All About Trinity, ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Villainous Organisation

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It wasn’t looking too good for Lara Croft and her Tomb Raider series at the turn of the decade. The series’ nineties heyday was a distant memory and the most recent Xbox 360/PS3 era trilogy had been blown out of the water by the arrival of Nathan Drake and Uncharted. Like so many great nineties heroes, Lara’s time appeared done.

There’s no way you could have guessed then that in 2018 we’d be heralding Shadow of the Tomb Raider as one of the most anticipated games of the year. But here we are.

Following the brilliant reboot in 2013, an even better follow-up arrived in 2015 under the name Rise of the Tomb Raider. Now, Shadow of the Tomb Raider rounds out what has been dubbed the Survivor Trilogy and boy is it going big. Like apocalypse big. Lara removes a Mayan dagger from its resting place in Mexico, setting off a chain of events that will lead to the death of the sun.

It’s all Trinity’s fault, of course. Lara only removes the dagger because she knows the Order of Trinity is after it and – given past experiences – she can only assume it’s for evil deeds. They are evil Trinity, aren’t they? Let’s recap the story so far.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Lara has made a little “end of the world” mistake in her new game

Trinity is Over 1,000 Years Old

The earliest recorded evidence of The Order of Trinity dates back to 978AD, although it is believed the organisation is far older than that. It’s generally accepted that Trinity is funded by the Vatican as its secret military wing. Its goal is to ensure God has full command over the people of Earth.

Trinity’s mission therefore became to hunt down any artifacts with supernatural powers that could be used to defy what it decided was God’s will. Not only that, Trinity is also charged with eradicating any civilization that’s made use of these artifacts. These civilizations are considered heretics.

Members of Trinity are staunchly monotheistic, able to look past the path of violence and destruction left in their wake believing they are doing God’s work. An approach upheld by the leader of Trinity’s High Council, Pedro Dominguez.

One such civilisation Trinity managed to bury was blossoming in the Siberian city of Kitezh. It was here that the Deathless Prophet of Constantinople had run to hide after he had used the Divine Source to make his followers immortal. Naturally, use of such a powerful artifact had gained the ire of Trinity.

Trinity itself is not formally acknowledged, with its existence kept secret at all costs. Despite having unlimited resources and money, the number of actual Trinity members is small and exclusive. To keep themselves secret, most of their work is undertaken by hired mercenaries.

Lara vs Trinity
With Trinity, Lara usually fires first and asks questions later

How Trinity Found Lara

It wasn’t actually Lara, but her father Richard, who first came to the attention of Trinity. Following the death of Lara’s mother in a plane accident, Richard got lost in his research seeking what he called the Immortal Soul. This was in fact the Divine Source and soon enough Pedro Dominguez got worried his research would unearth not only the history of Kitezh, but also the existence of Trinity.

Dominguez sent Trinity agent Ana to infiltrate Richard’s life and monitor his research. When she was unable to turn him away from his path to exposing Trinity, Dominguez ordered his assassination. Trinity then used its power in the media to discredit the Croft family name.

Years later a fresh-faced Lara finished her university degree and signed up to be part of the archaeological reality TV show Whitman’s World. Her journey took her to the island of Yamatai.

Tomb Raider Amazon
Deep in the Amazon, Lara will meet her toughest challenge yet

Trinity on Yamatai

Of course, Yamatai was already on Trinity’s radar well before Lara set foot on the island at the start of the first game. It had once housed an ancient Japanese civilization who had a powerful artifact called the Star Phenomenon that, on the behest of the Sun Queen, could control the weather.

The island had been lost to time, but it was rediscovered during World War II. A Trinity agent infiltrated a Nazi science team sent to examine the island, potentially sabotaging their mission to acquire the Star Phenomenon. A second agent also arrived on the island decades later to join the ragtag gang of washed up survivors led by Mathias.

While Trinity was never explicitly identified as the antagonist in the 2013 reboot, Lara does come across mentions of the mysterious order. There’s a radio message broken by static, and various documents Lara finds, which reference Trinity. But she is at a loss as to who they actually are.

Upon her survival and return home, Lara is surprised when her experiences are so strongly discredited. Trinity is behind it, of course, and also goes back to the island to destroy any evidence of the Sun Queen and the Star Phenomenon.

Trinity and the Divine Source

In the wake of Yamatai, Lara decides to dedicate herself to restoring the family name. She picks up her father’s research and takes it further. She unearths the secret hiding spot of Kitezh and the location of the Divine Source. Knowing she is getting close, Dominguez orders Lara’s assassination.

Lara survives, but her assailant escapes with all her discoveries, leading Trinity to the location of the Deathless Prophet – known at this time as Jacob. Thus begins the bulk of the gameplay for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It’s only at the end of the game that Lara begins to understand the full depth of Trinity’s influence on the world. Ana, now outed as a Trinity agent, admits that Lara’s father was assassinated.

Ana Tomb Raider
Ana is not to be trusted!

Trinity’s Mayan Adventure

Pedro Dominguez’s personal interest has always been in the Mayan culture and its powerful artifacts. When Lara gets wind that Trinity has located a ceremonial Mayan Dagger in Mexico, she rushes to the location to beat them to it. Unfortunately, in removing the dagger, she sets in process the end of the world, beginning with a series of natural disasters.

