‘We’re ecstatic’: New Jersey men win $56K on $75 FanDuel bet

Score a big one for the little guys. Two New Jersey men scored a $ 56,325 jackpot off a $ 75 bet after FanDuel, following talks with state gambling regulators on Thursday, flipped on its initial refusal to pay bets involving “an obvious pricing error” during Sunday’s Denver Broncos comeback 20-19 win over the Oakland Raiders. “We’re ecstatic,” Mike…
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Broadway Joe had plenty of help when the Jets were Super

It’s usually considered rude to go around telling people how great you are.

But what was Joe Namath supposed to do? Lie?

“We are going to win the game,” he said in 1969, three days before Super Bowl III. “I guarantee it.”

And he made good on it, too, when his Jets beat the heavily favored Baltimore…

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Dennis Quaid ‘Didn’t Let’ Son Jack Be a Child Actor: We’re ‘Very Close’

Dennis Quaid wanted his eldest son, Jack, to wait before he joined the family business — but he always knew he’d succeed once he did.

“I wanted him to grow up as a kid and have his childhood and life experience apart from being on a set, which he will be on for the rest of his life,” Quaid, 64, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “But, I wasn’t really nervous about his ability. It was very obvious that he had a lot of talent and drive to begin with.”

Quaid shares Jack, 26, with ex-wife Meg Ryan. The pair ended their 10-year marriage in 2001, with the actor recently revealing that it was his most successful relationship. Jack would get his start as Marvel in 2012’s Hunger Games.

“I told him to learn his lines and don’t bump into the furniture. But, Jack and I have a very close relationship and he always wanted [to be an actor]. Just seeing it be a part of him from being a child. We didn’t let him be a child actor,” Quaid explains. “He did it in high school, a play in high school. He did it the right way, I think. When it came time for him to go out and get jobs — he did it on his own.”

Dennis Quaid Jack Quaid Child Actor
Jack Quaid and Dennis Quaid attend the Armani and Cinema Society Screening of Sony Pictures Classics’ “Truth” after party at Armani Ristorante on October 7, 2015 in New York City. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

He adds: “I told him, ‘Oh, my agent wants to represent you, always has.’ He said, ‘No, dad, by myself,’ which is what he did.”

The proud dad hopes to work with him one day, too. “We’ve talked about it a little bit at this point. He’s been in this business now for, coming up on five years. At first, he didn’t want that. We were actually offered a movie together contract. I would have done that but he was kind of against that,” he tells Us. “I don’t blame him because … he is making a persona, a screen persona of his own. That’s what he’s building and I understand that. But since then … I think we will do something together.”

Until then, the star is staying busy on his own. He’s currently filming the A Dog’s Purpose sequel, A Dog’s Journey, continues to play with his band, Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, and recently became a spokesperson for Esurance.

“I’ve been looking around to brand myself with a company over the past couple of years. So, I’ve been offered a few things but I wanted to be with something that I myself believed in,” he tells Us.

Quaid also stars in its latest commercial. He hands out helpful insurance information to people around the world while speaking directly to viewers at home. “They’re doing it in a very funny way. These commercials relate to the company,” he notes. “We’re being transparent. I had a great time while we were shooting.”

He cracks in the ad that “no one wants to deal with insurance” but he was hired to promote Esurance because “apparently, I’m highly likeable.”

Indeed, and his four-decade career may also have something to do with it. “I have more fire in my belly for it than I did when I was in my twenties,” he tells Us of the business. “One thing — I’m so grateful that I’m still here.”

For more on Esurance, go here.

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Brazil’s National Museum burns weeks before improvements to fire system were set to begin

Brazilian investigators said they don’t know what caused a fire that ripped through the National Museum, destroying perhaps millions of items and a large part of the nation’s cultural heart.

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These inside-out jeans were being sold for more than $1K

In recent months the fashion world has brought us thong jeans and upside-down jean shorts. And the season’s wave of denim weirdness continues. Experimental, Parisian streetwear brand Ben Taverniti Unravel Project is now selling high-end slacks billed as “inside-out effect jeans.” True to their description, the jeans pretty much resemble ordinary skinnies peeled off at…
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These cute ‘selfie stickers’ of me were AI-generated through a new Google Gboard feature

Google Gboard

Google announced something fun today: It’s brought a feature from Allo, a sticker pack comprised of user avatars generated from selfies, over to both the iOS and Android versions of its Gboard keyboard app. The launch of the feature starting today means you can snap a selfie and then bring that into the Gboard app, which will use machine learning to customize it into a fun illustrated sticker pack.

In some background material about the new feature, Google says that a combination of machine learning, neural networks and artist illustrations means that there are more than a quadrillion possible designs for the new “Mini” stickers. “We believe that you have more than one side to your personality, so we have two Mini styles: Bold and Sweet. This lets you be sassy to a best friend and sweet to your loved ones (or vice versa!). Each style has hundreds of stickers, so you can fully express yourself in each style.”

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Why back-to-school shopping ads were so dangerous for my eating disorder

Why back-to-school shopping ads were so dangerous for my eating disorder

Why back-to-school shopping ads were so dangerous for my eating disorder

Content note: This essay discusses eating disorders, toxic body image, and the online communities that encourage disordered eating.

Growing up, “back to school” was synonymous with reinvention.

Between television programs and magazine pages, seasonal back-to-school advertisements not only marketed new outfits and backpacks, but new lifestyles. They floated the idea that if you can purchase a whole new wardrobe for the school year, a new likability would accompany it, playing into the myth that a makeover alone can earn you a seat at the popular table.

In grade school, I had only a handful of close friends. I didn’t get along with my classmates and felt constantly type-casted as the “fat girl.” My overweight body was hypervisible, constantly put on stage for torment. During sixth grade, I was labeled “doughnut girl” because, one day, my fat body had the gall to eat a baked good in public. This continued into seventh grade. By eighth grade, I was skipping lunch regularly. When offered candy and snacks by teachers, I’d always decline. But I didn’t see anything wrong with this. I’m just watching my weight, I thought. No one commented on that behavior, either.

I’d already been immersed in social media when I was as young as 13. When not at school, I was most likely coding a new layout for my Myspace profile or roleplaying as high school characters on Xanga. (Mind you, this was before middle schoolers had iPhones). It was normal for me to spend the entire day in front of the computer without stepping outside if I wasn’t at school.

Towards the end of eighth grade, we had less and less homework, so my internet surfing time gradually increased. That June, just days before my middle school graduation, I stumbled upon a new community.

On Xanga, I found “pro-ana” blogs dedicated to “thinspiration” and “thinspo” tips. These accounts were maintained by users with anorexia and other eating disorders.

Many would post pictures of thin celebrities, or just thin people in general, as “inspiration” for those currently fasting—the idea being that if people fasting were constantly exposed to thinness, it would motivate them to keep fasting. Other blogs featured “thinspo tips” or tips for those with eating disorders. For instance, if you had a check-up and needed to be weighed by a nurse, these blogs would guide you through ways of fooling the medical staff into thinking you weighed more.

White weight scale
Tooga/Getty Images

At first, I was appalled. How could these sites be allowed on the internet? But more than that, I was curious. I was familiar with fasting, but I’d always cave by dinner time—my parents and I typically ate at the table together. Maybe these blogs could help me. So I explored.

The majority of these blogs, I came to learn, were personal. They were extremely detailed first-hand accounts of calorie counting and exercising. Comment sections were filled with encouraging messages—most often “stay strong,” which often translated to “keep fasting.”

Within no time, I had a pro-ana blog of my own.

I documented every bite I ate and each workout I managed to finish. I also weighed myself daily. Even before school got out for the summer, I was dropping pounds. “This is amazing,” I recall blogging. I couldn’t believe it. I’d always wanted to lose weight—who knew it was as easy as starving myself?

On the night of my eighth grade graduation, I despised getting my photo taken, as per usual. I still felt like the same “fat” person, but I was ready for a change: high school.

That summer, I was going to reinvent myself. Not only was I going to shop for new clothes for high school, but I was going to be thin.

After the graduation ceremony, my family took me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlantic City—a pricey night out. I ordered crab since I loved shellfish and looked forward to every occasion where I could eat it (I grew up working class, so we ate crab or lobster once a year). I also didn’t want to blow my fasting cover, but as soon as the dish came, my stomach grumbled. I took a single taste and my heart burst. I can’t eat this, I told myself.

“I’m feeling sick,” I said as I retreated to the restaurant bathroom. By the time I looked myself in the mirror, there were already tears in my eyes. What have I done?

I returned to the table and explained to my parents that I was too sick to eat, that the crab must have upset my stomach. I watched the server pick up the plate and walk it back to the kitchen. My stomach grumbled again, but my emotional pain over my weight felt greater than anything my stomach could ever do to me.

High school student walking down dark hallway
Hal Bergman Photography/Getty Images

That was the first of many similar events that summer. I could write an entire book about those months. During them, I dropped nearly 30 pounds. I could fit into a size six by my first day of high school.

I attended a new school where I didn’t know at least half of my freshman class. I had the chance to be a new person. I had the chance to be thin.

As a teen, I consumed all of the messages the media told young women about their body image. Likewise, every summer, I consumed similar messages about the back-to-school season. That, somehow, if I reinvented myself into a thin person, I would be liked.

I want to say that I learned, very quickly, that appearance alone wouldn’t earn me likability—but it did. My new frame was validated by not only my peers who’d seen me in middle school, but by my family, including my own mother.

Soon enough, I couldn’t keep up with fasting. The hunger affected my ability to think, communicate, socialize, participate in class, etc. Eventually, fasting all day at school turned into binging—and occasionally purging once I got home.

Today, I still struggle with eating. In a fatphobic culture where the narrative of “revenge bodies” is prevalent, where shows like Insatiable continue to be defended, I sometimes feel that I will always be battling an eating disorder. But I have a better consciousness around media literacy and patriarchy. When back-to-school commercials market new outfits as a new personality, and that I need a new body that will fit into those outfits, I know they’re selling a myth. They’re profiting off teenage insecurities. And I know now that’s wrong.

If you need help battling an eating disorder, you can call the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Helpline at (800) 931-2237 and visit NEDA’s website.

Author’s note: The author identifies as genderfluid, but speaks from their experiences performing as feminine before they had the language to describe their gender identity.

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Even teens now admit we’re too addicted to our phones

We could be seeing the first rumbling of a tidal shift in smartphone usage in the U.S., as well as a change in attitudes toward tech in general, if the results of a couple of new studies are any guide. We already know that smartphones are such a fixture in the daily lives of young…
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Olympic Gymnasts Kyla Ross and Madison Kocian Say They Were Sexually Abused by Larry Nassar

They were known as the Fierce Five, for their athletic prowess in capturing the team gold at the 2012 Olympic Games. But that name may be just as appropriate for what the gymnasts endured to earn that title.

Kyla Ross revealed on CBS This Morning that she was abused by national team doctor Larry Nassar. Ross’ revelation means that every members of the 2012 U.S. women’s gymnastics team was sexually abused by the Michigan-based osteopathic doctor, who traveled with the women’s national team to competitions and to monthly training camps at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas.

Ross, a junior at University of California Los Angeles, said she was first abused by Nassar when she was 13. She appeared on the show with her Bruins teammate Madison Kocian, who was part of the 2016 Olympic team that also earned gold in Rio. Kocian said she, too, was abused by Nassar.

Both said they have not been contacted by USA Gymnastics, the national governing body for their sport that allowed Nassar to treat the girls. “It’s saddening to know a lot of gymnasts have gone through this and [USAG] has not reached out to see how we are doing as people, not as just as athletes but as individuals who grew up in the sport,” Ross said.

Ross’ 2012 Olympic teammates, Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber previously revealed they had been abused by Nassar when he gave them so-called medical treatments for various injuries. Raisman and Wieber appeared at Nassar’s sentencing hearing in Michigan in January to describe their experiences and urge the judge to consider the maximum sentence. Nassar is currently serving an up to 175 prison term for abusing not just the Olympic gymnasts, but hundreds of others whom he saw either at USA Gymnastics-sanctioned competitions, at his offices at Michigan State University or through his affiliation with Twistars Gymnastics in Michigan.

Kocian joins three of her 2016 Olympic teammates — Simone Biles, Douglas and Raisman in reporting that Nassar abused her while she was a member of the national team.

“He was almost like a family member,” says Kocian. “On international trips he would bring us food or be kind, and be the person who was always asking how you are doing. The culture at the Karolyi ranch was a culture of fear and a culture of silence, and that’s what led him to be able to abuse us.”

As with nearly all of the more than 200 athletes who have come forward about Nassar’s sexual abuse, Ross and Kocian said they believed the abuse was treatment for their injuries and were too intimidated to question it. “We were told it was a medical procedure. A lot of us had back injuries or hamstring injuries, and [were told] that this was the only option because he was our team doctor. If we were to speak up, you probably wouldn’t have been in that consideration of making that [Olympic] team,” Kocian said.

Both Ross and Kocian now compete for UCLA, and helped their team win the national championship this year. They are the first female gymnastics Olympians to compete in the NCAA, since neither had turned professional before their Games. Wieber is an assistant coach for the team.

In a statement provided to CBS This Morning, USA Gymnastics said its “support is unwavering for Kyla, Madison and all the athletes who courageously came forward to share their experiences.”

