New York is home to incredible art and culture, music, museums, and plays.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest state capital in the United States. Here, you can explore the magnificent history of the country from long ago. This beautiful city is famous for its historical architecture, preservation of the old cultures, unique boutiques, and super-delicious food. There is always a lot to do in Santa Fe, and the options range from shopping and eating to biking and hiking.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a huge tourist center, with about 600,000 people visiting every year. Memphis is famous for its lush green parks and plenty of museums, and of course, for being the hometown of the great Elvis Presley. There are a number of museums and tributes that honor the King of Rock and Roll. In addition, Memphis is a great place for kids, and there is a children’s museum in the middle town and an epic zoo nearby, too.

Indianapolis, Indiana

The world’s largest children museum is located in Indianapolis, and it is one of the world’s most rapidly emerging capitals. The diverse culture and multicolor history are core assets of this charming place.

Phoenix, Arizona

The mesmerizing scenery in Phoenix, Arizona makes it a stunning place to visit and spend some time in the outdoors. Phoenix is famous for its diverse ecosystem, camelback mountains, rare species of flora and fauna, and several botanical and horticulture gardens.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a city with a beautiful skyline, incredible museums, and diverse people and culture. It is great for all ages and there is always something to do here from kayaking on the Chicago river to visiting the famous Field Museum of Natural History. It is a diverse city with a very interesting history, not to mention the great food and sports teams associated with the Windy City.


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DC United Welcomes Atlanta, Sounders Host FC Cincinnati as MLS Announces 2019 Home Openers

On Thursday, MLS announced its 2019 home openers for all 24 clubs for its 24th season and there are some exciting matches including Atlanta United’s visit to DC United and FC Cincinnati’s first ever match in the league, taking them to CenturyLink Field as the expansion side faces Seattle.  

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Why you should visit the United States national parks in any season


The national parks in the United States are some of the most beautiful places on Earth, but many people only visit them when the weather is good. We’re looking at why these parks are great to visit at any time of the year, no matter the weather.

The snow

Do you like when the snow comes and turns everything a brilliant shade of white? Snow is capable of turning even the bleakest of places into something pretty thanks to the white blankets it lays over everything. If you enjoy the beauty of the national parks then why not check them out after a snowfall? The national parks are already awe-inspiring but when covered in snow that beauty is taken to another level.


Ice climbing is becoming more popular and if you like to visit the parks to scale some of their rocks then why not increase the difficulty? Glacier National Park and Acadia National Park are ideal as you can find a challenge while enjoying the beauty offered by the parks. Winter doesn’t have to be the time of hibernation, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature without waiting for the fair weather.


Different species of wildlife thrive during different seasons. If you love heading to a national park to check out signs of wildlife, and to get closer to nature, then why not mix things up and visit at a different time of year? You’ll be more likely to see a different set of animals if you mix up when you visit the parks. It’s more likely you’ll spot animals like beavers and otters during the colder, wetter months.


Hitting the national parks in the middle of summer usually means you’re going to get good weather, but you might be denying yourself an awe-inspiring sight. As the winter snows melt they fuel the rivers and streams running through the parks, which means there is a greater chance to see the amazing waterfalls in action.

Yosemite falls are an iconic site in the California national park, but come too late and the water will practically have dried up already. Hitting up a national park in spring when the rains arrive mean you can see some of nature’s best water features in action before they fizzle out.

Beating the crowds

Unsurprisingly, summer is the most popular time for people visiting the national parks. If you don’t mind a bit of rain, or wrapping up a little warmer, then check them out earlier or later in the year. Fall is one of the best times of year to be surrounded by trees, and fewer people are stomping around the trails. That means you can enjoy the parks in relative peace, without every man, woman, child, and dog getting in the way.

The national parks in the United States don’t only open during the summer months, and they are there to be taken advantage of all year. Whether it’s avoiding people or enjoying the diversity, visiting the national parks in all seasons is a must.


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United Utilities H1 Profit Rises; Hikes Interim Dividend – Quick Facts

United Utilities Group PLC (UU.L, UUGRY.PK) reported profit before tax of 259.6 million pounds for the half year ended 30 September 2018, up from 242.3 million pounds in the year-ago period. Earnings per share were 31.2 pence, compared to 28.9 pence last year.
RTT – Earnings