Our 14 Best Vintage Buys – Thrift Store Clothing & More

If you’re a regular reader of the Gentleman’s Gazette, I’m sure you’re aware of how much we adore anything vintage related to menswear. We decided to share with you our top vintage items that are definitely worth every penny.

Vintage DB navy overcoat, brown corduroy, tan shoes, burnt orange and gray scarf from Fort Belvedere
DB navy overcoat, brown corduroy, tan shoes, burnt orange and gray scarf from Fort Belvedere


Raphael has a paletot, a double-breasted British warm, fur coats and all of them are vintage. They were really inexpensive and really warm and he was often complimented when he wore one of them. Preston echoes that sentiment, as well. He has two colors; one is a camel hair color, the other one is navy. He got them both in second-hand shops for a fraction of the price of what you would get for a new overcoat so they were both really steals. They’re both longer than typical overcoats you would find today and that keeps you warmer.

Vintage Rolex Watch
Vintage Rolex Watch


Vintage watches can be an excellent find but it comes with a caveat. You have to know what you’re looking for and also in terms of making sure that the watch can actually run, you can get it repaired if you go to a competent watchmaker but you have to consider several factors when buying a vintage watch. The number one thing most people underestimate is maintenance. Just having a watch cleaned costs you $ 250, at the minimum. If you go to the official Rolex dealer, it’s $ 700, maybe even over $ 1000. So if you buy this watch that is cheap but doesn’t run, it may end up costing you a lot just for repairs.

Sven Raphael's ring collection
Sven Raphael’s ring collection

Rings & Jewelry

Raphael loves rings while Preston, on the other hand, simply did not get in the habit of wearing them. As for cufflinks, you can find a lot of it, even on eBay. So if you know what to look for and the pictures are good, you can find all kinds of vintage jewelry for just a couple of dollars. The story and personality behind each vintage jewelry make it all the more interesting. Plus, It’s going to cost you a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new one.

China & Silverware

First of all, most people don’t want to have it anymore and rather than eating out of plain IKEA plates, it’s nice to have beautiful China. They are rather inexpensive; you can get gold plated edges for the price of an IKEA plate or even less. Having statement pieces like that is not only fun; if you happen to have company, you can actually break out some awesome vintage China that you’ve got and your guests are going to think it’s that much more special too. You don’t have to go for those earlier Victorian styles; there are those with a mid-century modern feel as well.

Vintage Ties
Vintage Ties


Preston got a few of his vintage ties with micropatterns from Goodwill for only a dollar or two. Luckily, for him, his relatives and friends had some great vintage ties that were given to him. So, if you know who to talk to, you can get them for free! Raphael got most of his ties from Goodwill and he used them for inspiration to design Fort Belvedere ties. One little tip here, just pay attention, oftentimes, they’re stained or they have moth holes. If you go to a vintage store, they charge you $ 20 for a tie and sometimes, that’s not worth it because the thread is coming apart. So definitely make sure to inspect it. Also, tie it because vintage ties are often a lot shorter so they may not work for you.

Vintage waistcoat
Vintage waistcoat


Especially in England, you find them a lot. What’s great with odd vests is that you could probably get them resized fairly easily, you don’t even have to worry about sleeve length which is a big plus! They usually have adjusters in the back so you can easily put them on. You just have to cover your waistband, basically, and they’re just a great way to change the look of your suit or your sport coats and some people even wear them without a jacket.

A traditional Chesterfield in a modern space
A traditional Chesterfield in a modern space


A lot of the furniture that Raphael and his wife got is vintage or semi-vintage. They bought a Chesterfield sofa from Craigslist from Phoenix and had it shipped over and at the end, it cost them 15% of what a new sofa would have cost in the area. So not only was it a bargain but it actually fit better into the style of their home decor. The same is true for rugs. A lot of people now don’t like rugs and you can find some patterns at IKEA or like Big Box stores but there are really cool Persian rugs, sometimes for $ 300. They help dampen the sound, keep your room easier to walk on, the temperatures more comfortable, and overall, they can look good if it’s part of your style.