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The problem with saying “women of color” when we’re specifically discussing Black women

The problem with saying “women of color” when we’re specifically discussing Black women

The problem with saying “women of color” when we’re specifically discussing Black women

A few months ago, I was confronted on Twitter about a piece that I wrote last year. It was a feature that I’d pitched, and it was framed as a discussion on how women of color inspire beauty trends.

But the article was centered around Black women, and Black women only.

Since then, I’ve seen how many friends and fellow writers point out the problem of using the term “woman of color” instead of “Black” if you are talking about Black women. Publications and individual people will use the phrases interchangeably—but they aren’t synonyms. When you say “woman of color” and actually mean “Black woman,” you’re not only being misleading—you’re essentially erasing (and likely offending) an entire demographic.

Representation is of major importance in media and writing, and saying exactly what you mean is just as important. When it comes to the headline for that piece, it was definitely my fault and I had to take responsibility. I understood that I wasn’t being personally attacked and reflected on my word choice.

I meditated on why, as a Black woman, I thought I had to use “women of color” in the first place.

I thought back to writing that article pitch. I realized I’d felt like the idea wouldn’t have been approved had I said I wanted to write a piece only about Black women. It felt like a risk that I literally could not afford as a freelance writer.

I thought back to one of the last job interviews I went on. It was for a staff writing position (on an all white team). I expressed that the site needed more Black content, and while I didn’t land the gig, I did get to pitch ideas focused on Black culture. The fact that I wasn’t hired full-time made me think that they only wanted those kinds of topics addressed in small increments. I figured that they preferred to talk about potentially viral Black stories. I couldn’t shake the notion that they were put off by my emphasis on Blackness and Black femme issues in my job interview.

Maybe if I’d said the site needed “content for women of color,” then it would have gone differently.

I’m also reminded of the full time administrative position I once held. Colleagues tiptoed around the word “Black” during the entire time I worked there. My skill as a writer was known in the office, and I was asked to pitch and write pieces “about diversity.” I was never specifically asked to highlight Black women or their hard work, but was essentially asked to be a spokesperson for all women who aren’t white.

This showed me that Black women and women of color are often clumped together by white people, and my coworkers saw no problem with that.

In an effort to stay low and take care of myself financially, I didn’t speak out. I even wrote a few pieces.

A Black woman protests in St. Louis following the police shooting of Michael Brown
Michael B. Thomas/ Getty Images

Though Black women and women of color are all groups who have historically been excluded from “feminist” progress, Black women have different experiences than other women of color. For example, according to Bustle in 2017, Black women are killed more frequently than any other race in America. Black women in America are most likely to die while giving birth because of racism in the medical field. Black women also have to deal with erasure from movements that they started, specifically people like Marsha P. Johnson in the Stonewall Riots.

Black women are not always given the chance to express the same emotional depth as other women of color. I’m thinking specifically about anger. When a Black woman expresses her anger, she is often dismissed as an “angry Black woman.” A Latina woman who expresses her anger will be reduced to the “feisty or spicy Latina.”

Both stereotypes are damaging, but I mention them to show that we experience racism differently: One of these women is demonized because of her anger.

There is also a metric ton of hatred towards Black women in other non-white communities—from Asian women donning Blackface, to the messy Twitter history of R&B singer Sabrina Claudio, to the treatment of Afro-Latina Amara La Negra on Love & Hip Hop, to the exclusion of undocumented Black immigrants in many immigrant spaces. If Black women are not always welcomed and supported by other communities of color,  then it’s completely logical why many Black women would desire to be addressed directly.


Until that day on Twitter, I hadn’t explicitly realized how my personal encounters unquestionably shaped how I approached my writing about Black women. I’m not excusing myself, but these are glimpses into how some people think Black women’s narratives will fare in the media.

Using “women of color” terminology instead of saying “Black” shows how Black women and our unique experiences are minimized.

People are so caught up in wanting to “be inclusive” that they don’t realize they are erasing people. Simply put, woman of color and Black mean different things—and moving forward we should be hyperaware of the fact that they can’t be used interchangeably.

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Why we’re susceptible to fake news, how to defend against it

Thought processes and belief systems that people develop early in life to help protect against the anxiety and stress of an uncertain world may help explain why some individuals fall victim to what has come to be known as fake news, but psychologists can offer some strategies to defend against it.
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We Were Lawyers Once

Brigitte, Jan and I started as summer associates on the same day. We met over a group orientation lecture at nine and by noon were having an exclusive tell-all lunch. We went to different law schools, but were about the same amount pretty. We hoped to have successful summers, return after our third year of law school and make partner in seven years. We had high expectations, despite the low odds.

Wikimedia Commons

Brigitte was French. She had silky black hair cut in sharp ledges. She had a lean body, a decisive manner and a plush accent. She wore stylish dresses and pointy shoes. She had cat-eye glasses she didn’t need and a pocket pup she never saw. To relax, she sprinted on treadmills and skimmed gossip magazines. She went to Columbia Law School and was married to a nice banker from a rural family in Kentucky.

But Brigitte didn’t like Kentucky, and she didn’t like rural. Within a few weeks, she told us she didn’t like her husband, either.

Jan and I were single, and we didn’t like being single. Jan grew up in hallowed circles which bored her. She had a socialite mother and a reclusive father; she wintered in New York City and summered in Maine. She disappointed her mother because she didn’t care about parties, and she disappointed her father because she didn’t make valedictorian. She devoured her first book in kindergarten and her first kiss in college.

I was a farm girl from the Midwest who was allergic to animals. I came to New York City to till a more fertile soil. I browsed the dictionary for fun and found going to bars hard. I had five brothers and craved a sister. I had a subscription to the New Yorker by middle school and wrote bad poetry about the bad boys I worshipped from afar in high school. I was good at close textual analysis but found summarizing cases hard. I was adept at painstakingly looking for clues. I favored navy and voted Democrat—but occasionally Republican—and my name is Margaret, but people called me Meg.

We learned the ways of the firm quickly. We billed our hours. We billed our dinners. We billed our rides home in dark cars along the dark river, glittering with bright lights. We were type A to a tee. We worked in a tall building with a marble lobby. Our conference room walls held sepia photographs of costumed conquerors: a helmeted Ghenkis Khan, a curly-headed Alexander the Great, a one-handed Napoleon.

We let our other lives dwindle away. We lived only for ourselves, our firm and our clients. We knew our clients by number, each by each. We lost ourselves in our work. We delighted in losing ourselves, for in that, we sometimes imagined we found ourselves.

We watched lawyers flirt with other lawyers, date other lawyers, marry other lawyers and have affairs with other lawyers. We heard lawyers say bad things about other lawyers. We bragged about which partners worked us the hardest. We bragged about which partners were called off of yachts in order to return to work alongside us. Vacations were expendable. We believed we weren’t.

This was in 1989, after the first wave of feminists had paved the way. We felt our way was clear: We knew that making partner was part luck; we had to peer into the crystal ball of business and predict which practice areas would be harried in the future. We were banking on a frenzy of work so ferocious and fierce that it could include us.

Brigitte figured out the finances first. Our firm had a strict hierarchy—the partners were paid in lock step, so first-year partners made two million dollars, second-year partners made two million and change, and so on. First-year associates could boss secretaries and paralegals and no one else; second-year associates could boss first year associates plus secretaries and paralegals. Paralegals could boss new paralegals. Secretaries could leave at five.

Our offices had windows that looked out at other windows. The partners had more of these windows. The most senior partners had corners of windows. We had doors that led to halls. We had doors that we could close but that everyone left open.

Jan, like all skinny women, fixated on our cafeteria. It served food from around the world on our fortieth floor. I, like all tired women, focused on places to sleep: The firm had built cubbies for napping, like in Japanese train stations, but no one was caught dead in those cubbies.

We arrived late. We left late. We were on time to meetings. We watched suns set, moons rise, stars fall. Out of the ashes of other companies, our bank account balances rose. We had lovely friends whom we rarely saw. We made plans we always cancelled. We stopped making plans.

We could see the trajectory of our lives, how we would rise in the ranks because we had what it took. Actually, we weren’t sure we had what it took. The thing was, we loved the work. We complained. We grumbled. We gnashed our teeth. But deep down, we loved opening boxes. We loved sorting files. We loved solving other people’s problems. Sometimes, we imagined that we could apply the same rigorous logic to our own problems. Better yet, when fully immersed in the problems of others, we imagined we had no problems. Tethered to our clients, we floated free.

We envied and scorned the paralegals. We handed them the boring work that we didn’t want. They stamped papers and kept lists, but they had deep friendships born of shallow occupations. They had a camaraderie we envied. Theirs was a one-year job, two years at most—then they would be released to travel wherever they pleased. Some of them went to law school; many of them did not. They had been cured of the legal bug by being given the most boring work. They had no idea how exciting the difficult work was. We shielded them from the excitement.

Our job was more like swimming down an ever-narrowing channel, where we watched other people gasp and head for the shore along the way. Only a few of us would be hardy enough to handle the work, the stress, the late hours, the early mornings, the lack of outside friendships and inner love, the excesses, the deprivations and the expectations—our own expectations most of all.

Some lawyers told war stories about how they had been summer associates in the lean years. They’d been channeled into departments instead of sampling them all like ice cream. They were told to curb their interests for the sake of the firm’s interests. They were to tighten their belts and fix their eyes on the shiniest prizes. They worked inside and didn’t go out.

We had the good fortune to be summer associates during a fat year. We had a happiness committee whose sole job was to lure us with merriment. The happiness committee bought us box seats at the Met and the Open. It organized jubilant dinners at upmarket restaurants where we ate cured fluke and skewered shrimp.

The committee hosted cocktail parties at partners’ gracious Upper East Side apartments. We reached these dwellings by giving our names to doormen who wore uniforms that struck us as vaguely military. We swilled our drinks and milled about, chatting casually as if we had grown up in formal homes with Stark carpets and opulent fabrics.

Even Jan, whose home sported five Stark carpets, seemed caught up in our whispered admiration. Brigitte turned the bone china upside down to check its provenance.

We heard loudly the silent message: if we worked hard enough we, too, could make partner, buy these apartments and eat in these restaurants. It was a package deal.

We were entranced and ironic. We mocked and yearned. Afterwards, when we returned to our walk-up apartments, we saw that our windows needed treatments. Blinds no longer satisfied us. Our eyes were opened.

We knew everything there was to know about our partners. We knew their middle names. We knew their children’s middle names. We knew where they bought their first Porsches and their second homes.

Sometimes, we were left open mouthed about the expansiveness of other lawyer’s brains. We could tell within minutes which of us would make partners in seven years, in a bright line. We repeated stories about our partners’ quirks. We hoped that one day people would tell such tales about us, but we doubted it—for to become partner, we had to suppress our louder laughs and our most peculiar peccadillos. Once we made partner, we knew we could let rip. But we worried that if we suppressed something too long, we’d never get it back.

We remembered with misgiving the stories in our biology textbooks about the kittens whose eyes were sewn shut at birth by curious heartless scientists. After six weeks, when the kittens’ eyes were finally released from their stitches, they were blind. They had lost their chance to learn to see, poor kittens.

Here are some of our partner stories.

Jeremy Gilmartin was said to have taught himself to read upside down so that he could spy on the notes of the opposition. We wondered how hard it could be to read upside down. We tried it and failed.

James Peapoint took to rollerblading down the firm’s long halls. James was good at law but not so good at rollerblading. We flattened ourselves against the walls when we caught sight of him, his dark suit jacket flapping and his elbows jabbing at the air. The secretaries laughed politely into their headsets when he creaked by.

Freddy Smith the Fourth gave all the firm speeches. Freddy Smith the Fourth was first rate funny. He gave off the cuff sounding talks which he practiced for hours. Those of us who worked for Freddy Smith the Fourth loved him. He got leaping-out-of-his-shiny-shoes excited if someone else did a good job. He had enough confidence to go around. He praised us for excellent work. It made us do our best. We loved him. We praised him back. Praise and love was in the air for any of us lucky enough to work for Freddy Smith the Fourth. He napped in his office every afternoon. His secretary warded off visitors. She loved him, too, in that platonic way Freddy inspired so generously. Freddy had a good wife whom he loved. We loved him most of all for loving his wife despite the feminine bright-eyed adulation. It gave us hope.

Freddy Smith the Fourth always settled his cases. He told us there was too much risk in litigation, because he couldn’t control the outcome. Sometimes Freddy Smith the Fourth said racist things under the guise of telling us what his grandmother used to say. Sometimes he said sexist things under the guise of telling us what his grandfather used to say. We shifted in our shallow seats. But Freddy was a senior partner and smart and his clients loved him, too. We wondered which of these qualities protected him most.

Whenever he had a speech to make, he would skip his afternoon nap. We heard him practicing his jokes aloud behind closed doors. We heard his pregnant pauses. We heard his calls and his responses. We learned more from minutes spent listening in at Freddy Smith the Fourth’s closed door than from hours opening gilded cumbersome volumes in the law library. Even the smartest funniest lawyers had to practice and pretend they didn’t. We learned that being the best wasn’t natural.

