This is the one thing that Love Island contestants are banned from bringing into the villa

It all makes sense!


Love Island 2018 is underway and while a lot of us thought we’d be watching it ironically (this writer included), we’re now hooked.

We want the water bottle with our name on, the endless beauty supply, but more than anything we want Jack Fincham as our boyfriend – don’t worry though, we’d never do that to Dani!

Yes, everyone’s desperate to get into that villa, with it even emerging this week that some people are going to extreme lengths – with it reported that there are at least five attempted break ins on the villa every day.

But for the contestants who actually are allowed in the villa, there are apparently a few rules, from no smoking in public areas and no masturbating, to no nudity and no drunken or unsafe sex.


One reported rule that we didn’t expect however was no paper and pens, with islanders reportedly banned from bringing the items into the Majorcan villa.

While the rule may seem odd, it does make sense – being able to write secret notes would deter islanders from having difficult conversations in public, something that makes the show more watchable.


Of course there are ways around it – when Zara left the villa last month, BFF Ellie wrote her a note to put in her suitcase, writing with eyeliner on a piece of toilet roll. But on the whole, the islanders are just encouraged to say what they’re feeling.

Works for us!

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Samira just opened up about villa life and why she chose to leave Love Island

‘Dani and Jack are going to get married, have kids and all of that’


Love Island 2018 is getting dramatic, with the past week pushing the show to breaking point.

Tonight’s episode reached climax when Samira Mighty, one of the show’s originals, chose to leave the villa, just days after her ‘Prince Charming’ Frankie was voted off the show.

‘I finally got what I wanted and now I feel like I’m back at square one’ she told Dani, breaking the news to her fellow islanders the next morning.

‘This decision is so, so hard,’ she explained. ‘I’m devastated by it but I think that it is the right thing to do – just follow my heart because I’ve never done that before. I’ve always taken the back seat and now I need to go for it head on and leave and just go for Frankie. I’ve got to go with my gut feeling.’

So the 22-year-old left the villa, but how is she feeling now that she’s on the outside?


How do you feel about leaving the villa?

‘I feel very confident and very proud of myself. I feel like it was the right time for me to leave. I’m obviously devastated to be leaving my best friends but this is the perfect time. I’ve found what I wanted to find and it was Frankie so I’m going to go and get him. I do see a future with Frankie, I’ve
never met anyone like him before. He is gorgeous and we did have a genuine connection. I wouldn’t change anything about my time in the villa, I have no regrets.’

Are you looking forward to seeing Frankie?

‘I am really excited and also really nervous. All we know is our villa relationship so I’m really excited to see how it’ll work on the outside world and if we are compatible and do like each other as much as we said. I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited. Just before he left he said “see you in three weeks, see you soon” and he said to a few of the boys that he was going to wait for me so it feels positive at the moment and good.’

Who did you click with the most in the villa?

‘I clicked with everyone. Everyone was my best friend! But I’d say Dani, she is the best, most amazing girl. She always kept me positive. I love Megan so much, we got really close and what she has with Wes is very genuine. I also got on really well with Wes too. Georgia is super confident and bubbly and that’s exactly what she’s always like. I love her, we got really close and I did feel for her with everything she went through with Josh but she is happy with Sam now. I love that girl.’


What are your hopes for Dr Alex?

‘Alex is so unique. He is his own self, he has never changed and he needs a girl to come in for him and not have eyes for anyone else. I just hope that Alex finds love because he has waited long enough. I really like Alexandra, she does seem really nice. And she was genuine about her feelings for Alex when she came in. He really makes her laugh and crack up. There are other single guys in there and they want to take her out… It’s all up to Alexandra, she has the power.’

What is your take on villa life?

‘Villa life is a roller coaster. It is absolutely amazing, I walked around pinching myself that I was there. You go through ups and downs but mostly ups because you’re there with amazing people. You are meeting boys and girls and making friends. It is very intense but your emotions and feelings in there are all real. You completely forget about the cameras. You are so immersed in everyone else.’


What was your standout Love Island memory?

‘I loved the Ministry of Sound party night. I also really enjoyed the stripping dance off challenge. I loved my outfit, my silver thigh high boots! It was nerve-wracking but so fun. The challenges were also amazing and finally meeting Frankie, that was a big milestone for me in the villa.’

Who do you think could be engaged by this time next year?

‘Definitely Dani and Jack. 100 per cent. They are going to get married, have kids and all of that. They are amazing together. And maybe Josh and Kaz, they are very close.’