Decor & Lighting

Raphael is also fond of vintage paintings, lightings, and chandeliers. A gilded bronze chandelier, which sells for a few hundred dollars, will stand the test of time while a cheap light from Home Depot, will cost you the same but it’s made of a composite material that will just age very poorly.

Antique show in Brimfield
Antique show in Brimfield

Brimfield Flea Market Finds

If you are into vintage at all, the best place to go to is a flea market called Brimfield in Massachusetts. It is ginormous! There are hundreds of vendors. Raphael went there with his wife for a whole week and they would go every day and still didn’t manage to cover the entire market. You can find super cheap stuff, super expensive stuff, very unique stuff, clothes, jewelry tweed jackets, and it’s just overall a fantastic experience.

Vintage Hats
Vintage Hats


A great thing about vintage hats is the quality of the felt and they have a lot more colors. Hat bands can easily be replaced with your color of choice if you know a local hatter. By doing so, it changes the look of your hat entirely. The other thing to consider is most of them have these leather sweatbands inside. You could always exchange them and put in new ones. If you want that 1930s Fedora style, on eBay, that can be really pricey because that’s super popular. Other hats, on the other hand, are a lot less.

Just so long as you can pay attention to the pictures if you’re shopping online or just doing a thorough check if it’s in person, make sure that it’s in good condition and you’ll get a lot of use out of it. If you go with a bowler hat or a top hat, you have to try them on because they’re in a stiff shape so if the hat is size 60 or 7 1/2 and that’s what you usually have, it may still not fit and you get a really bad headache if you wear them because they just push on your brain.

Vintage English madder silk bow tieVintage English madder silk bow tie
Vintage English madder silk bow tie

Bow Ties & Pocket Squares

Raphael is also a fan of vintage bow ties and pocket squares. He once went to an Estate sale in Minneapolis and he stumbled upon a rich collection of bow ties from Paul Stewart that were printed in England. If you go to Google Maps or just look elsewhere, even word-of-mouth, find some of those little hole-in-the-wall establishments that you might not normally look for, they might have some great finds especially if they’ve got something like a bargain basement.

full canvas vintage rowing blazer made in England with red knit tie by Fort Belvedere
full canvas vintage rowing blazer made in England with red knit tie by Fort Belvedere

Jackets & Suits

A vintage suit often has interesting details, silhouettes, styling, and on top of that, it has the advantage of a heavier fabric that just drapes better more naturally so even if it doesn’t fit 100%, it looks very neat. They are usually made of hard-wearing fabrics compared to the modern suits produced today. So if you are a fan of thin and flimsy suits, maybe vintage is not ideal for you.

Preston in Warm Weather Black Tie
Preston in Warm Weather Black Tie

Evening Wear

Back in the day, people had more use for those garments so you see a greater variety of tuxedos, dinner jackets, and tailcoats.

What do you think of our selection? Share with us your favorite vintage items in the comments section below!

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At this charity car boot sale you can score amazing vintage designer items at a discount

Calling all style hunters…

car boot sale

Words by Bharti Dokal

As eco fashion and sustainability continues to shake up the industry, Women for Women International is holding its fourth #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale on Saturday 11th May 2019! Pencil this fashion extravaganza into your agendas as it promises to be a must-see event for bargain hunters and green fashionistas alike.

In the UK alone, 38 million items of new clothing are bought each week and 11 million go to landfill, can you believe it? But you can help combat this waste; in the best way we know how I must add. By joining VIP fashion designers and celebrities at one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar, where car boots are filled with past-season and pre-loved designer items at budget-friendly prices. Now, this is the kind of recycling we can totally get on board with.

You can lay your hands on beautiful designer samples and unique pieces from the likes of Alex Eagle, Noor Fares, Eugenie Niarchos, Maria Kastani, Charlotte Olympia, Hikari Yokoyama and Tiphaine De Lussy amongst many others.

car boot sale

As well as the clothes, accessories and shoes on offer, guests will have the opportunity to restore, personalise and upcycle pre-loved pieces. Oh, and it gets better. There will be a food and drink pop up from The Store – to rehydrate and refuel you throughout the day – and a makeup counter (glam session included!) by Charlotte Tilbury.