A partner named Jack Tripper married first a fellow partner, then an associate, then a paralegal, and finally his secretary. We saw the trajectory of the Tripper’s choices, how he climbed his way down the firm’s ladder. A partner named Jerry Jones dated first a paralegal, then a partner, then an associate. Unlike the Tripper, we who were expert pattern detectors could see no pattern to Jerry’s dating choices. Jerry seemed blind to hierarchy or decorum and had eyes only for beauty. Jerry was good at making women fall in love with him. He told every woman he dated that he wanted to marry them. It was his signature sexy move.

One evening, under the glaring lights of a cheerful conference room get together, Jerry moved close to Jan. Brigitte and I backed off, while Jerry told Jan that his wife had never understood him. Then he offered to lend Jan novels. A week later, Jan told us, breathless and blushing, that she was in love with Jerry. Brigitte and I said we knew. We didn’t tell her that everyone knew. Jan told us that two days after sleeping with her, Jerry told Jan that he wanted to marry her. But Jan didn’t know yet that Jerry hadn’t finished finishing his first marriage. He was only separated from his first wife. By the end of June, he let this choice morsel drop. By July, Jan discovered—and not from Jerry—that his current wife was actually his second wife.

Jan was mad at Jerry.; she didn’t understand how you could forget a marriage. Jerry didn’t like to date women who were mad at him, not when there were so many other beautiful smart women in the firm for Jerry to date, so by August, Jerry dumped Jan and started dating an associate.

In September, Brigitte, Jan and I hugged each other good-bye and returned to our separate law schools. But Jan wasn’t over Jerry. Every morning, she got out of bed and attended class in the humidity of Virginia, gripping her slick notebooks. By noon, she broke down and called Jerry, clutching the pay phone. Jerry spoke to Jan in a low seductive voice. Overcome by how male and sexy Jerry was, and how much more grizzled he was than any of the male law students, Jan had to take a depression nap after speaking to him. She missed constitutional law lectures for an entire month because of these naps. But Jan got an A+ in constitutional law. Now, years later, Jan has forgotten what it felt like to be in love with Jerry, but she still remembers that A+. She wonders what it says that she got the best grade in the class she taught herself.

After graduating, Jan, Brigitte and I returned to the firm. Jan now avoided Jerry. He had a way of looking at her like he still wanted to date her. It unsettled her. It tricked her into thinking Jerry pined after her. But Jerry had forgotten her. He just wanted her to think well of him. He liked everyone to think well of him. Jan complained to Brigitte and I about Jerry, and we agreed. We always agreed.

A female partner took us on as mentor. She coddled us and fed us lavender tea and purple-prosed slogans. Her name was Esmerelda White, but her nickname was Tappy because of her legendary speed at the keyboard. Tappy told us to resist the urge to tend to relationships at the firm. She told us the men wouldn’t respect us if we let them funnel us into administrative work. She said that the men respected only legal work. She said that if we wanted to make partner we had to bring in business. She said we had to make money. We had to work harder than the men. And we had to dress like ladies.

Together, trying to see Tappy past the stacks of documents on her desk, we laughed at those aging feminists, the ones who had so courageously carved the way for us. Those women had worn man suits and tied floppy bows around their necks. They’d tried to win in a man’s world by out-manning the men. We were determined to outman men by being women. We wore dresses and heels and pearls and, sometimes, pant suits. We walked to work in our sneakers and kept two pairs of dress shoes in our desk drawers—one navy, one black. Those shoes went with everything.

The junior male lawyers had their own outfit battles to wage. They biked to work in clip-on shoes and Spandex shorts. They kept dress shoes in their backpacks and suit jackets and ties behind their office doors. They changed when they arrived, but the sweat remained. We could smell it, but we never mentioned it. We never mentioned anything. It was a white shoe firm. A shoe polisher made the rounds once a week and bent over the lawyers while they worked. It was efficient. The lawyers tipped him well.

We kept toothbrushes and toothpaste and hairbrushes in our desk drawers. We groomed at work. We found our groove at work. We were often unhappy unless we were at work. We were often unhappy when we were at work. We were also happy at work. We had a love hate relationship with work. We loved the work. We hated that we loved the work. We told other people not to become lawyers. But we weren’t credible. We could have left law at any time but didn’t. We were like high school kids who said we didn’t study and pulled all-nighters.

We made a lot of puns. We had punny brains. We saw the potential in words. We could always hear what would happen if we twisted just one letter. Puns were revered by us, even as we mocked them. We couldn’t help ourselves. It was how we were wired.

We who were litigators wove plausible narratives to explain our clients’ more dubious decisions. Sometimes our clients turned blind eyes to the traders who made the most money. The bosses forgot to ask questions about how their junior traders managed to make exponentially more money than anyone else. The bosses ignored the security systems we had put in place for them. It wasn’t normal to make that much money. Those junior traders were cheaters. This was their downfall and our making.

One day, Brigitte let slip that Jerry had lent her a novel. Jan stopped wanting to have lunch with Brigitte. I had to see each of them alone. Jan wanted to talk about how nice Brigitte’s almost-ex was. Brigitte wanted to talk about anything but her almost-ex. I didn’t want to talk to either of them. We were tired of work and of each other.

The relationship became public. Brigitte finished divorcing her nice husband and married wicked Jerry. Brigitte and Jerry moved into a nice big apartment where Jerry’s nice six children came for nice short visits. Jerry said he didn’t want any more children. Brigitte said she didn’t want any, either. She ran faster on treadmills and her clothes became looser.

One day, one of the female partners, Magda, had a nervous breakdown. She was carted out of her home under cover of night. By daylight everyone knew. We knew because we were connected like an organism. A breakdown in one part of our firm meant a breakdown in all of us. We felt her cry as if it were our own.

Within a week, Magda recovered. She returned to her office and her workload. But we could see new twitches in the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t seem to control these twitches. Watching her, we felt our own mouths burn. Some of us, chastened by Magda’s breakdown, took meds and breaks. We made time to visit counselors, who told us that we needed to play more. So we stopped seeing counselors and worked more. We sensed we needed to spend time with people we didn’t have to pay to listen to us. Instead, we spent time with people who paid us to talk.

A few years after marrying Jerry, Brigitte made partner. Jan left the firm and became in-house counsel at a big bank. She married and divorced and moved house and forgot her first husband. She finally understood how you could forgot a marriage. She understood how it was better not to remember.

I stayed on but was passed over for partner. That’s what we called it. Being passed over. It meant I had been left behind. Instead of making me partner, they made me a senior associate. That’s the name for lawyers who were not good enough. Senior associates had two choices. We could leave or we could stay. I stayed.

I married a well-read accountant I met in a rare book store. We had three boisterous children whom we raised in a placid Fifth Avenue apartment. I ran in Central Park in the dark and squeezed an entire week of life into my weekends. I loved my husband. I loved my children. I loved my job. I hated that I wasn’t partner. It hung over me like a shroud. But I only hated it on the days when I thought about it. When I chose to count my blessings and do the work, I felt blessed. I had a choice. I could choose to be happy or to be sad. Every day, this choice confronted me.

Brigitte had a choice, too. She could turn a blind eye to the way Jerry’s eyes lingered over the long legs of the younger lawyers, or she could leave Jerry. But Brigitte thought she had a third choice: She thought she could get angry at Jerry; she thought she could yell. Jan could have told her that this was a bad choice, but Jan had left the state. Last we heard, Jan was living in a yurt in Wyoming with a park ranger. The more Brigitte berated Jerry, the more Jerry started hanging around a paralegal named Bambi.

I decided Bambi was too young to know Jerry’s history. I was wrong. Bambi knew because everyone knew. Bambi was one of us. But Bambi had something Brigitte didn’t have. Bambi didn’t care two hoots about Jerry. Instead, Bambi had an affair with Jerry but flirted with the male paralegals.

They were very cute, those male paralegals. They rolled up their shirtsleeves and loosened their ties. They carried litigation boxes for Bambi as easily as if they were filled with air instead of legal problems. Jerry grew his hair longer and dyed it blonder. He ate chemicals that made his diminishing hairline move backward, lower over his forehead like a time lapse camera. He switched brands of sports car and bought an Aston Martin. He eschewed his fitted Paul Stewart suits in favor of shapeless shiny Armani ones. He joined a gym and pursued the burn and the build and the playground experience.

We could have told Jerry that he was going to lose his battle with the paralegals. They were always younger than Jerry, every single year. And Bambi had no intention of marrying Jerry. Bambi was too smart to trust a man who’d an affair with her. She had a logical brain.

I was floored by Bambi. She felt like a new breed of woman. She was a fierce, independent woman, free of need, free of love, free of hurt. It hurt me to know there were women like Bambi in our firm. I thought that being hurt by the male lawyers was necessary. Bambi implied that there were choices we hadn’t known about.

One day, Jack the Tripper summoned me and some of the junior associates into his office. He’d lost a case we’d worked on together. “I’m going to call the client and tell them I lost,” he said. “You need to learn how to handle failure.” He called the client on speaker and we listened silently. The Tripper did a good job. The client accepted his loss. The Tripper rose in our estimation.

Brigitte stayed on as partner in our firm even though Jerry, from whom she was now separated, was still dating Bambi. Brigitte watched Jerry hang out with the female paralegals, leaning on their cubicle desks, and her heart grew hard. She decided Jerry was pathetic. It was either that or stay in so much pain that she couldn’t work. For Jerry was smart, sexy, funny and cute and couldn’t help his need for approval. Deep down, Brigitte knew that she suffered from the same need for approval. But Brigitte’s misfortune was that she wanted approval from Jerry, and Jerry kept shifting his targets.

One day, the Tripper called me on his office to staff me on a new case. “I need a warm body,” he said. The Tripper looked at me expectantly from across his leathered partner desk. A smile twitched in the corners of his four-times-married mouth.

My smile froze. I could tell that the Tripper had practiced this line. The Tripper knew that I’d get the joke, even though the Tripper knew that he would never be as funny as Freddy Smith the Fourth. It was an inside joke, after all. We were all warm bodies. We went where the need was greatest. We were interchangeable.

I told myself to be a professional. I had to sit down but was already sitting. I took notes and documents. I returned to my desk. But instead of putting together a team, I put on my coat. From the elevator, I called my husband. He told me to calm down and not take it personally. I called Brigitte. She told me that the Tripper only said out loud what everyone thought. I called Jan, but she was unreachable.

I was hurt. I was hurt by my husband and the Tripper, but most of all by Brigitte and Jan. Because always sympathizing, always being reachable, anywhere, anytime, was our mantra.

In midtown, commuters walked uptown with their gazes fixed down. They bumped into me and didn’t slow. I headed to the park in my heels. I’d already run this morning in my sneakers, and I was tired and it wasn’t even ten. Halfway across Fifth Avenue, I decided to leave the firm. It wasn’t because I’d missed my middle child’s school play. It wasn’t because I’d missed my youngest child’s first steps and words. It wasn’t because I’d missed my eldest daughter’s first period. It wasn’t because I missed my husband. I missed all of this, all of them, so much, and I asked myself again if this was why. It wasn’t. It was because the Tripper had spoken from his heart and broken mine.

In the park, I lay down in the grass and looked up at the sky and spoke firming slogans to myself. I wouldn’t quit. I’d return to work. I’d be fine. I wouldn’t feel cold about the Tripper’s request for a warm body. I’d be a nameless cog in the firm’s well-oiled wheel. I got to my feet and trudged along slanting sidewalks. I followed a pigeon. It was a drab grey thing with an iridescent purple sheen. Its head bob-bobbed into the empty space in front of it as it walked. It looked silly, as if it were pecking for food in the air. It couldn’t help seeking with every step something it would never find. It was the fault of its architecture, the way it was made, to peck at nothing like that, over and over, forever and ever, Amen.

I worked on the Tripper’s case. I lasted a little longer. And then I didn’t. Brigitte stopped watching Jerry and became in-house counsel at a bank. I served on boards and did planks. Jan left the ranger, set out her own shingle in Jackson Hole and built her own business.

Now, years later, from the quiet of my apartment, hearing construction noises in the street below, I remember that I loved them all. I loved Brigitte, Jan, Jerry, the Tripper, Freddy Smith the Fourth, Tappy, Bambi—well, not really Bambi—the male paralegals, Jeremy Gilmartin, Magda Fernandez, James Peapoint, the scent of cardboard, the quiet eager tapping of keyboards and the way my heels sank into the carpets unless I walked on my toes. I remember countless cups of bad coffee and my shifting secret crushes and the calm logical discussions of our clients’ irrational choices. I remember each night seeking the warmth of my husband’s soul-cycled body, listening to my children’s heedless high-pitched giggles and being excited that the next morning I would get to dress up as if I, too, were going to a party where I belonged.

Caroline Coleman is the author of LOVING SOREN. She has an English degree from Princeton and a fiction MFA from Brooklyn College: www.carolinecoleman.com

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The Games We’re Most Excited About in the Next Two Months

It’s almost the business end of the year. Full of… business. Also games.

August provides the last relatively quiet window for a few indies to release before the proper madness starts, and we’re starting to see some of the bigger releases of the year as well. Namely, you’ve got Marvel’s Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider landing very soon.

We’re right around the corner of the delayed PC release of Monster Hunter World of course — a game which is definitely on our radar for Game of the Year so far. As for all the new stuff, here are our picks for the next couple of months.