In order to stop what she has started, she heads to the Amazon. Here we get into the heart of the new game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In the Amazon, Lara will not only have to stop the death of the sun and the extinction of life on Earth. But she’ll also get to face-off against Pedro Dominguez and get her revenge.

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6 Villainous Actors Perfect for Playing Doctor Doom in the MCU

Fans may be disappointed that Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom standalone film will probably not see fruition anytime soon, but they shouldn’t abandon hope about getting the legendary Marvel villain back on the big screen. The Disney-Fox merger has taken an important step towards becoming reality with Kevin Feige revealing he’s waiting on a certain important phone call. Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed has even expressed interest in directing a Fantastic Four film for the MCU.

All of this suggests Marvel’s First Family could play a big role in Phase 4 of the MCU. So, the question is: who should play Doctor Doom? Several suitable actors are already well known for a villain role that appeals to a particular aspect of Doom’s character. Here are six villainous actors perfect for playing the MCU version of Doctor Doom.

Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendlesson as Director Orson Krennic in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Mendelsohn was Noah Hawley’s choice to play Doom in his film and for good reason. As Director Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Mendelsohn’s character exhibits many of Doom’s important traits. Both characters are steely, exhibit hubris, and even wear a cool cloak.

Most importantly, like Doom, Krennic is determined to see his own ambitions come true while callously disregarding anything and anyone else. Krennic’s desire to ascend to the top of the Galactic Empire is akin to Doom’s quest to become the most powerful being in the universe. In this quest, Krennic plays a pivotal role in the creation of the Death Star and demonstrates the superweapon on Jedha City. His loving admiration over the resulting death and destruction would be a classic Doom moment. Mendelsohn’s portrayal of Krennic has indeed prepared him to illustrate Doom’s evilness.

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldermort

As Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, Fiennes is quite haunting in his portrayal of the powerful wizard. He conjured up particularly gruesome ways to try and kill Harry, starting with the Avada Kedavra curse when Harry is just a baby.

Doom can be downright horrifying at times in the comics, especially when it comes to his dealings with the Fantastic Four, whom he considers his sworn enemies. He once used mystical abilities to switch their powers just to torture them. This aspect of Doom’s character has sorely been lacking in every Fantastic Four movie so far. Fiennes would be the perfect choice to portray a version of Doom that sends a chill through the audience.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

The man responsible for bringing to life antihero Walter White in Breaking Bad deserves a chance to portray the legendary Marvel villain. Perhaps the most important aspect of Doom’s personality is his intelligence, and Cranston would shine in bringing this aspect of Doom to life. After all, it is Walter’s expertise in chemistry that begins his meth empire.

Even more impressive than their backgrounds in science is both Walter’s and Doom’s strategizing abilities. Walter always seems to have a clever solution for wading his way through a harrowing situation. Similarly, Doom masterminds creative methods for eliminating his adversaries. Walter maintains the confidence necessary for clearly thinking things through. Such gravitas puts Cranston in a uniquely ideal position to play Doom.

 Shasha Roiz

Shasha Roiz as Captain Sean Reanard in Grimm

Roiz’s role as Captain Sean Renard on NBC’s hit series Grimm may lean more heroic than villainous, and this positions him to play off a unique side of Doom. There have been times in which Doom isn’t the villain of the story, whether he’s battling a greater threat or, yes, flat out aiding the Fantastic Four or another hero. For Renard, it’s the opposite.

Renard ultimately comes off heroic, but you question his allegiance throughout the series. He lies to Nick from the start about his knowledge regarding Nick’s ancestors and even had associate Adalind Schade attempt to kill Nick’s Aunt Marie. Such dichotomy in a character is no easy feat to pull off. It would be great seeing Roiz portray a more complicated version of Doom.

Denzel Washington

It’s time we got to see Doctor Doom in his natural habitat: in his homeland of Latveria where he rules with an iron fist as King. Doom’s rule over the country is that of an absolute monarchy. What he decrees is law, and no one has the power to question his authority. Sure, Latveria may seem like a utopia at times, but this comes at the high cost of sacrificing freedom.

A unique source of inspiration for this more manipulative version of Doom could draw from Washington’s role as corrupt police detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day. Harris uses his authority and intimidation to successfully put other corrupt cops and gang members in his pocket to do his bidding. Despite being known by some as crooked, Harris is a decorated officer who’s able to cleverly disguise his misdeeds as legitimate police work. Washington could be just what the doctor ordered in illustrating Doom’s tyrannical side.

 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Gender swapping characters in the MCU is not a new concept. Tilda Swinton and Carrie-Anne Moss have both portrayed characters that are usually male in the Ancient One and Jeryn Hogarth respectively. Doctor Doom’s prominence in the Marvel Universe would make it a huge gamble to cast the character as female. Such a gamble could pay off in spades if the right person is chosen, such as Jennifer Lawrence.

It certainly helps that she’s already played another Marvel baddie: Brotherhood Mutant Mystique. Both Mystique and Doom come from tragic backgrounds. Lawrence would do well in showing that Doom can sometimes elicit sympathy as well as occasionally have a conscience. Perhaps the MCU should introduce us to Victoria Von Doom rather than Victor Von Doom.

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Idris Elba to Turn Villainous in 'Fast and Furious' Spin-off; Here's Everything We Know

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