All proceeds from the #SheInspiresMe car boot sale go to Women for Women International, a charity which has helped almost half a million women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

With your help, women can graduate from the Women for Women International programme with the skills, knowledge and resources to become successful entrepreneurs. They will pass on their knowledge to their neighbours and children, creating a ripple effect.

Now, in true Monica Geller fashion let’s fish for that whistle, and go go go!

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Blake Lively’s “Vintage” Red Carpet Outfits Were Actually From Forever 21

Blake LivelyBlake Lively can really rock a look–no matter its cost.
Thanks to a newly published InStyle interview, the Hollywood style star proved her fashion prowess when she revealed a little fib…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Haspel to Celebrate 110th Anniversary With Vintage Capsule

It was 110 years ago when Joseph Haspel Sr. created a suit out of an unusual puckered Indian fabric called seersucker that could hold up to the New Orleans heat and still look good.
Fast forward to today, and Laurie Haspel Aronson, the great granddaughter of Haspel and chief executive officer of the family-owned business, is celebrating that milestone with a special vintage capsule collection, a retail partnership and a number of parties and pop-ups that kick off for spring and will continue throughout the year.
“We’re bringing the roots back to New Orleans,” said Aronson, who is headquartered in nearby Baton Rouge, La. “It’s in our DNA and part of our brand strategy.”
To that point, Haspel has partnered with Rubensteins, the venerable men’s store in New Orleans, to sell the entire spring collection in its Canal Street store. In 2017, Haspel moved from a wholesale model to direct-to-consumer. Rubensteins is its only retail account.
This past weekend, the two companies teamed for a two-day trunk show to celebrate the start of the festival season in New Orleans with an event benefiting the Jewish Children’s Regional Service. In addition, Haspel will be a sponsor of the French Quarter Festival, a Louisiana-skewed music event,

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How to find the perfect vintage tee — and spot the cheap fakes

Looking for a vintage tee — but not the pit-stained discard someone’s parents hauled to the local thrift shop after they left home? Beyond timeless thrifted Harley-Davidson or retro rock band T-shirts — which have long been considered cool — a nostalgia for the ’90s is fueling a new demand for vintage duds. Shirts emblazoned…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


Pros and Cons of Buying Vintage

If you’re anything like me, for example, not only do you enjoy learning about classic menswear but you enjoy wearing it as well and while it is possible to assemble a classically styled outfit using only more contemporary pieces, turning your attention to consignment stores, second-hand shops and so on to look for vintage pieces will also be a fantastic option. Still, buying vintage isn’t always a breeze.

Benefits Of Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing
Vintage Clothing

1. You May Find Garments That Are Not Commonly Produced Any More.

If you do find garments like these, they’ll allow you to stand out even from other well-dressed men; you can be a true dandy in head-to-toe vintage if that’s your thing, or you can mix vintage and contemporary pieces for a look that’s still classic and harmonious. Whatever the case may be, having a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe will allow you to be truly unique and inventive with your outfits.

2. Prices Are Often A Fraction Of What You Would Pay For Something New.

Our founder, Sven Raphael Schneider has had good luck purchasing things at European flea markets especially in the off seasons. For example, he once found an overcoat in the summer that no one else was looking at because it was out of season and got it for a real bargain.

Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown flannel glencheck
Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown flannel glencheck

3. Vintage Garments Can Generally Be Tailored Just As Easily As Something New.

This depends on the individual garment, of course, and whether it’s got excess fabric to let out or remove. As an example, you could find a sport coat for $ 15- 20 dollars, spend another $ 30 or so on tailoring and end up with a vintage piece that fits you like a glove for just a fraction of the price of what you would have paid for a new garment and that’s one that probably wouldn’t fit you as well right off the rack anyway.

4. Vintage Garments Are Often More Durable.

In a similar vein, older methods of clothing construction were often more durable both in terms of the raw materials used and in the detail of human construction. Conversely, a lot of modern clothing made for the fast fashion world that we live in is frankly designed to fall apart in the days when durability was prized over having the newest and latest garments of the season. You could get a great deal more wear out of your pieces.