Dead Cells

August 7th – PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

This is the final release version of the game that we’ve already been playing for a year. A platformer with a Dark Souls-ey combat system, you’ll try to escape an island that shifts every time you die. Its randomised levels and satisfying fights would’ve been worth the price even in the early stages of its beta. Since then, it’s kept updating its brawlers, biomes, and bosses. This is Early Access done right.

Funnily enough, Dead Cells was originally going to be a tower defence game. There’s an abundance of these 2D pixel art Soulslike roguelite/metroidvanias, and we have no problem with that at all.

We Happy Few

August 10th – PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, Xbox One

We get some serious Bioshock mashed up with A Clockwork Orange vibes from this one. A futuristic, dystopian city requires everyone to take their “joy” to be happy, productive citizens.

What happens when you stop taking it? Presumably, Taye Diggs starts chasing you. The seemingly “beneficial” nature of the city’s drug has nearly resulted in the game being banned in some territories. Let’s hope it’s worth all the trouble.

Death’s Gambit

August 14th – PC, PS4

I mean, when we said there’s an abundance of these games, we meant it. Death’s Gambit is another 2D pixel art Soulslike metroidvania, seemingly a niche genre but hoo boy is it populated.

The biggest twist here is every time you die, you actually drop one of your healing items as well as your “souls.” Returning to your point of death is that much more important, now that it’s necessary to regain that healing charge.

That’s pretty cruel. Imagine if death lost you an Estus shard in Dark Souls. But Death’s Gambit is also letting you invest excess healing items to upgrade stats, sacrificing a heal or two to buff your damage or something else.

There’s also the ability to challenge a boss again right after you’ve defeated them, which is fantastic — we always felt the bonfire ascetic should’ve been carried over from Dark Souls 2 into other games.

PES 2019

August 30th – PC, PS4, Xbox One

Slated a full month before its main competitor, PES likes to be the first to market every year. Though it has to be said, a lot of the features it was spruiking at E3 this year were implemented by FIFA a year or two ago. It doesn’t help that it lost the Champions League licence as well, but people who play PES don’t play it for the licences.

We’ll still be putting this one through it’s paces because what’s important to us is under the hood. After the handful of games we’ve had it was hard to isolate and test the newer AI functionality PES 2019 is supposed to have. Things like players reading the play a few steps ahead, and responding in a way that more accurately represents their style. It’s the type of thing we’ll have to really sit down and analyse, and that’s alright with us.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

September 7th – PS4

No surprises seeing the mighty web-slinger here, as we’re pretty sure it’s the game many people are most looking forward to this year. This PS4 exclusive has many debating who the final boss could be. Who’s capable of bringing this who’s who of villains into one plan as if they were mere henchmen?

This one features combat that’s looking oh-so-Arkham, some baller Spidey suits, and – most importantly – getting across town feels great as you sling like it ain’t no thing.

We’ll be previewing this one soon, so keep FANDOM bookmarked and wait for your Spidey sense to tingle.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

September 14th – PC, PS4, Xbox One

My goodness, how much of a beating will Lara have to take before she becomes the Tomb Raider? We’re still smarting from seeing a lead pipe go right through her gut in the first reboot.

It sure looks purdy though, as long as we never have to wear the haptic suits from Ready Player One to feel every shank and bullet bothering the new, always-wounded Lara Croft, we’re up for a bit of tribal island madness.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

September 25th – PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

We’ve been jonesing for this one since… well, 2008, when the original Valkyria Chronicles came out. The mix of World War I and anime was a surprisingly engrossing setting for first-person, turn-based tactics.

It was fantastic fun, but for some reason the gods of gaming saw fit to limit the next two games to Sony’s PSP. No shade to PSP owners, but it’s a travesty these games weren’t available to more people.

Now at last, we get the multiplatform release we’ve been waiting for. We’re sure there are many who will see this as the proper Valkyria Chronicles 2 in a way, and we can only hope the developers have factored that into their storytelling.


28th September – PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PS3, 360, Android, iOS

A full month later than its rival, the dominant football franchise lands. FIFA releases are up and down — sometimes the franchise coasts with a bunch of fluffy, cosmetic features like improved grass and spectator clapping. Other years you’ll get hyper-intelligent AI improvements and important balance tweaks.

If you’re not the sort to buy every release anyway, it’s worth paying attention to see whether that year brings one of the “good” ones.

All told, the feature list doesn’t look too disruptive this year, but the timed shots will have a massive, unignorable effect on how you play. We liked the pace and the feel of what we played at E3 this year, but much like PES, we’ll need some more time with this one before singing its praises.

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The Tour de France Had to Be Stopped After Riders Were Hit With Tear Gas

BAGNERES DE-LUCHON, France — Four-time champion Chris Froome was among riders who had their eyes treated for tear gas or pepper spray aimed at the peloton when a farmer’s protest interrupted the 16th stage of the Tour de France on Tuesday.

Police had to remove bales of hay blocking the road 30 kilometers into the 218-kilometer leg from Carcassonne to Bagneres De-Luchon. An Associated Press photographer at the scene witnessed Froome and other riders getting treated with eye drops while the peloton stopped for several minutes.

It was not immediately clear whether protesters or police used the chemicals.

This Tour has been marred by incidents as race organizers struggle to deal with angry fans protesting against Froome’s participation. After fans threw flares at riders in the climb to the ski resort of Alpe d’Huez, Tour organizers banned the use of smoke flares for the rest of the race.

Froome raced all season under the cloud of a potential ban for using twice the permitted level of salbutamol during his victory at the Spanish Vuelta in September. He was cleared only just before the Tour.

The stage taking the peloton from Carcassonne to the spa town of Bagneres-de-Luchon resumed after a 15-minute interruption.

Froome sits second in the general classification, 1 minute, 39 seconds behind Sky teammate Geraint Thomas.

Sports – TIME


How Brad Pitt Would Spend a Day If He Were Completely Unrecognizable | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN



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How much breakfast cost the year you were born

If there is one meal of the day that’s talked about more than any other, it’s breakfast. Given that it’s the first thing you eat in the morning, what you have on your plate can often determine how your day will go. Only have time for a cup of coffee? Prepare for a hectic day. Have the ability to…

Life Style – New York Daily News


First Look: “The Tree and Stone Were One” | Queen Sugar | Oprah Winfrey Network



http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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How Black Women Can Show We’re Ready to Lead

Black women can achieve power in corporate America, if we get real about the barriers we’re facing, if we’re united in our quest to overcome them, and if we’re willing to engage advocates and allies to help us get there.

That was the message at a special session during this year’s Women of Power Summit for the 40 Bank of America employees in attendance.

“We did this entire research project on what’s keeping black women from advancing to the C-suite. And we wanted to take this research on the road,” says Calandra Jarrell, senior vice president of Global Diversity and Inclusion, who moderated the candid conversation “Black Women: Ready to Lead—Speaking Truth to Power.”

“We’re exploring black women’s pursuit of powerful jobs and what’s getting in the way—unique challenges that affect brown girls. And having real-talk dialogue about what it feels like to be black in corporate America and a woman at that,” Jarrell says.

That research, Black Women: Ready to Lead, was conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation and co-sponsored by Bank of America. It showed that black women are 2.8 times more likely than white women to aspire to a powerful position with a prestigious title.

But despite the intention, and the fact that almost half of black women (43%) are confident they can succeed in a position of power, the numbers of black women in top positions in corporate America just aren’t adding up.

“We’re not broken; it’s not about performance,” Jarrell says. “It’s about how do we gain the necessary exposure—the same things our counterparts already have. And how do we brainstorm what our company and other leaders can do to really empower us and give us an equal chance.”

The panel featured Tiffany Eubanks-Saunders, senior vice president and market sales executive for U.S. Trust; Michelle Avan, director, Supervision Executive Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch; Ebony Thomas, senior vice president of global employment branding and enterprise diversity recruiting executive; along with the company’s highest-ranking black woman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Cynthia Bowman.

black women in corporate america

The Black Women: Ready to Lead session at the 2018 Women of Power Summit

“As black women in corporate America, we experience it day in and day out that we have to work twice as hard to get half as much. If you think of all of the ethnicities and the genders, black women are literally the last in everything. We have to get real creative about how we can change the dynamic,” Eubanks-Saunders said at the event.

Other nuggets of wisdom were dropped during the conversation about how we can make sure all black women succeed:

Be honest about what more you could be doing. “If we’re gonna be real, real, real with each other, no we don’t always encourage each other. We need to be kind to each other, love up on each other, and say ‘I see you,’” Avan said. “We have an obligation to give to one another support and understanding and to put it forward to model for young women.”

Have the courage to ask for help. “Black girl magic is a gift and a curse. The whole notion of magic is that it’s supernatural—you see it but you don’t believe it. But that magic hurts us. It means we can’t be vulnerable. We can’t ask for help,” Thomas said. “We might have to expose ourselves if we want those allies to be a part of our journey.”

Take care of each other along the way. Sharing what we know, even when it comes to sensitive topics, it’s the only way we’re going to overcome disparities, like the pay gap. “If you have information, don’t just hold it to yourself. If you know it, I want to hear it. School me,” Avan said.

Speak up, even when you’re not the one affected. “We all have a role. We all have the power within us to make a difference. Even if it’s small, collectively we have a broader impact. If you’re silent on an issue, you’re condoning it,” Bowman said.

The session was part of a series of discussions dubbed “Courageous Conversations,” which have been organized by employee networks at the company since 2015 to bring employees together, create awareness of their different experiences, and encourage open dialogue.

More than 60,000 employees have participated in a Courageous Conversation to date, on topics such as social justice and the role of the majority in diversity.

It’s just one of the initiatives Bank of America, where more than 40% of the U.S. workforce is racially or ethnically diverse, has in place to help develop and support black employees.

The Black Professional Group, one of the company’s oldest employee networks with more than 10,000 members, is bolstered by the Black Executive Leadership Council, which works to advance talent and increase representation, and the Diverse Leaders Sponsorship program, which engages senior leaders to promote the visibility of diverse protégés.

Such openness and connection are essential to disrupting the forces that prevent true inclusion. Said Bowman: “If you don’t address the real heart of the issues and have a dialogue around the brutal facts, it’s hard to make progress.”

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Black models claim they were turned away from casting

Two black models are claiming they were turned away from a casting during Miami Swim Week because of their race. Models Joia Talbott and Ka-Cey took to social media to share their experience, saying the two of them, along with 10 to 15 other women “were dismissed from a casting today because they told us…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


The moment when 12 boys, coach trapped inside Thai cave were found alive: Part 2

ABC News


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‘Jersey Shore’ star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro spends Fourth of July with ex Jen Harley after her domestic battery charges were dropped

Liberty, justice and peace for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley.

The “Jersey Shore” star reunited with his ex-girlfriend Wednesday to celebrate the holiday just a day after the Clark County District Attorney’s Office dropped the domestic battery charges against her.

Ortiz-Magro, 32, shared a selfie…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


Michelle Wolf Compares Ivanka Trump to Herpes: ‘You Always Show Up When We’re About to Get F*cked’


Comedian Michelle Wolf helped set off America’s current “civility” debate by making jokes at the expense of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and others in the Trump administration at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a move that landed her at the center of new GOP ad that condemns the “unhinged” Left heading into the 2018 midterms.

But just as she refused to apologize for her jokes about the White House press secretary, Wolf has only doubled down on her criticism. And this week on Netflix’s The Break, she shared with viewers some specific lines liberals can use should they take Rep. Maxine Waters’ advice and confront Trump administration officials in public.  

While Wolf said she agrees with Waters’ sentiment, she explained, “You can’t just casually harass these people, you have to insult them specifically,” adding, “‘You’re a cunt’ doesn’t hurt them. It’s on their vision board.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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These triplets were separated at birth for a twisted experiment

This article contains spoilers for the documentary “Three Identical Strangers,” opening Friday. When 19-year-old Robert Shafran drove from his home in Scarsdale, NY, to the Catskills for his first day at Sullivan Community College in 1980, he was shocked to find that everyone already knew and adored him. “Welcome back!” guys said. Girls ran up…
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‘Graffiti artists’ killed by train were ‘common scum and criminals’ says Beckenham Tory

A former TfL board member from Beckenham has faced a fierce backlash after calling three suspected graffiti artists found dead on train tracks “common scum”.

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10 Instagram moms who remind us we’re never alone


Becky Vieira

posted in Life

Motherhood is amazing. It can also be lonely. Thankfully other moms are there to lean on when we need it. Unless you’re like me, who spent the first few months of my son’s life without any mom friends. 

I turned to Instagram to fill the void. And while I love the accounts of moms who dress their entire family in matching white outfits (while sitting on their white couch, eating homemade snacks made of fruits and vegetables grown in their garden, and served on plates made in their home pottery studio), that wasn’t me.

Luckily, with some searching, I found “my people.”

There are celebrities I love and follow (Chrissy Tiegen is all of us, and Busy Phillips is my imaginary best friend). But the bulk of my tribe is comprised of these amazing moms who fill my Instagram feed with love, humor and honesty:

For the mom craving honesty: motherhoodunderstood is the mom friend we all crave. Brooke Christian and Jen Schwartz are PPD survivors who are busting taboos and changing conversations. They get real about everything and say what we’re all thinking. Only this duo does it with empathy, humor and grace. Follow them here.