Who do you think is going to win?

‘Dani and Jack because they have had such a journey from the start. They were coupled up on day one, then she had a little dip where she wasn’t sure how she felt about him. Then Hayley said she fancied Jack and then Jack tried to get a reaction out of Dani by speaking to Hayley. That was ages ago now, I’m even having to jog my memory! They are like magnets to each other now. I love them and I know they really love each other.’

We’re going to miss Samira!

The post Samira just opened up about villa life and why she chose to leave Love Island appeared first on Marie Claire.

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Where is Love Island 2018 filmed, can you book to stay in the villa in Majorca and what’s the place like inside?

THE Love Island villa is the setting of 2018’s hottest show.

But where exactly is the luxury holiday home? Can you stay there and who many people does it sleep?

This year’s villa looks better than ever
This year the villa looks better than ever. It is located in Majorca
ITV Picture Desk

Where is the Love Island 2018 villa?

The Love Island villa is located on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca (Mallorca), in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of the Island.

The villa is the same luxury location that last year’s contestants stayed in, but it’s been given an overhaul.

The famous hideaway has been given a makeover, meaning the stars will be tempted to spend more time in there away from the prying eyes of their co-stars.

The bedroom is decorated with bright blue and pink blankets and cushions, with giant, holiday-themed images on the walls.

Outside seating and day beds have been set up around the pool area, with sun loungers and an al-fresco bar set up for late-night drinks.

The villa also boasts an enormous pool, gym area and jacuzzi.

The round seating area complete with a fancy fire pit is still in place, along with the enormous open-plan kitchen and living room.

Staff have been busy for weeks setting up the hidden cameras and linking up the microphones to make sure every cough and spit is captured on screen.

The villa features an expansive infinity pool which looks out on the lush countryside
The villa features an expansive infinity pool which looks out on the lush countryside
ITV Picture Desk

Click here to play our Love Island games – and win a £10,000 holiday for you and three friends

Where is Majorca and what is the weather like?

Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island and is located in the Mediterranean Sea off the south-east coast of mainland Spain.

The island is known for its beach resorts and is a popular destination with British tourists.

Majorca is the “sister” island to Ibiza and Menorca and flying time from the UK is about two and a half hours.

The island’s capital is Palma, known for it’s Gothic Santa Maria cathedral and beautiful bay.

The island is also the home of notorious party destination Magaluf, which has previously played host to reality TV show The Magaluf Weekender – which has now relocated and become known as The Ibiza Weekender.

The weather in Mallorca is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, sunny summer months.

Majorca is home to Magaluf – a popular party destination
Splash News

Can I stay at the Love Island villa?

Yes, you can stay in the villa, but it will cost around £3000 for a week’s stay.

The luxury villa boasts a super-sized hot tub, infinity pool, outdoor kitchen and terrace.

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Grace Wardle and Frankie Foster have been axed from ‘Love Island’ – as two new Islanders entered the villa

OHMYGOSSIP — Grace Wardle and Frankie Foster have been axed from ‘Love Island’ – as two new Islanders entered the villa. The 25-year-old hairdresser and the 22-year-old student were dumped from the famous villa during Monday’s (09.07.18) episode of the ITV2 reality show, after they failed to secure the public’s vote for favourite girl and favourite boy currently on the show.

Islanders were sent a text message during the show telling them the public had been voting for their favourites, before revealing the bottom three girls as Megan, Ellie, and Grace, and the boys as Frankie, Charlie, and Josh.

Another text then revealed that Grace and Frankie had received the fewest votes, and would therefore be going home. But despite being prematurely dumped from the show, hairdresser Grace is “feeling positive” about her experience in the villa. When asked in her post-exit interview how she feels following her eviction, she said: “I’m feeling positive. I feel like I’ve had an amazing experience. I was overwhelmed to even make it into the main villa from Casa Amor so I feel privileged that I’ve had the best of both, that I experienced Casa Amor and that I experienced going into the main villa.”

The beauty was “shocked” at the news of the surprise dumping, but admits she wasn’t surprised to find herself in the bottom three. She added: “I think that we were all very shocked when the text came into the villa that there was going to be a dumping. I don’t think it was a shock that myself, Megan and Ellie were announced as being the public’s bottom three girls in the villa. I think people were more shocked that Frankie left and are more upset about that, for Samira’s sake. It is unfortunate that the first guy Samira gelled with in five weeks has gone.”

