‘Good Omens’ Characters You Should Get To Know Before Watching

There’s a lot of new TV to look forward to in 2019, from returning shows like Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones to reboots such as Veronica Mars and The Twilight Zone. Then there are the newbies, the series that we’ve never seen before… one of which is Good Omens, an upcoming fantasy comedy based on the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

With no official release date yet, Amazon Prime Video has only unveiled one short teaser trailer to whet fans’ appetites since production wrapped back in March 2018. Because it takes its story from a book though, we know a fair bit about the characters — of which there are many — already.

While Good Omens looks to be heavily centred on the complicated friendship between Aziraphale and Crowley (more on those guys later), there’s plenty of other supporting players to meet. So let’s get on with the introductions…


Welsh actor Michael Sheen takes on the role of angel Aziraphale.

Played by: Michael Sheen

Aziraphale is an angel, who has seemingly been on Earth since the beginning of time. He has lived during many eras from Ancient Rome to Victorian England, all the way through to present day. Heck, he was even around when Eden existed. Despite being studious and highly intelligent, Aziraphale is a pretty nervous, fussy character who’s very proper, dresses smartly and doesn’t enjoy meddling in things that are bigger than himself. He’s not into things that are over-the-top, either — which isn’t great considering he thinks most things in 2018 are — and runs a bookshop in Paris.

Despite angels being described as sexless in the book, it is mentioned that whenever someone meets Aziraphale, they conclude to themselves that he’s “gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.” While that line is full of implications, it could just as easily relate to his relentless cheeriness as opposed to anything else.


David Tennant seems the perfect fit for super-cool demon, Crowley.

Played by: David Tennant

Anthony Crowley, in almost every sense, is Aziraphale’s counterpart. He’s a demon. However, it is said that he’s not so much an angel that ‘Fell from Heaven’ but rather ‘Sauntered Vaguely Downwards’, and the pair came together after making an ‘Arrangement’ to occasionally work together. He was also the snake who offered Eve the apple in Eden and still to this day, has yellow eyes with slitted pupils.

He loves sleeping — so much so that he once snoozed through a whole century — and he’s also fond of music, from soul to classical. His most prized possession is his 1926 Bentley, which can actually be seen in the show’s first trailer. If a tape is left in his car for longer than two weeks, it turns into a ‘Best of Queen’ cassette; something that’s also touched upon in the teaser as it’s set to the band’s track, “You’re My Best Friend”.

In Good Omens, old ‘friends’ Crowley and Aziraphale come together once more to try and put an end to a world-ending event that would destroy the planet they’ve both come to love in the millions of years they’ve been living on it. Talking to Bustle about their characters’ relationship, Tennant described their bond as marriage-like, in the sense “it’s almost deeper than a friendship, because they’ve known each other for such a long time. For all of history. They’re two halves of the same being by the end of the story.”

Adam Young

Up-and-coming actor Sam Taylor Buck will bring Adam Young AKA the Antichrist to life.

Played by: Sam Taylor Buck

So what’s the thing that Aziraphale and Crowley are attempting to stop? A villainous entity? Satan? Aliens? Well, no, none of those scary-sounding things… The twosome are actually trying to prevent an eleven-year-old boy named Adam Young from becoming the Antichrist and bringing about the end of days. You know, the usual Tuesday tasks!

Due to a mistake made by a clumsy nun called Sister Mary Loquacious at the hospital when he was a baby, Young — who was actually intended to be the son of a prominent American diplomat stationed in Britain — went on to live with a family in Lower Tadfield, Oxfordshire. Meanwhile, Warlock Dowling, the child believed to be the Antichrist (as he went on to live with the diplomat), is just an average boy.

Young is described in the book as charismatic and otherworldly. He’s a member of a gang called ‘the Them’ along with his three friends Brian, Wensleydale and Pepper and he’s largely unaware of his supernatural powers. That is, until one day, when he naively tinkers with his abilities and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rise and threaten Earth. Uh oh!