For the mom seeking balance: motherhonestly is a community created by Blessing Adesiyan. She’s a chemical engineer, mom of two and the queen of personal balance. She’s found a way to thrive at work and home, on her own terms. She inspires and helps other moms find their path of balance. I always feel so encouraged by her feed. Follow her here.

For the sarcastic/funny/real mom: macgyveringmom22 is one of the first moms I found on Instagram who helped me feel normal and not alone. Macgill Frutchey is a mom of three boys who tackles life with wit and humor. Her keen observations leave me nodding and cracking up, and I’m constantly sharing her memes with friends. But I really fell in love with her when she began documenting her battle with a rare and aggressive sarcoma (cancer) in between those hilarious memes. She’s an inspiration — and a constant source of comfort, sisterhood and humor. Follow her here.

For the fit mom: sweatwithlaurenhefez inspires me to move. Her photos make me happy and draw me in. And, dare I say, make me want to exercise. She’s always having fun while staying fit. She peppers her account with real mom life — meals, trips to Target and reminding us moms how fantastic we are. Follow her here.

For the healthy/foodie mom: lifeandthymez is everything I aspire to be in the kitchen: healthy, delicious and simple. Mom Zlata Faerman’s recipes are toddler-friendly. Meaning, you don’t have to make a separate meal for the adults and children. And did I mention simple? Two ingredient, healthy cookies. Many are also low FODMAP and gluten free. She also shares her picks for healthy store-bought snacks when you can’t make your own. Because… motherhood! Follow her here.

For the tired mom: meetyoundreamland helped my son sleep. And, as a result, I was able to sleep also. Kerrin Edmonds is a certified infant and pediatric sleep consultant, and she shares all sorts of tips on her Instagram page. As a bonus, she hosts a live, free Q&A every Thursday night where she answers all your sleep questions. If I can’t make the live session I’ll read the questions the next day, and I’m constantly picking up sleep tips. Follow her here.

For the timeless mom: olliella is the feed for sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman’s gorgeous collection of wares for nomads, homebodies and small folk, Olli Ella — but it’s so much more. The photos are not only of the gorgeous products, but the sisters’ lives with their families. From travel to the everyday, it will draw you in. And the accompanying messages will fill your heart and make you feel at home. Follow them here.

For the outdoorsy mom: beccajcaldwell is letting her kids run loose — on trails, in National Parks and anywhere without a roof. Rebecca Caldlwell’s pure love for the outdoors is being passed along to her children. Her account is full of family photos in the great outdoors, showing how we can help our own little community enjoy the beauty around us. Follow her here.

For the mom fighting PPD: whentheboughbreaksdoc was a groundbreaking documentary that ripped the curtain off postpartum depression and started a long overdue dialogue. This companion account shares personal stories and inspirational memes. Follow it here.

For the mom looking for a friend: wittyotter is the mom who will give you honesty through laughter and tears. Full disclosure, this one is mine. I’m nothing if not honest. I’ve tried to create an account that shows what I was craving in my early days of motherhood: truth, compassion and friendship. I share the funny (and embarrassing) times, unfiltered moments along my PPD journey and photos of me in my hospital granny panties. Follow me here.


Have you made mom friends on Instagram or other social media platforms? What are some of your favorite accouts to follow?

Images by Becky Vieira, Motherhood Understood, Macguyvering Through Motherhood, Life and Thymez, Meet You In Dreamland, Olli Ella and When The Bough Breaks


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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

A widow struggles to make sense of suicide when there were no signs

When her full-of-life husband went to a shooting range last year and took his own life, she was left to make sense of something that made no sense.

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Kate Spade’s Husband Issues a Statement on Her Suicide: ‘There Were Personal Demons She Was Battling’

Kate Spade’s husband has finally spoken out on the fashion designer’s suicide.

In a statement, Andy Spade confirmed they’d been living apart for quite some time but kept up appearances for the sake of their daughter.

via TMZ:

In a statement to the New York TimesAndy Spade says, “Kate suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. She was actively seeking help and working closely with her doctors to treat her disease, one that takes far too many lives. We were in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy.”

He continues, “There was no indication and no warning that she would do this. It was a complete shock. And it clearly wasn’t her. There were personal demons she was battling.”

Spade confirms the two were living separately for the last 10 months, but says they still took vacations and had dinners together for the sake of their daughter … he says they never discussed divorce.

Spade also told the NYT Kate didn’t abuse alcohol or have any business problems … however, we know that’s what he told cops investigating her death.

So sad. You can read his full statement here.

The post Kate Spade’s Husband Issues a Statement on Her Suicide: ‘There Were Personal Demons She Was Battling’ appeared first on lovebscott – celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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What We’re Most Looking Forward to at E3 2018

E3 2018 officially begins on June 12th, but the press conferences and announcements will start rolling in before that. We already know it’s going to be a big year — both by the amount of titles we’re already locked in to see, and the sheer number of unannounced titles. This is one of those years in which large blocks of game writers’ schedules are reserved for… well, no one knows yet.

We’re already super excited about some of the things we’ll definitely be seeing. You can visit FANDOM to watch all of the announcements come through, and we’ll have more interviews and gameplay impressions on the most promising games during the show.

Here’s what’s piqued our interest the most so far.

Shadows Die Twice

After FromSoftware teased its next game at The Game Awards, this has been our reason for getting up in the morning. Could it be Bloodborne 2? Could it be Tenchu?

We’ve heard that Bandai Namco won’t be showing a FromSoftware game this year, so our many eyes (geddit?) will be on the Sony press conference to see if any Yharnamites appear. To be fair though, it would be strange. The obvious Eastern setting, in that era, would mean Bloodborne 2 was kind of copying Nioh, which was kind of copying Bloodborne.

We recently went through all the possibilities of what the creators of Dark Souls could be up to:

What We Know About From Software’s ‘Shadows Die Twice’ Game

Though there are some strong real-world hints towards Bloodborne 2, it seems just as likely it could be a Tenchu game, or Shadow Tower, or even Kuon.

Cyberpunk 2077

CDProjekt will almost certainly be showing its next big game at the expo, and we didn’t need a leak to tell us that.

With the massive success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all eyes are on this one. And rightly so. The Witcher 3 set the bar for traditional storytelling in games, and years later it still maintains a spot in the yearly top seller’s list.

The vigilant will also be looking for tie-ins to Wild Hunt, as there have been hints toward connections both in-game and out. Developers have teased the idea, and after Ciri gained her world/dimension travelling abilities, she talked about spending time on an advanced planet where everyone “had chips in their heads” and could wage war from afar.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

This franchise’s blend of an anime World War II setting, turn-based tactics, and real-time movement and aiming seriously won us over as soon as we tried it. As it did many others.

There’s a host of Valkyria Chronicles fans out there who have only played the first game. Its sequels went through an unfortunate phase of being limited to the PSP. And as good as this franchise is, few would have bought a new system for it. This new instalment will be on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

That means Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the first proper sequel for many a turn-based tactics fan. There’ll be a host of improvements and features added, and we can only hope the wider availability of Valkyria Chronicles 4 is reflected in the story. It’d be a shame for a large section of the audience to be punished for not having a PSP.

The Last of Us Part II

This is an interesting one. We’re incredibly interested to see what Naughty Dog will bring to the table this time — especially since this is one of those sequels no one was really asking for.

We don’t mean that in a bad way. The Last of Us was incredible. What it achieved with Ellie’s arc was a real achievement and it paved the way for God of War. How do you even follow that?

What’s more, how do you continue that story? Why do you continue that story? We’ll be keen to see if this is just a straight continuation from the ending of the last game and DLC, or if something more interesting is afoot. There’s the potential for this to go either way, but if there’s a studio you’d put your trust in, it’s Naughty Dog.

Fallout 76

What other game can keep people glued to a stream for hours on end, in the hopes of spotting some tiny detail?

Instead of Fallout 6, we have Fallout 76. Bethesda surprised us not too long ago with a Fallout release just a few months away from its announcement at E3. We’re very much a fan of that kind of no-nonsense hype cycle. Here’s hoping it does it again.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

This little announcement comes by way of keychain.

Most of all, we’re excited to see where this franchise is headed this year. And by that, we don’t mean the setting. We mean we want to see if Ubisoft is back on the Assassin’s Creed treadmill of annual releases.

There was a break of a few years before Assassin’s Creed Origins, and the series was all the better for it. Origins is a decent game. Ubisoft’s next move could be very important — crank out as many as it can on this new engine or take the same amount of care with each release?

Remedy’s ‘P7’ Game

Another one we know little about, the new game from Remedy is dubbed “P7,” which we’ll find more about at E3.

This is the studio that brought us Alan Wake, and many are understandably expecting Alan Wake 2. Time will tell.

All the Unannounced Games

This year is going to be big for unannounced titles. It won’t be a quiet E3. Some of them we already know about (but can’t say yet), and some of them have been kept quiet.

Be sure to check back here at FANDOM during E3 2018, June 12th-14th, when we’ll be putting up all the gameplay, interviews, and impressions for these.

The post What We’re Most Looking Forward to at E3 2018 appeared first on FANDOM.



‘Dragon Quest XI’ Isn’t The’ Breath Of The Wild’ Beater Many Were Expecting

When it comes to beloved game franchises in Japan, there are few series that inspire as much feverish devotion as Square Enix’s Dragon Quest. With kids and adults alike famously bunking off school to play each new highly-anticipated installment, its iconic Blue Slime mascot is a character that commands almost Mario-like levels of reverence in the land of the rising sun.

Hell, Square’s seminal RPG is even giving Disney a run for its money, with Dragon Quest soon getting its very own attraction at Universal Japan. Over here though? Well, that’s a very different story. Outside of fan circles, mentioning Dragon Quest in the West is more likely to elicit bemused shrugs than excited shrieks.  Now though, Square is hoping to change all that.

After a decade of being shackled to Nintendo handhelds, the publisher has opted to bring the series back to consoles. But is a newly-added HD sheen enough to finally win over Western audiences?

Dragon Quest Z

The game's characters were designed by legendary Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama.

The first thing that might strike newcomers is how weirdly familiar all of Dragon Quest XI’s brilliantly drawn characters feel. Drawn by legendary Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, this cel-shaded world of monsters and adventurers immediately pops on screen, exuding a sense of warmth and playfulness that instantly sets it apart from its JRPG peers.

And make no mistake – despite the marketing hints otherwise, Dragon Quest XI is very much a traditional JRPG. While early trailers showcased a hero on horseback exploring sprawling landscapes, this definitely isn’t the Breath Of The Wild-beater that many hoped it would be.

For starters, the world players traverse is far from open. While you do get to trot along some pretty looking locales on the back of a trusty steed, these areas are essentially just fully-realised versions of the classic JRPG staple – the world map.

Archaic Adventuring?

Like the games that pioneered the genre two odd years ago, Dragon Quest XI once again sticks to the series’ tried and tested turn-based battles. Like in the classic Final Fantasy games, players are presented with your standard ‘attack’, ‘magic’ and item selections.

As genre veterans will expect, there is an alternative. If you want to grind for that juicy XP but don’t want to waste precious time selecting the same attacks, you can set your party to auto-battle, with a tactics menu allowing you to tweak which party member focuses on healing and who remains the aggressor.

Battles are about as traditional and simplistic as turn-based RPGS get.

It felt serviceable enough, but even when playing with a full party, battles were surprisingly simplistic. Without any summons or timed button presss attacks thrown into the mix, the combat here looks to be as basic as turn based battling gets.

While we’ve only spent a couple of hours with Dragon Quest XI, its combat felt disappointingly pedestrian after the free-roaming showdowns of Ni No Kuni II. What it lacks in innovation though, it at least makes up for in charm. Enemies are full of personality, with tear-drop shaped slime monsters gleefully bouncing around the battlefield before unleashing their equally adorable attacks. Whether it was animated cactai, angry-looking birds or slighty more furry foes, each enemy was always a joy to behold, with unique animations and facial expressions really making each one feel wonderfully distinct from what came before.

Leading the Charge

While there are some pretty stunning locales to explore, this is less an open world and more a slightly extended version of a traditional JRPG World Map.

Still, battling in Dragon Quest XI isn’t an entirely old-school affair… Or at least how you pick a fight isn’t anyway. In a nice touch, those endlessly irritating random battles are now a thing of the past. As you gallop across each monster-infested section of the world map, you’ll see your colourful-looking foes waddling along the battlefield in plain sight.

This means it’s up to you whether you want to bother engaging them, meaning that being dragged unwilling into combat is now a thing of the past. As well as choosing to ignore these foes, you can even opt to go one further and really ruin a monster’s day.

While galloping around the world map, squeezing the right trigger allows your horse to speed up and charge straight into unsuspecting little critters, instantly sending enemies flying and stunning them.

Tales of Traditionalia

Our two hours with DQXI featured more genre tropes than you can shake a potion at.

Story-wise, Dragon Quest XI looks to offer the same kind of genre tropes. A boy from a small village who discovers he’s important? Check. An evil King that wants to thwart the powerful hero? You bet. While the tale it looks to tell may be as traditional as they come, thankfully, Square Enix has opted to tweak it a bit for Western audiences.

