A Mini Washing Machine for Makeup Sponges Is Going Viral on Instagram

Beauty vlogger Tiffany Lynette Davis ordered a washing machine for her dollhouse, turned it into a beauty blender washing machine, and fans of the YouTuber are going crazy hoping to try it themselves. Found on Amazon for only $ 11, this could be a makeup sponge-cleaning hack worth the experiment.


Dr. Oz Wants Us To Stop Washing Our Chicken But Twitter Will Not Have It (They Will Not Have It Oh)

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Dr. Mehmet Oz visited The Breakfast Club this morning and spoke his piece on a very controversial topic, at least for Black folks: whether or not to wash your chicken before cooking. Dr. Oz agreed with the experts, saying that washing your chicken is not only a waste of time, but it can also contaminate your kitchen.

“Why do you wash chicken? To get the bacteria off it right? Clean it,” he said. “When you wash your chicken you spray the salmonella all over the kitchen. Everywhere. It just splatters everywhere. Then you put the chicken into the oven, and the heat from the oven would have killed that salmonella anyway. So now you took salmonella, put it on your salad, which you aren’t going to heat up to 160 degrees, and that’s how you get salmonella.”

When the hosts disagreed with this statement, saying the answer is to wash the chicken in the sink and afterward, clean the sink, he told them that’s not a fool-proof plan.

“It doesn’t always go in the sink,” he said. “People wash their salads in the sink. When you splatter the water on the chicken, it goes outside of the sink sometimes. It’s been looked at. That’s one of the problems.”

Instead of washing the chicken and possibly getting it all over the place (including on your face and mouth accidentally), he said let the oven sterilize your chicken, or the grease — whatever way you thoroughly cook meat.

“No matter what you do, there’s no incremental benefit to washing the chicken,” he said. “If you wash it, you’re not killing your salmonella with water, believe it or not. Make that our anthem for the summer: No more washing chicken! Put it in the oven, let the oven do the work for you.”

Charlamagne lovingly called it “white people sh-t.”

We’ve written in the past about experts’ concerns about people’s affinity for washing chicken due to the water reportedly causing bacteria to be splashed up to three feet. With that being said, Dr. Oz’s sentiments aren’t new or crazy. However, it didn’t help his case when he went from talking about properly cooking chicken to properly washing your a– with the help of a little saliva and the highest quality of toilet tissue.

“Toilet paper, I spit on it to moisten it or use the sink,” he said. “Wet wipes are okay, too, but they mess up the sewer system. It’s a moist wipe on your bottom.”

Still, he’s sticking by what he said, particularly when it comes to chicken:

Overall, Twitter gave the side-eye to his visit today. You know people don’t play around when it comes to food. Hit the flip to see what the Black Twitter Coalition had to say about why they’re not giving up the beloved chicken washing practice anytime soon:




Wool Week Takes Over London’s Covent Garden With Colored Washing Machines

SPIN CYCLE: Britain’s annual Wool Week always sets out to quash misconceptions about the fabric, and this year they didn’t disappoint, unveiling an installation of stacked, colorful washing machines in London’s Covent Garden. Dubbed The Wool Care, the installation will be on show until Oct. 21, and is meant to demonstrate the fact that wool is washable, durable — and cool.
“We always thought this was the last frontier. A lot of people think you can’t throw wool in a washing machine, but you can, and when you wash wool, you’re not creating micro-plastics. Wool biodegrades naturally in the sea,” said Peter Ackroyd, chief operating officer for Campaign for Wool.
Hackett, Vivienne Westwood, Marks & Spencer and Adidas are among some of the retailers who took part in the launch earlier this week. “Vivienne Westwood has spread the message of wool extremely well, she talks about buy well, buy less, buy wool,” Ackroyd said.
Jeremy Hackett of the men’s wear brand Hackett unveiled the installation with his dog Muffin and his Aston Martin, which has bespoke wool interiors. Among the other retailers who are preaching the gospel of wool is the outdoor apparel brand Finisterre, which is changing the perception of wool as an “old-fashioned and stuffy” material.

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