Greenwich Vintage Co. Showroom
Greenwich Vintage Co. Showroom

5. You Will Be Supporting Your Local Economy.

Another plus by shopping at a consignment store or similar establishment, you’ll be supporting your local economy rather than some giant corporation; this isn’t to say that we’re suggesting you swear off Macy’s, of course, but it is nice to know that in some circumstances, you’re supporting small businesses in your area.

Vintage Ties
Vintage Ties

6. Buying Vintage Is A Greener Way To Shop.

In a similarly conscious frame of mind, buying vintage garments is a particularly green way to shop since you’re essentially recycling old garments and giving them a new lease on life. Furthermore, because you’re not buying a new garment and therefore contributing to that supply chain, you are theoretically reducing the amount of raw materials needed to produce more similar new garments.

7. You Might Not Have To Buy At All.

If you’ve got older relatives who are looking to downsize their wardrobes, family heirlooms like watches, for example, or friends who just know that you’re on the lookout for vintage items, you might be able to come up with some vintage finds at no cost to you.

Vintage Showroom in London
Vintage Showroom in London

8. Vintage Pieces Make For A Great Conversation Starter.

Finally in the positives category, buying and wearing vintage provides a great conversation starter for those who might be especially curious about what you’re wearing. For example, a comment on your vintage tie might get another gentleman the path of dressing stylishly and as we all know in the vintage menswear community, the more the merrier.

Drawbacks Of Vintage Clothing

So as you can see, there are a lot of potential positives when shopping for vintage menswear. With that said though, you should also be aware that there can be some potential downsides.

Vintage WWII Peacoat Tag
Vintage WWII Peacoat Tag

1.Limited Sizing Options.

Firstly, you might not always find the size you need especially if you’re a larger man in terms of both height and weight. The average man has just gotten bigger around the world in the last 100 years. As such, if you’re looking for vintage garments, you might not always find something in your size.

2. Tags & Labels On Vintage Garments Can Be Misleading.

Still the bottom line is trying something on for yourself to see just how well it fits is always going to be your best course of action.

Vintage Scarves
Vintage Scarves

3. Vintage Clothing May Have Some Form Of Damage.

Here’s a drawback you may already have thought of, some vintage clothing may have issues with odors, stains, or other damage, however, even if this is the case, there are workarounds available to you. Also, a good tailor can sometimes remedy structural damage to vintage garments depending on the severity of the damage in question.

4. Vintage Garments Are Irreplaceable.

Speaking of damage, though that is another potential downside, if you do damage a vintage piece irreparably or lose it for that matter, you might not be able to find another one quite like it. That old item you found might truly be one-of-a-kind at this point or at least rare enough to basically be such. Even so, in the case of a sartorial emergency, because they do happen to all of us from time to time, there are solutions there too.

5. Sellers Might Overcharge You.

Now regarding pricing, while many vintage shops and online retailers will often be offering things for great prices, there is the occasional chance that a seller might be trying to overcharge you after all. Once you become a more frequent and savvy vintage shopper though, you’ll develop a better sense of what truly makes for a good deal. As with most things, practice makes perfect and experience is the best teacher. Also along this line though, the market is getting more and more saturated by people who aren’t as knowledgeable about either what makes for a good deal or about garment quality in general. This is particularly true online, therefore, developing a sharp eye for materials, construction, sizing, and price will be the best way that you can get ahead. Don’t make foolish mistakes and buy something you won’t wear just because the salesperson talked a good game.

Flea Market in London Spitalsfields
Flea Market in London Spitalsfields

6. You Have To Make Time To Scout Out Vintage Stores.

While the online space is becoming more crowded, physical storefronts are becoming a bit more scarce. So if you’d like to go that route, you’ll probably have to put in a bit of additional time to scout out locations in your area. It may take more time than you might otherwise prefer to actually go out and track things down. As such, you really should enjoy the process of shopping vintage as it will be something of a treasure hunt.