Despite Dragon Quest XI launching last year in Japan without any voice acting, Square Enix has used that time to fully voice this story.

Like the Dragon Quest Heroes games before it, XI relies on a ye olde English voice cast to bring its anime-styled characters to life. It feels pretty bizarre to walk into a village and hear a farmer wax lyrical in a thick West Country accent. Still, it does add an undeniable sense of charm to what could have simply been walls of text.

Corrupt Kings and teenagers with dormant abilities are the order of the day here.

That’s not the only tweak Square has made for us Westerners. In order to speed traversal up a bit, players can now dash around town, with a newly added camera allowing players more control of movement and even allowing them to take snaps of their scenic surroundings.

Other little niggles have been ironed out in order to make the game feel more in line with modern experiences, with a newly simplified menu and cleaner UI thrown in for good measure. If that wasn’t enough to justify a year of waiting, Square has also rewarded patient fans with an all new hard difficulty setting – Draconian Mode.

How’s Dragon Quest XI Shaping Up?

For longtime fans of the series, more expansive environments and a shiny new HD paintjob will probably be more than enough to justify a purchase. Yet, for newcomers, what we’ve seen so far makes this a harder game to recommend. Where Dragon Quest Builders showed Square steering the series into fun new territory,  what we saw of the series’ eleventh entry looked surprisingly old hat.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a nostalgia-soaked JRPG, its hard to imagine Dragon Quest XI being the entry to finally break the West. From what we played, it looks like there’s definitely an enjoyable RPG here, but those looking for a more forward-thinking Japanese adventure may want to stick with Ni No Kuni II.

The post ‘Dragon Quest XI’ Isn’t The’ Breath Of The Wild’ Beater Many Were Expecting appeared first on FANDOM.



Jamie Dimon says after health venture with Amazon and Berkshire was announced insurers were ‘pissed off’

The JP Morgan CEO spoke at a conference in New York about the reaction to his bank's announcement of a health venture with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway in January.
Health Care


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Facebook says it has to fix pricey housing ‘if we’re going to remain a company in Silicon Valley’

Investors have called for better transparency — and in some cases, better leadership — after reports of widespread abuse on the platform.
Real Estate


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Bagels were the inspiration for a ‘Frozen’ song

They met in 1999 at a musical-theater workshop and haven’t let go of each other since. Now the Oscar-winning “Let It Go” songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are up for a Tony for their score for Disney’s “Frozen,” the musical. They live in Park Slope with daughters Annie and Katie, and Kristen, 46, has…
Entertainment | New York Post


WATCH: More Details In T.I. Arrest; Officer Says ‘You Were Acting A Fool!’


ATLANTA (AP) — A security guard said he felt threatened during an argument with the rapper T.I. that led to the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist’s arrest outside his gated community near Atlanta.

In a 10-minute phone call, the guard at Eagles Landing Country Club told a 911 dispatcher early Wednesday that a resident kept asking for his name and knocking on the guard shack door. The security guard acknowledged during the call he did not recognize the resident, who was identified as Clifford Harris, better known as T.I.

T.I. had lost his key and the guard wouldn’t let him into the neighborhood, said Henry County Deputy Police Chief Mike Ireland. The rapper was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and simple assault and then released on bail.

The rapper’s attorney, Steve Sadow, issued a statement that his client had been “wrongfully arrested.” Sadow said the guard was asleep when T.I. arrived and it took “some time to wake up the sleeping guard.”

Sadow said T.I. identified himself and sought entry, but the guard refused. The rapper contacted his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, who confirmed that her husband should be allowed inside the community, according to his lawyer.

“The guard continued to refuse entry without justification,” Sadow said in a statement, referring to T.I. as Tip. “Words were exchanged and apparently the guard and/or a supervisor called the police. When the police arrived, they were not interested in hearing Tip’s side of the story and wrongfully chose to end the situation by arresting Tip.”

The dispatcher heard T.I. yelling through the phone at guard Euwan James, a police report says. The guard claims he eventually let T.I. inside the neighborhood.

James said T.I. drove home, then returned and said “Come outside so we can deal with this man to man.” The security guard said he didn’t know the intentions of the rapper, who he claims urged him to come out in the street.

T.I. used a loud voice with an officer before being arrested along with a friend, Marquinarius Holmes, who was cited for not having insurance on his vehicle, the police report stated. It said an officer smelled an “overwhelming” amount of alcohol on T.I.’s breath.

The report said T.I.’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and that he appeared aggravated when the officer spoke to him. The officer retrieved surveillance footage showing the rapper telling the security guard, Euwan James, that “there was no way around him.”

T.I. is also shown yelling and saying James reports to him because he owns property in the neighborhood, according to the police report.

T.I. is one of the biggest names in hip-hop, with multiple platinum-selling albums and singles, production credits and roles in films like “ATL” and “American Gangster.”

He served about seven months in prison in 2009 after his arrest on federal gun charges.

He also spent about 10 months in federal prison on a probation violation in 2010 after he was arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles. The drug arrest violated his probation — he had been ordered not to commit a crime and not to illegally possess any controlled substances — and led to an 11-month prison sentence at an Arkansas prison.

Other than his arrest Wednesday, the rapper has stayed out of trouble in recent years. He’s been active in community outreach, focusing on youth programs for boys and girls. He also has served as one of 38 advisers for new Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ first 100 days in office.

In April, T.I. was among thousands who marched in a rally marking the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. The rapper also has taken part in a march in Atlanta against police-involved shooting deaths of African-Americans and in a protest against President Donald Trump in New York.

T.I. has expressed frustration over Trump’s posts on Twitter, but said he intends to focus on doing things that “affect our communities in a positive light.”

A year ago, the rapper said he only planned to release about two or three more albums, telling The Associated Press in an interview that it was “definitely time to transition.”

T.I.’s hits include “What You Know,” ”Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life.” In 2016, he released the politically charged projects “Us or Else” and “Us or Else: Letter to the System.” They served as inspiration for his short film, “Us or Else,” which subsequently debuted on BET.

T.I., his wife and their children starred in the VH1 reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” which debuted in 2011. The show’s final episode aired last year.





Entertainment – Black America Web


The CW’s Fall 2018 Show Trailers: We’re All in on All American, but What About the Charmed Reboot?

Magnum PIYou only get one chance to make a first impression.
It’s the most wonderful time of year for TV fans: At their respective Upfront presentations, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and the CW will…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


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Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview the Epic Series Finale: “We’re All Gonna Sing the Songs One More Time”

Once Upon a Time, Robert CarlyleThe beginning of the end is upon us, Once Upon a Time fans.
But before we can truly say goodbye to the long-running ABC fairy tale mash-up after seven seasons, there’s one last epic…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Commerce Secretary Ross: We’re trying to get China to buy more US goods, ‘gaps’ remain in talks

Trade negotiations are focused on getting China to buy more U.S. goods rather than getting it to ship less, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said.


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Katie Couric: ‘Married Men Were Having Affairs’ Where She Worked | PeopleTV



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Comey’s media tour shows why we’re better off without him

You don’t have to be a cockeyed optimist to believe that, although times are tough, they could be worse. Just imagine the mess if James Comey were still running the FBI. Near the end of his forceful Thursday interview, Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Comey if he would have kept working for President Trump…
Opinion | New York Post


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People Thought Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Ridiculously Cute in Matching Outfits for the Queen’s Birthday

Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle were matching in navy blue at Queen Elizabeth’s star-studded birthday concert Saturday night — and people on social media took notice.

Markle wore a navy Stella McCartney caped dress with matching navy suede heels by Manolo Blahnik and carried a clutch by Naeem Khan. Prince Harry wore a smart navy blue suit. The two stepped out together for this event a little more than a month out from the royal wedding on May 19.

Queen Elizabeth, who turned 92 on Saturday, wore gold to her celebration at Royal Albert Hall.


The event was attended by most of the royal family — with one exception being Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her third child on Monday — and members of the public who could snag a ticket. (For those who couldn’t, the concert was broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Radio 2.)

The lineup fit for Her Majesty included Sting and Shaggy (who recently released an album together), Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones, Shawn Mendes, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the BBC Concert Orchestra, and more.

The event concluded with Queen Elizabeth acknowledging the crowd with a wave, but not before she gave a coy smile (and maybe an eye roll?) during a speech made by her son Prince Charles after he addressed her as “Your Majesty” and then “Mummy.”

Entertainment – TIME


5 Anime Shows That Were Needlessly Censored

,Anime covers a wide variety of genres and themes aimed at different audiences. Sometimes, it can get quite surreal. From bizarre monsters to dark storylines to unconventional ways of addressing adult themes, anime can make people uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this discomfort can lead to scenes and even characters getting the infamous black bar for the most absurd reasons. Whether it’s to protect younger audiences or obey broadcasting laws, here are five anime moments that were needlessly censored.

Tokyo Ghoul

anime moments that were censored or banned Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul follows a group of carnivorous creatures known as ghouls who feed on human flesh. So, it’s understandable that things could get violent and gruesome very quickly. But unfortunately, the anime gets an excessive amount of censorship.

anime moments censored or banned Tokyo Ghoul
The darkness not only obscures the blood but the entire scene.

Tokyo Ghoul is a very graphic tale. Ghouls not only eat humans but stab each other and even rip off toenails (ouch!). As a result, the series has been censored quite a bit. Blurry black shadows cover bloody or dismembered body parts and beams of light obscure visible wounds.

But, the most common method of censorship that the series makes use of color inversion. During gruesome fights, the entire scene receives a different, opposite color scheme from the original. In episode 2, “IncubationNishiki has almost beaten Kaneki to death and is about to kill Kaneki’s friend, Hide. Nearing death, Kaneki remembers first meeting Hide and how quickly they became friends.

anime moments censored or banned Tokyo Ghoul
At least the inverted look kind of cool.

Filled with memories of how Hide is always there for Kaneki, the half-human half-ghoul summons his kagune for the first time, stabbing Nishiki multiple times. The aftermath is a bloody mess that covers the entire overpass. However, instead of letting fans see the blood spatter, the animator chose to invert the colors, taking a modern and stylistic approach to gore and censorship.

Even so, there’s no place for censorship when a series uses extreme violence as a way to drive the narrative.

One Piece

anime moments that were censored or banned One Piece
Western fans didn’t get to see Sanji’s famous cigarette.

Japan’s broadcasting rules differ from those of Western countries. While some things are not a big deal to include in Japanese TV shows, in the US, it may be a whole different story.

That was the case when 4Kids Entertainment acquired the TV distribution rights for the English market of One Piece, an anime about a group of pirates and their adventures. When the company bought the rights, they didn’t realize the show contained so much inappropriate material. So they had to censor and even cut out essential story arcs. This created a lot of problems for the show, as their edits created plot holes and left viewers confused.

One of the most obvious edits 4Kids made was swapping Sanji’s cigarette for a lollipop. They also changed storylines that featured characters dying to them being held captive and never referenced again. 4Kids even went as far as to change the skin color of characters from black to white to avoid racial stereotypes.


anime moments that were censored or banned Yu-Gi-Oh!
There’s nothing scarier than pointed fingers.

Another anime show that suffered heavy censorship from 4Kids Entertainment was the card game anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! In 4Kids’ defense, their target audience was young children, and the content featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! wasn’t exactly meant for kids.

Even so, 4Kids changed Japanese references and characters’ names to be more suitable for an English-speaking audience. Mention of hell or implications of death were removed or replaced with the Shadow Realm, a place where souls stay forever. But, the most bizarre censorship came when animators replaced lethal weapons like guns with a menacing index finger.

In the episode, “Duel With a Ghoul,” two men burst through a door and point their fingers at Seto Kaiba and he leaps through a glass window because the fingers were threatening his life. Viewers can understand why someone would jump out of a window when confronted with a gun. But in the 4Kids adaptation, Kaiba looks like he’d rather die than get reprimanded by the men in black.

Sailor Moon

anime moments that were censored or banned Sailor Moon
This change didn’t make any sense.

When Sailor Moon first arrived in the US in 1992, LGBT characters on TV were a rarity, and same-sex couples were basically unheard of. So when the series made its way to the US, DiC, the licensor, decided that sailors Neptune and Uranus had to change. Instead of being lovers, for the English-dubbed version, DiC Entertainment chose to turn them into cousins.

While DiC managed to change the context of a few scenes, the original intent was obvious. This caused a few awkward moments throughout the series, like when Neptune and Uranus discuss their first kiss and the flashback features both scouts kissing. It seems like at that time, it was better to highlight a romantic relationship between cousins instead of a lesbian couple.

Beside not featuring lesbian couples, DiC also removed gay men from the series. Instead, they changed these characters into women voiced by female actresses.

Yo-kai Watch

anime moments that were censored or banned Yo-kai Watch
Shows targeting children often get the most (and worst) censorship.

Yo-kai Watch, a game-inspired anime that creatively explores emotions has a G-rating in Japan. The series follows Nathan Adams and his Yo-kai friends who go on amazing adventures together stopping other Yo-kai from creating problems for humans. But to broadcast the show in the US and make it suitable for its audience, Disney XD had to make a few changes.

While Disney XD changed some Japanese names so the characters would be more English friendly, there were a few scenes that were unnecessarily revised. In one episode, Nathan and his friends have a sleepover and want to stay up late to watch adult programming, which included watching cute girls in bikinis.