Archangel Gabriel

Played by: Jon Hamm

In Good Omens: The Novel, the Archangel Gabriel was merely mentioned, but in Good Omens: The TV Show, writer Gaiman — who has been developing the television series solo since Pratchett sadly passed away in March 2015 — decided to include him in the action because he wanted to play around with portraying Good and Evil outside of Aziraphale and Crowley’s polarised representation.

Speaking at a Q&A during Amazon’s European showcase in London a few months ago, Gaiman explained: “There aren’t any other angels in the book, but Terry [Pratchett] and I had this whole idea of what Heaven was like and what Hell was like and I thought – Gabriel.

“And in order for Gabriel to be Gabriel, he needed to be the best-looking, coolest, the most irritating angel that you could possibly imagine, and I thought, ‘I just need somebody who can do humour’. And I thought, obviously the good-looking bit is going to be a stretch for Jon – but he can do the other bits!”

In one scene that was screened during the event, Gabriel attempts to buy a pornography book. Something tells us, he’s not your typical angel.

Anathema Device

Adria Arjona is no stranger to the fantasy genre having previously appeared in Wizard of Oz spin-off Emerald City.

Played by: Adria Arjona

When it was published, the full title of the book on which the show is based was Good Omens: The Nice And Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Nutter was a prophet, who lived in the 17th Century and used her future-seeing skills to help prevent sickness and cure those who were ill.

Despite her good intentions, it is believed that she was burned at the stake by her local townspeople; not before she shoved a ton of gunpowder and roofing nails into her petticoat and blew up the pyre and injured everyone near it though. Anathema Device is a descendant of Nutter.

Having pored over her distant relative’s book of predictions since she was a child, Anathema travels to Tadfield and seeks out Adam Young in the hope of thwarting the end of the world.


Michael McKean plays witch hunter Shadwell in Good Omens.

Played by: Michael McKean

Sergeant Shadwell is many things: a drinker of condensed milk, a lover of Sunday lunches and, frankly, a bit of a pig. But above all else, he’s a member of the Witchfinder Army, an organisation that hunts down beings who practice dark magic — he often chooses to ignore supernatural occurrences that might be described as ‘good’ — and offs them.

Shadwell’s right-hand man is Newton Pulsifer, a young man who had a brief romantic relationship with Anathema Device. He will be brought to life by comedian-turned-actor Jack Whitehall in the show.

Hastur and Ligur

Ned Dennehy (left) and Ariyon Bakare (right) bring demonic duo Hastur and Ligur to the small screen.

Played by: Ned Dennehy and Ariyon Bakare

Hastur and Ligur are the demons that deliver Warlock AKA The Child Who Isn’t The Antichrist to Crowley when he is just a baby. According to their descriptions in the book, Hastur and Ligur always had a taste for evil, even when they were angels, as Crowley includes them among those who take “such dark delight in unpleasantness you might even have mistaken them for human[s].”

When they discover that Warlock isn’t the bringer of the Apocalypse, the duo are sent for Crowley by the Infernal Authorities which ends disastrously for someone involved in the “collection.”

Harmony and Glozier

The League of Gentlemen AKA Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Mark Gatiss (pictured) will unite in Good Omens.

Played by: Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton

Lastly, we have Harmony and Glozier, two book-buyers who aren’t very nice guys so we’ve heard. Gaiman was said to have written the roles just for them.

“Glozier and Harmony are a small piece of the jigsaw but hopefully one which will fit nicely into place,” Pemberton told Digital Spy back in February. During the same interview, Sherlock actor Gatiss added: “”I’m delighted to be working with David and Michael again and of course with Steve – bringing a little film noir menace to such an exciting project. Being bad never felt so good!”