7. Poor Fitting Room Conditions.

The lighting may be substandard and you might not find a three-way mirror so in other words, you might not get the best look at how a garment fits you from all angles. Some stores may not even have fitting rooms at all which can leave you in a particularly awkward spot if you’d really like to try something on, which of course, you should.

Vintage Tennis Sweater, Boater Hat & Blazers...
Vintage Tennis Sweater, Boater Hat & Blazers

8. Limited To Zero Returns Policy.

This may translate into a monetary loss if you end up not wearing or liking a garment barring additional financial outlay for tailoring.

Taking all of these factors into consideration then, the required effort may ultimately result in you falling prey to the so-called “This will do” phenomenon. Since you might only find one sizing option for a particular garment, for example, you may decide to lower your standards a little bit and buy it even though it might be too loose or too tight and even if a garment does fit you well, you may be willing to buy something that you don’t truly love or think you’ll wear often just because you are getting a deal. In short, just don’t settle for something that you’re probably not going to wear. There will always be other vintage finds out there that will suit you better.


So there’s our list of the pros and cons of buying vintage menswear in general. Though the question remains, do we recommend that you actually try it out? The short answer is absolutely yes! There is a bit of work involved and granted you may not hit a home run with a great vintage find right away but if you’re looking for a unique way to add a distinct flair to your wardrobe at an economical price, the benefits of buying vintage are clear.

Which of the arguments we laid out today did you find most compelling? If you haven’t tried it before, are you tempted to try shopping for vintage menswear now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Meghan Markle Wore a Thing: Vintage Courrèges Coat Edition

Ever since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, the world’s eyes have been fixed on Meghan Markle — and her style. We’ll be following the Meghan Markle Effect™ with our column, “Meghan Markle Wore a Thing.” Meghan Markle, aka the Duchess of Sussex, is back in her home country this week …

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LESS Taiwan & ZAMECHACER Tear Apart Vintage Military Gear for “ANTI AGGRESSION”

Taiwan’s LESS joins up with “independent experimental organization” ZAMECHACER for a unique collaboration centering around vintage World War II military garments. After sourcing authentic, untouched goods across Asia, the duo tore them apart, retrofitting vintage backpacks, parkas, liner jacets and fatigue shirts with a variety of upgraded textiles. Cordura shells, waterproof Tyvek and vegetable-tanned leather accents appear throughout, joining the worlds of technical garments and handmade craftmanship. For the final touch, ZAMECHACER hand-dipped each garment in a traditional black dye, yielding a variety of distinctive discolorations.

Keep an eye on LESS’s web store and social media for more information on the extremely limited goods, reportedly dropping towards the end of February in an edition of 10.

For more repurposed vintage, check out the latest creations from Dr. Romanelli’s GUESS x Places+Faces drop.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST



Tooling Around Tokyo for Vintage Treasures

TOKYO — The Japanese capital arguably has some of the best vintage shopping in the world, with stores across the city offering a huge variety of used pieces in excellent condition. Many visitors flock to areas such as Harajuku, Daikanyama and Shimokitazawa to get their fix. But to the west of the city center is an area that is often overlooked: Koenji.
With a location that is just removed enough from the packed streets of Tokyo’s business districts and yet still easily accessible, Koenji has a unique atmosphere that draws people young and old to its web of tiny streets. Old-school bars, Japanese-style pubs and “live houses” (small establishments with live music) mix with cool art galleries, great restaurants, eclectic cafes and, of course, some of the city’s best vintage shopping. It’s one of the few areas — if not the only one — in the city where great deals can still be found, and since many of the stores specialize in very specific eras or aesthetics, the clientele varies widely.
“This is one of the few places where you can live in a fashion style. You can wear the style and then go to a cafe that reflects that style, and

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Vintage baby names that are making a comeback this year

These are SO adorable

regretted baby names

When it comes to baby names, there are so many things to think about – do you choose something with sentimental value? Or go for a moniker that will be popular in the next ten years? Or do you opt for a name on the ‘most likely to become a millionaire’ list?

More and more people are choosing traditional names, and if you like old fashioned baby names then these vintage monikers will be all the name-spiration you need.