However, fans won’t have much time to mourn Grace and Frankie’s eviction, as it was also announced during Monday’s show that two new boys are on their way to the villa. Kieran Nicholls, a 26-year-old personal trainer, and Idris Virgo, a 25-year-old boxer, will join the remaining contestants this week, and are set to cause drama as both boys have their eye on Kaz, who is already coupled up with Josh.

Idris said: “I’ve got my eye on Kaz, Georgia and Samira. I know some of the girls are coupled up, like Kaz with Josh, so it would be a challenge with her but I’ll find a way of stealing Kaz because she is my type. I don’t mind stepping on people’s toes.”

Whilst Kieran added: “I’ve got my eye on Kaz in terms of looks and personality. She has her head screwed on and she knows where she wants to be and that’s a trait I look for. Megan is also pretty hot. Maybe she might meet someone like me who will tame her.”

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Zara McDermott reveals Adam Collard hasn’t contacted her since leaving the Love Island villa as she reveals truce with Rosie Williams

ZARA McDermott has revealed Adam Collard hasn’t been in touch with her since leaving the Love Island villa last night.

The government adviser, 21, confirmed on Good Morning Britain earlier today there had been radio silence from the Geordie personal trainer, 22, despite him admitting just days ago he still has feelings for her.

Good Morning Britain
Zara McDermott revealed Adam Collard hasn’t been in touch with her since he left the Love Island villa last night

Richard Arnold asked Zara if she had heard from Adam since he was booted out of the villa last night.

She replied: “I’ve not heard from him .. I think he needs to pull his finger out a little bit.

“It wasn’t easy watching him kiss someone else on TV so soon after we had separated so I think he has got to pull his finger out a little bit and make some effort.

“The Adam I watch on TV and the Adam I got to know in the villa are two different people. I need to wait to speak to him in person.”

Love Island
The Geordie personal trainer left the villa with Darylle Sargeant

Sat next to her, Rosie Williams, a 26-year-old lawyer, added: “ He has got to prove himself to you, hasn’t he babe.”

The two girls insisted that, despite drama on the show which saw them fight over the Geordie personal trainer, they were fine.

Zara said: “We are absolutely fine.”

Rosie agreed: “We are going to go for dinner and have a little chat.”

Good Morning Britain
Zara and Rosie insisted on Good Morning Britain they had made amends after fighting over Adam in the villa

The segment got off to a bumpy start when Kate Garraway accidentally fell off a giant bean bag and onto the lap of another former Love Island contestant, Charlie Frederick, live on the show.

The TV star, 51, looked shocked as she ended up getting cosier to the model than she had planned during the show earlier today.

Good Morning Britain
Kate Garraway accidentally fell onto Charlie Frederick’s lap at the start of the interview

The camera panned across the studio to show Kate sat on a giant bean bag along with co-host Ranvir Singh and Love Island stars Hayley Hughes, Zara and Rosie in addition to Charlie, as well as Richard on an inflatable flamingo.

Kate joked: “When sitting on a giant bean bag, it’s probably best not to actually dress as the bean bag.”

However, as she spoke, the presenter sunk into a gap down the side and onto Charlie.

She grabbed his leg as she struggled to pick herself up off the floor and ended up in a fit of giggles with her head in her hands.

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Love Island’s first dumping will happen TOMORROW as one girl will leave the villa after recoupling

LOVE Island confirmed that one unlucky girl will be dumped from the villa as the couples rematch in tomorrow night’s episode.

Whichever girl is left single will have to pack their bags and leave the famous villa.

Love Island have confirmed that the first dumping will take place in tomorrow night’s episode




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Singer Joy Villa Files Sex-Assault Complaint Against Corey Lewandowski

Singer and Trump supporter Joy Villa said she filed a sexual-assault complaint against Corey Lewandowski, the firebrand former campaign manager for President Trump. Villa told the Associated Press that Lewandowski hit her twice on the buttocks “extremely hard” after she told him to stop. The alleged incident happened at an event in Washington, D.C. in November. She told the AP she will meet with Washington’s Metropolitan Police next week about the complaint, which she says she filed Sunday. “I didn’t know him at all,” Villa said about Lewandowski, calling the interaction “disgusting and shocking and demeaning.” In March 2016, Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery over an altercation with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Though the charges were later dropped, Lewandowski was fired from the campaign in June 2016.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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