The ’90s Curse of the World Cinema Remake

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10 Things We’ve Learned Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

If there’s one thing that fans of The Walking Dead are sure of, it’s that they’re much more prepared for the inevitable apocalypse than most of the rest of us. After all, they’ve been watching the whole thing unfold for almost a decade now, and what’s more, their guides through the zombie-laden landscape of the near future have been none other than stalwart survivalists Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and many more. What lessons have these dedicated warriors of the wasteland taught us in nine seasons of zombie hordes and merciless marauders? Here are ten tips to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Don’t Go It Alone

There’s just no way that you’re going to make it through the horde all on your lonesome. You need friends – or at least allies – if you’re going to build a stable survival group and see this apocalypse through. Find people with varied skills that complement your own, but remember another important lesson while you’re bonding with your new and strangely still very clean buddies…


Trust No One

Yes, I know that I just said you need other people, and that’s true: The “Lone Wolf” routine won’t get you very far. But never forget the zombie genre’s most significant ongoing theme – the real monsters aren’t the Walkers, but the living people standing next to you. Work with them, fight alongside them…but never trust them. And be ready to take them out at a moment’s notice.


Never Camped Before? You’re in Trouble

Walking Dead Season 7

If you’re not an outdoorsy type, at least a couple of those tentative comrades should be campers. The world has ended, civilization has collapsed, and the power grid went down with it. It’s time to go back to the way it was in the olden times, with fire and tents and catching wild animals for dinner. If you can’t hack that, you’re going to be zombie grub very soon.


Startled? Stay Alert!

It’s like they know. The moment you’re startled by a loud sound or a sudden movement of long-standing debris, and then breathe a sigh of relief and let your guard down? That’s when the Walkers attack, and they’ll just be there, right at your side as if they teleported next to you. Never let your guard down. Keep your eye on your fellow survivors, but watch out for the zombies and marauders too.


Zombies Are Everywhere

I’m not kidding. Never stop being nervous. Not only are Walkers lurking in every shadow, and around every corner, but so are awful and occasionally cannibalistic tribes of other survivors. And all these people have the preternatural ability to make no sound at all until they’re right on top of you. It’s almost like you’re in a TV show designed to scare an audience with unrealistically staged suspense sequences. Hmm…


In Most Cases, Guns Are Better

The Walking Dead

You really have to know how to use a gun; if you don’t, they’re just dangerous to yourself and your fellow survivors, as well as unreliable, inaccurate, and noisy. Knives, swords, bats, clubs – all these and more will never let you down. But you’ll have to get a lot closer to use them, so they come with their own hazards. Basically, you’re going to have to be a close-quarters fighter or stay close to someone that is.


Oh, You Think That Place Is Secure?

Your perfect refuge is only as safe as your weakest link. A cluster of tents, prison, walled community – it really makes no difference. You can have everything figured out, every entrance sealed or guarded, and a well-cleared landscape beyond. Someone is going to screw it up for you, and when that happens, the horde will pour in, even if you didn’t even see them nearby minutes ago (refer back to ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE).


Map Out Your Escape Plan

So that worthless weasel in your group that you never did trust just let the zombies in, or gave away your location to the evil group down the road. It’s time to head out, but don’t let this great fortress you’ve built turn into your inescapable tomb. Always have an escape plan, drawn-out routes, roles for everyone to play, and packed “bug out” bags for the quick disappearing act.


You Will Be Bitten

the walking dead feature

Just accept it. After all these lessons and all this preparation, survival is only a game of delaying tactics. Rick Grimes himself is going down; no one makes it out of the apocalypse alive. It’s going to happen when you least expect it, so just brace yourself for the inevitable feeling of rotting teeth sinking into your flesh. Contemplate it a little bit every day so you can face it with quiet dignity and grace; consider it your moment of Zen.


Be Prepared to Die

the walking dead carl dead

It’s best not to have to struggle with this one when the time comes, especially if you want to spare the feelings of anyone that’s been foolish enough to imprint on you emotionally in the End Times. So now that you’re on the way out, you should already have decided if you want to transition into undead uncertainty or clock out with a definitive brain-smashing blow or bullet. Hey, maybe you want to see how the other half “lives.”

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