Yo-Kai Watch Censored
No muscly guys for you, America!

But, in the English adaptation, they are less excited about the show. Also, the girls’ bikinis are exchanged for one-piece bathing suits and shorts. Also, in the Japanese version, the boys watch a show of muscular men exercising in speedos, but the animators swapped it out for a cooking show.

10 Must-See Gore Anime

5 Anime That Are So Bad, They’re Good

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Tracy Morgan spoofed “Black Panther” with “Black Bobcat,” and we’re anxiously awaiting a crossover movie

Tracy Morgan spoofed “Black Panther” with “Black Bobcat,” and we’re anxiously awaiting a crossover movie

Tracy Morgan spoofed “Black Panther” with “Black Bobcat,” and we’re anxiously awaiting a crossover movie

We’ve all been absolutely obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest standalone superhero film. Black Panther not only broadened the MCU’s horizons in a literal sense, but shining a light on characters like T’Challa, Nakia, Shuri, and Okoye brought some much-needed diversity to the superhero ‘verse.

However, it seems that not everyone was as blown away by Black Panther as we were: Tracy Morgan appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to set the record straight about the true origins of the movie.

In a hilarious bit, Tracy Morgan claimed that Black Panther — the MCU character based on the comic book character that made its first appearance approximately, ehem, two years before Morgan was born — was a ripoff of a character Morgan himself created.

That’s right, instead of Black Panther, we should all be praising the rise of another superhero — the Black Bobcat.

Where T’Challa is the king of the most advanced nation in the world and an expert fighter with superpowers, the Black Bobcat is leaps and bounds ahead. So yeah, don’t for a second think that the Black Bobcat is without powers of his own. Indeed, the Black Bobcat loves to pounce, he drinks “a hell of a lot of milk,” as Morgan put it, he can hear really well, and he sleeps *20 hours* a day.

Of course, don’t expect the Black Bobcat to be roaming the city looking for bad guys. Fighting crime is super unsafe, y’all. A bobcat can get hurt fighting criminals! Still, we’re all about the Black Bobcat, and his theme song is so damn catchy.

We just have to see him team up with T’Challa in a future Marvel movie.

Of course, this is all just a bit, but we’re so here for Tracy Morgan’s superhero creation. It’s almost like superhero minimalism, right? Who needs all the fancy gadgets, fight scenes, and crazy circumstances when you can just keep it simple with a dude in a super suit that loves milk, naps, listening, and pouncing?

So anyway, Marvel, we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground for when you announce the ACTUAL most ambitious crossover to date: Black Panther Meets Black Bobcat.



Archeologists find 4000-year-old buildings in Egypt that were used to make beer


Nowadays, when we think of history, we think of the ‘80s – with our multi-colored leg warmers, our permed haircuts and our epic (okay, pretty awful) dance moves. However, the world is a helluva lot older than you would think, and looking back at history can take you back thousands of years. Around 4000 years ago, the Egyptians ruled the land with their hieroglyphs, their papyrus, their fancy headdresses and their Kings and Queens. While most of them think they spent their days lugging rocks to build their pyramids and worshipping cats (what’s new?) it seems these guys loved a drink just like the rest of us…

A discovery

In recent months, researchers from the University of Chicago have taken a trip to southern Egypt to excavate the land and learn more about our Egyptian ancestors. While this country is laden with clues towards the past, they made a hugely important discovery during one excavation that led them to a conclusion that has shocked the world. After they found two large buildings that were built in 2400 BCE, these researchers were able to understand a little more about life in Ancient Egypt – including their love for bread and beer!

Ruled by Pharaohs

As they dug even further and brushed away the dust on these buildings, the researchers were able to piece together dates and information regarding the buildings and their uses. They later came to the conclusion that these buildings were in use while the region was ruled by Pharaohs. In fact, the Pharaoh during this period was King Djedkare-Isesi, who was notorious for bossing around his servants and sending them off to the desert to bring him back precious metals. Historians have been able to translate this from hieroglyphs that feature both King Djedkare-Isesi and his servants. While they were on their missions to locate these metals, the researchers believe this servant baked both bread and brewed beer for themselves and for the higher officials. But how did they come to this conclusion?

Searching for clues

While they were searching the area, which is located around 400 miles away from the capital of Egypt, Cairo, the researchers searched for clues that would confirm their hypothesis. As they looked around the intriguing buildings, the researchers came across numerous objects such as containers, pieces of copper and weights that convinced them of their thoughts. With many of these buildings and workshops around the area, they were convinced that the buildings were used as breweries and bakeries.

What the researchers have to say

Of course, the researchers were amazed with their discovery and couldn’t believe what they had found. One of the lead researchers on the exhibition, Nadine Moeller, has noted that it’s amazing to find relics from that era. Nadine and her team had been working on the area for a whopping 20 years before they made their discovery, and their findings have since changed thought and belief surrounding the Ancient world.

Although it’s hard to think of Egyptians getting tipsy and drinking beer in their free time, it seems they were a fan! Of course, they wouldn’t drink without a piece of bread to line their stomachs…


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Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Cries Over Alleged Trump Affair, Says They Were in Love

Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal got emotional talking about her relationship with Donald Trump, and although she admits she knew it was wrong … she says the 2 were in love. The 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper…



Rose McGowan: Harvey Weinstein ‘Would Prefer It If I Were Dead’

Rose McGowan claims in a new interview that disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who she has accused of sexually assaulting her, wishes she was dead.

The Charmed alum, 44, is among more than 50 women who have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, and told Britain’s Sunday People that she has been followed and intimidated since she went public with her allegation last year that Weinstein, 65, raped her in his hotel room in Park City, Utah, in 1997.

“I’m sure he would prefer it if I were dead,” she told Sunday People. “He’s a sociopath. I am not afraid — but I should be. The people I find worse than him are his lawyers. The way they are acting has been disgusting.

“The people around him, that have supported him in his attempt to dominate and abuse women, are monsters, just as much as he is,” she continued. “There is no rehabilitation for that type of soul. They just need to fall off the planet. He doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong.”

As previously reported, Weinstein has denied McGowan’s assault claims, with his lawyer telling Us Weekly in a statement in January that McGowan was trying “to smear Mr. Weinstein with a bold lie.”

He has also denied claims by other women including Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, Annabella Sciorra and Daryl Hannah, with his spokesperson saying, “Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual.”

The allegations surfaced in October 2017 after The New York Times published an expose claiming Weinstein had a history of sexual misconduct dating back 30 years. He was fired from his own company in the wake of the allegations and his wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, announced she was leaving him. Weinstein subsequently said he was seeking treatment and was spotted near a clinic in Arizona.

The allegations sent shockwaves through Hollywood and prompted the formation of the Time’s Up movement to provide legal defense for women who have faced sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace.

“Things are changing,” McGowan told Sunday People. “But there’s still so much to do. It’s about changing people’s lives.”

The actress told the newspaper that she is also planning to take further action against the former studio head, who she believes hired an Israeli spy company to harass her.

“It was violation on top of violation,” the Brave author said. “I believe they hacked my computer, released photos — they have done everything they can to ruin my life.”

Us Weekly


7 Times TV Characters Were Mysteriously Recast

Beware the actors you fall in love with on your favorite shows, as one day you could turn on the TV to find them suddenly replaced.

TV series can run for years and sometimes actors, whether they quit or get fired, don’t make it all the way through to the end.

Viewers usually just have to accept the changes without ever getting an explanation for the recast. But don’t worry TV fans, we’re here to uncover the mysteries behind some of TV’s biggest casting changes.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Ed Skrein and Michael Huisman as Daario

It’s hard enough to keep track of all the characters on Game of Thrones without having the extra challenge of actors being replaced. But that hasn’t stopped the HBO hit from going through several recasts since it first debuted in 2011. While both Tommen Baratheon and The Mountain were recast at certain points, it was before their characters had major storylines so the switch-ups were less noticeable.

The recasting of Khalessi‘s lover, Daario Naharis, on the other hand, was less easy to brush under the rug. Actor Ed Skrein was replaced by Michael Huisman between Seasons 3 and 4 after Skrein landed a leading role in 2015’s The Transporter Refueled. And to complicate things even further, both men look completely different. Daario started out clean shaven with long flowing blonde locks and returned the next season with short dark hair and a beard. But in a world where dragons exist and men come back from the dead, perhaps a makeover isn’t the strangest thing to happen in Westeros.


Riverdale Ross Butler and Charles Melton as Reggie

When Riverdale returned to the CW after its successful first season, there was a new face in the role of Reggie. Archie’s rival was originally played by Ross Butler but wasn’t seen often because of the actor’s busy schedule. Butler stars in 13 Reasons Why, another breakout hit in 2017, so producers had to search for a new Reggie when the Netflix series was picked up for Season 2.

Charles Melton took over the role in the next season, bringing more bad-boy sex appeal to the character. Butler endorsed his replacement in a tweet after leaving the show and thanked producers for choosing another Asian-American to take on the role.


Roseanne Alicia Goranson and Sarah Chalke as Becky

When Alicia Goranson was replaced by Sarah Chalke as Becky in the ’90s sitcom Roseanne the show dealt with it by doing what it does best — making jokes. After five years playing the family’s oldest daughter, Goranson went off to attend college and Chalke took over the role. But to make things even more confusing, Chalke then left in ’95 and Goranson returned until May of 1996, reportedly able to pick up the role whenever her schedule allowed. But then Chalke returned to play Becky in the final season.

Confused yet? So are we. But the Connors made light of the situation with laughter, asking Becky things like “Where the hell have you been?” when she’d return in a different form. Both Goranson and Chalke will appear in the upcoming Roseanne reboot, though the latter will play a character other than Becky.


Gotham Clare Foley, Maggie Geha and Peyton List as Ivy Pepper

The character of young Poison Ivy in Fox’s Gotham has now been recast not once but two different times since the show first debuted in 2014. The role of Ivy Pepper was originated by 14-year-old Clare Foley, but they recast the role with 28-year-old Maggie Geha in Season 3 in order to age the character and get her closer to the sexy supervillain she’s destined to become.

But when Gotham returned for the second half of its fourth season in 2018, Geha had been swapped with actress Peyton List. Ivy 3.0 will be the evilest incarnation yet, described in a press release as “a live wire of crazy energy” who will “set her sights on Gotham, intent on making the city her own green paradise.”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Janet Hubert and Daphne Maxwell Reid as Aunt Viv

The character of Aunt Viv was played by Janet Hubert for the first three seasons of the ’90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before being taken over by Daphne Maxwell Reid in Season 4. Showrunners claimed that Hubert was axed because she violated her contract by getting pregnant, but most people assume it was because of her feud with the show’s star, Will Smith.

The two actors were known for not getting along behind the scenes, with Hubert accused of being difficult on set. The actress spoke out against Smith as recently as 2016 when she released a video slamming the star and accusing him of not helping her and the rest of the cast get more money for being on the show.


Spartacus Andy Whitfield and Liam McIntyre as Spartacus

Andy Whitfield played the titular role in Starz’s historical drama Spartacus for the first season but was diagnosed with cancer before the start of Season 2. Production was put on hold to give Whitfield time to recover from treatment, but he sadly passed away in September 2011 before filming could resume.

Liam McIntyre was tapped to replace the lead actor for the rest of the series, which lasted two more seasons and got even more popular during that time.

Family Guy

Family Guy Meg

Season 1 of the animated series Family Guy had Lacey Chabert in the role of Meg, Peter and Lois’ long-suffering daughter. But the actress became too caught up with her role in Party of Five, not to mention actually going to school herself, so she was replaced by Mila Kunis starting in Season 2.

Creator Seth MacFarlane reportedly thought Kunis was ultimately a better fit anyway and she’s been playing the role ever since.

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Broadcom to Qualcomm: We’re coming for you

Broadcom has been ratcheting up the pressure on shareholders of rival chipmaker Qualcomm this week — even as the landscape surrounding the hostile takeover becomes more tenuous. Advisers for Singapore-based Broadcom told a Qualcomm shareholder that the company is accelerating its plans to re-domicile to the US, The Post has learned. Broadcom’s stepped-up pressure comes…
Business | New York Post


We don’t leave home for date night, I’m guessing we’re not alone


Laura Falin

posted in Life

I almost broke my TV last week when a marriage therapist was on. She was giving advice to couples, especially busy parents, and she told them they should go on a date night once a week, have a weekend away once a quarter, and take a couples’ vacation (without kids) once a year.


I know she was giving us the best-case scenario. Advice for parents who have grandparents or aunts or uncles or nannies or other sitters on hand. If that is you, stop reading and go get these people lined up. Have your partner cling to their leg as you rev the getaway car and take advantage of that sitter right now. Go. Have fun. That grimace you see on my face is mostly me being happy for you, tinged by only the teensiest bit of jealousy.

This was a fun pre-kid Date Night…

But the rest of us… those of us who don’t have family nearby, and don’t want to ask a friend to watch four children for an entire weekend? We do what works for the season we’re in. For me and my husband, this means feeding the kids breakfast for dinner on Friday nights, putting them to bed, and then either grilling or ordering sushi at 9 p.m. We crack open a bottle of wine in the basement, and eat, and have an entire conversation without being interrupted. We don’t have to pay a sitter. We don’t have to plan too far ahead. We can treat ourselves to a nice steak, or an extra tuna roll without worrying too much because we’re saving on the sitter and other costs. It’s what we can do right now.