Baby naming website Nameberry has compiled a list of names that were popular back in 1918, but which haven’t been in the top 1,000 names in recent years. They’ve then predicted that they’ll see a surge in popularity as parents try to find more unusual names for the little ones.

Would you pick any of these?

Vintage girl’s names:

  1. Agatha
  2. Alpha
  3. Althea
  4. Augusta
  5. Avis
  6. Bernadette
  7. Beryl
  8. Bessie
  9. Birdie
  10. Carmella
  11. Cleo
  12. Delia
  13. Dixie
  14. Effie
  15. Etta
  16. Fay
  17. Geneva
  18. Gertie
  19. Ida
  20. Inez
  21. Ione
  22. Iva
  23. Lelia
  24. Loretta
  25. Lorna
  26. Lottie
  27. Louella
  28. Lucinda
  29. Lula
  30. Lulu
  31. Mamie
  32. Maude
  33. Merle
  34. Minerva
  35. Minnie
  36. Muriel
  37. Myrtle
  38. Odessa
  39. Olga
  40. Opal
  41. Pauline
  42. Philomena
  43. Polly
  44. Rosalind
  45. Rosella
  46. Roxie
  47. Sibyl
  48. Theda
  49. Winifred
  50. Yolanda

Vintage boy’s names:

  1. Abe
  2. Alphonse
  3. Ambrose
  4. Archie
  5. Barney
  6. Benedict
  7. Booker
  8. Burl
  9. Cecil
  10. Chester
  11. Claude
  12. Clement
  13. Cleveland
  14. Cornelius
  15. Dale
  16. Dewey
  17. Dorsey
  18. Doyle
  19. Dudley
  20. Edmund
  21. Ferdinand
  22. Floyd
  23. Forest
  24. Garland
  25. Grover
  26. Hiram
  27. Homer
  28. Isadore
  29. Kermit
  30. Lemuel
  31. Lowell
  32. Lucius
  33. Luther
  34. Ned
  35. Noble
  36. Norris
  37. Ollie
  38. Perry
  39. Pete
  40. Roscoe
  41. Rufus
  42. Sol
  43. Stuart
  44. Thaddeus
  45. Ulysses
  46. Vito
  47. Waldo
  48. Wallace
  49. Ward
  50. Wiley

Would you use any of these adorable monikers?

We love them all, tbh.

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Designer Space: Vintage Modern Renovation

An outdated home gets a modern update with a nod to its original character.


FRANCESCA COSTA We wanted to keep the character of the home and play off of the solid wood oak doors throughout. We went with a vintage feel with black fixtures and white cabinets. Then, we added a punch of modern with the navy blue island and gold hardware.


FC The biggest challenge with this home was the layout. Sidesplits have interesting layouts. Most people either love them or hate them because there are so many closed off rooms. We decided on an open concept layout to maximize the space and make it feel more open. Doing this means removing some walls, putting up others and the challenge of figuring out which ones to do.


FC Modern, classy, elegant and bold.


FC The most common mistake is that they don’t touch everything. If you are going to remodel, you have to make sure the look is cohesive. If you create a modern space but don’t remove the outdated popcorn ceiling because it’s time consuming, you end up with an unfinished look. The same goes for staircases and handrails which are another common thing that homeowners will leave because it’s too much work but the result is an outdated or unfinished feel!


FC When choosing pieces for a renovation, we prefer to splurge on items that will make the house unique and fabulous, like the wine/coffee station in this house. To save, we focus on shopping around and we scope out deals like clearance sales, tax free events, etc. – Francesca Costa


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Pantone Color of the Year with a Vintage Twist

 For our second Living Coral Design Board (Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year), we went for a sophisticated look with a vintage feel. Pairing this bright color with earthy greens and yellows, wrought iron and wood finishes and plenty of texture creates a blend that is modern yet aged, elegant yet rustic, and soft yet bold.

A beautiful art piece adds sophistication to the room and also incorporates a variety of colors allowing for flexibility should you want to add or remove colors in the future. 


The post Pantone Color of the Year with a Vintage Twist appeared first on Home Trends Magazine.

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2 dead in vintage World War II fighter crash

Associated Press


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