This was actually our anniversary dinner 

It took me a long time to realize this was okay. Everyone from our pastor to our friends to every expert I saw or read kept saying we needed a date night. The funny thing was, none of them offered to watch the kids. And instead of inspiring me, it made me feel guilty. Were my husband and I headed for trouble if we didn’t go out once a week? And overnights? We’ve been away for two weekends together in the last fifteen years. When your family lives out of state, that kind of thing requires a lot of planning.

I’m sure it’s good advice and I’m sure every marriage could benefit from a regular date night. It’s just that not everyone can manage one.

So what do you do instead? You do what you can. Know that this stage won’t last forever. We’re actually on the verge of freedom — our oldest is at an age where we can head out for an occasional date night now. It does happen eventually, and our late Friday night basement dinners were a good bridge to get us to this point.

So if you’re around next Friday night, let’s all raise a glass – to doing what works for this season of life we’re in.

Do you and your partner have regular date nights?

Photos by Laura Falin

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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

What moron thought ‘Hitler socks’ were a good idea?

A Polish company is under fire for trying to sell socks that look like Adolf Hitler. The questionable accessories, by socks brand Nanushki, were designed “to bring order in the socks drawer,” according to the company’s Web site. The Nazi leader is rendered in full, footed glory, down to his toothbrush mustache. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial…
Fashion | New York Post


Who Were You Meant to Be? 5 Ways to Find Your Purpose | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network



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Remember When We Were Sidekicks? – BLACK PANTHER and COMIC BOOK POLITICS

Minor spoilers ahead

This isn’t so much a review as a reflection. It’s well documented how I feel about Black Panther. I pushed for Black Panther’s inclusion in the Avengers years ago. In April 2013, I wrote “It’s Time For Black Panther On The Big Screen.” If you’re just tuning in, you can look back through my archives for my previous Panther posts. Here’s Cary Darling’s Houston Chronicle article I was featured in “Houston fans are pumped for ‘Black Panther’ superhero movie with virtually all-African-American cast

Well, I saw it.

Black Panther was one of the best movie experiences of my life.

First, this film isn’t “homework.” Typically, movies featuring a black cast feel as if they need to instruct audiences about the ills of society past and present. Black creatives know we may never have the media mic again, so we don’t waste any moments. In my humble opinion, you’re grown, and it’s unrealistic to burden a mainstream movie with responsibility to make you a better person. That cake is baked. The only hope for a better tomorrow lies within the children. Which is why the stories they see and hear about heroic people that look like them, and don’t, are vital. Blissfully, there are no sermons in Black Panther. White colonizers never even knew the technocratic marvel of Wakanda existed, so Wakandan society flourished atop a mountain of the most precious metal on earth, unmolested.

But, to director Ryan Coogler’s and Marvel Studios’ credit, Black Panther doesn’t shy away one iota from speaking truth to power about the broader consequences of isolationism, classism or societal injustice. Thematically, the tone of the film is a tasty gumbo of an Aesop fable and James Bond political pot-boiler with a side of Game of Thrones court intrigue and a dash of hot sauce. The strongest nations throughout history learn the greatest threats are not from without but within; Wakanda is no different. No one can escape the consequences of the choices they’ve made, whomever you are, from a lowly orphan to a mighty King, to a nation of millions, as Malcom X said famously, “Your chickens will always come home to roost.”

There has been some buzz by angry white fanboys with absurd notions regarding Black Panther. They’ve declared comic book characters or stories must somehow be “apolitical”. And that the political agenda surrounding this film makes them “uncomfortable.”  (Aw, pobrecito!)

However, black folks continue to celebrate the creative, cultural and financial success of the only big budget comic book movie featuring a black cast and crew undeterred.

The tone-deaf reaction of some can be expected. Wonder Woman debuted to similar trolling about sexism (against men) and uproars about Alamo Drafthouse Theaters’ woman-only screeings. Racism, sexism and pop culture fandom aren’t mutually exclusive, in fact, any female, non-gender specific person, Bleek, cosplayer, collector, or actor of color can relay incidences of racism, sexisim or homophobia they’ve encountered. This harassment both online; like John Boyega for the crime of being a black stormtrooper in “The Force Awakens” or at cons where “Cosplay is not Consent” has to be repeatedly drummed into grabby Comic Con attendees.

I’ve been trolled by white men I don’t know from Adam with the caucasity to tell me I had “no right to speak about Black Panther because I’m not a real comic book fan.”  Now, not liking or even hating Black Panther doesn’t make you a racist. Telling me I can’t love it does. And using the fig leaf of “political agendas have no place in Comic Book Movies” to hide your bigotry only exposes your own political agenda.

As hard as it may be for you to believe, Jimothy, this movie isn’t about you…

White Supremacy is a Hell of a Drug

In his Forbes’ article chronicling Black Panther’s unprecedented success, Scott Mendelson (a white guy so you can trust him, Jimothy) titled “Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Crushes Conventional Wisdom With Record $ 218M Debut” had this to say regarding Black Panther:

This isn’t just a blow to conventional wisdom about minority-led blockbusters, it’s a blow to conventional wisdom concerning the MCU. One of their more outside-the-box offerings, one of their most director-driven films and one of their most overtly political pictures yet, one that plays more like a drama than an action spectacular, is now on pace to be one of their very biggest movies. Like Pixar, I hope the MCU is realizing that its (stereotypically) riskiest bets turn out to be their biggest wins. Playing it safe is no longer the safe choice.”

Let’s talk a little about “politics in comics” before we move forward. Because this will come up more often as women, blacks, Asians, non-binary folks and others underserved in the pop media landscape take the lead on both sides of the camera and all phases of production in Hollywood. Let’s look at an example of how political thought not only has always been a part of comics, it grounds the greatest heroes and drives the best stories.

Captain America was created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, his first appearance was Captain America Comics #1 published in 1941 by Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics. Captain America was designed as a patriotic supersoldier who fought the Axis powers of World War II and was Timely Comics’ most popular character during the wartime period. Steve Rogers, “the skinny kid from Brooklyn” that became America’s enduring champion and the “First Avenger” in Marvels MCU, was 4F but wanted desperately to serve his country like his only childhood friend Sgt. Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. Steve endured bullying with courage and tenacity, he knew what it meant to be powerless, which is why Dr. Erskine, the lead scientist of the super soldier program, believed Rogers was the ideal candidate.

Dr. Abraham Erskine: The serum amplifies everything that is inside. So, good becomes great. Bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because a strong man, who has known power all his life, will lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.
Steve Rogers: Thanks. I think.
Dr. Abraham Erskine: [he pours two drinks] Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”

Rogers, now a super soldier, dressed in red white & blue named Captain America quit touring with the USO selling war bonds, went to the front lines and punched Nazis in the face on a daily basis.

That’s a political statement.

It’s endemic to who he is. Rogers believes in, if not America as it is, the aspirational ideal of what America SHOULD be for all her people. He’s such a patriot, once he leaned the truth about what the American government was doing in our name? He helped take down SHIELD, fought Iron Man, and became a fugitive from justice. Can you separate Captain America’s political views or core beliefs about freedom and justice from his character?

Of course not. Nor should you. That’s WHY we love Captain America. It’s what makes him a hero.

-Amnestic fanboys must have forgotten political stances made in The Avengers and all three Captain America Movies. SHIELD/HYDRA. Steve Rogers RAFT breakout after Civil War. The Sakovia Accords; UN oversight of “enhanced” individuals that split the Avengers. The political asylum granted by Wakanda. The entire X-Men comic run since Mutants were allegories of blacks during the Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s. MUTANT REGISTRATION ACT. TRASK Sentinel Program. The Legacy Virus that decimated fictional mutants concurrently during President Reagan’s silence on the spread of HIV in the 90’s that cost millions of real people their lives. Or, the second episode of Superfriends that spoke out against man-made climate change and promoted ocean conservation in the 1970’s.

I could go on.

Decades of the politics of the day driving comic book stories that no one cared about, that is, when blacks were sidekicks. This changed last Thursday.

Black Panther is a movie about the heir to the throne of a fictional African nation who wears the hereditary mantle of both monarch and protector of his realm “The Black Panther.” Is it possible to ignore or separate his blackness and his unique Afrocentric culture or world view from this character? Should every narrative he’s a part of ignore the plight of black people that do not enjoy the privilege of Wakandan citizenship?

Of course not.

One of the most powerful Black Panther comic book stories was the Jungle Action series of the seventies featuring Black Panther vs. The Ku Klux Klan. How do you de-politicize a black king taking on the the Klan? Why should we even want to? Like Cap’s political stance and core beliefs, Black Panther’s ethnicity & culture are central to his narrative and endemic to the character.

Black Panther is a powerful, resonant, self-reflective exercise that pays homage to both the source material and the African diaspora. It represents with unconditional love, deep respect, unique style, and an effortless flourish, yet still remembers to be a hell of a good time at the movies!

Black Panther was more than I could possibly ask for and one of the best examples of what a comic book movie can be. Period.


Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from a longer piece. Read the article in its entirety at The Good Men Project 



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Tim Cook would kill quarterly earnings reports if he were ‘king’

What would you do if you were king for a day? Cure cancer? Bring peace to the land? For Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, the answer is simple: End the quarterly earnings report. Cook, the mild-mannered executive in charge of the most valuable company in the world, revealed his boring dream in an interview published…
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Disney Just Opened an Entire Store for Home Decor and We’re Freaking Out

Just take all our money!

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The NYFW Show Where the Front Row and Runway Were Equally Epic

Welcome to Runway Matters, where we’re delivering notes straight from the runway so you can quickly digest the most important trends and noteworthy moments from the F/W 18 shows.

Some may argue that a 10-year anniversary for a fashion brand calls for a celebration that’s 10 times bigger than whay they’ve done in the past. We’d venture to guess that Christian Siriano is one of those people. While his shows have always been a major draw in the years past—for the made-for-the-red-carpet creations, celebrity front row, and lineup of models who represent women (and men) of all sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds—it all culminated at New York’s Masonic Hall with a packed crowd and a runway filled with all the drama and glamour one could hope for.

From the opening look on modern-day icon Ashley Graham, to dresses that had us thinking of Oscar night, to a beautiful roundabout finale walk by the models, with The Cranberries’ “Dreams” playing in the background, it’s hard to narrow down the highlights. We did our best with the five below.

We can’t speak about a Christian Siriano show without talking about the designer’s approach to casting. His runway—as well as many aspects of how he does business—celebrates all women and aims to have them all feel as elegant and extravagant as they want. Sure the runways of Fashion Week might be primarily about the industry and the clothes, but somehow Siriano always makes it feel like it’s about the woman, too. Well, women.

There were plenty of familiar faces on the runway for Siriano, but you may not have recognized one. That is, unless you’ve seen him family album. Siriano cast his sister, Shannon, to walk in his 10th Anniversary runway show, as well.

Truthfully, it’s very hard to pick just one from the show. But something about the sparkle of this dress—trust us, it’s like walking Kira Kira—made us feel like it could be a special contender for the red carpet.

If you’ve never been to a runway show before, let us assure you: When the models are walking, the audience is often quiet. Not cheering or clapping, no matter how amazing the garment. But that does not apply to Siriano’s shows. When the crowd sees a gorgeous dress, spots a celebrity, or wants to recognize the beautiful diversity seen on the runway, you hear it. It’s loud, it’s infectious, and it’s wonderful. Naturally the surprise appearance of Danielle Brooks and Selma Blair caused quite a ruckus.

When you have Graham, Brooks, and Blair walking a runway, you’d think your eyes would be fixed on their every move (they were). But we’d be remiss to mention the internal struggle not to watch the front row as well, which included so many amazing women and Siriano supporters, including Cardi B, Whoopi Goldberg, Laverne Cox, Coco Rocha, and more.

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Don’t Underestimate Us Millennials; We’re Saving More Money Than You Think

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about millennials being a generation of lazy, entitled narcissists who spend way too much time on social media. Although these stereotypes have been debunked, I can personally testify that millennials are hard-working, creative, and more financially literate than many expect. But for the naysayers, there’s a new study that proves it.

According to a survey conducted by Bank of America, millennial-aged Americans between 23 and 37 years old are serious about financial planning, budgeting, and saving for retirement. The study shows that 16% of millennials have saved at least $ 100,000, while nearly half have $ 15,000 in total savings. That’s a big jump from 2015, when only 8% said they stashed away $ 100,000 or more and 33% said they saved $ 15,000.

This shows that despite making a few trips to Starbucks each week, going out to brunch, and splurging on avocado toast every now and then, we deserve more credit for being financially savvy and long-term planners. We’re also more resilient than previous generations, if you ask me.

Older millennials entered the workforce during or shortly after the 2008 economic downturn, a time when we were forced to compete with older Americans in their 40s and 50s for a limited amount of job openings. Meanwhile, our generation is straddled down with an unprecedented amount of student loan debt: $ 1.3 trillion to be exact. Yet, in spite of these obstacles, we’re proving that we can overcome by launching our own businesses and starting and capitalizing off of social media trends.

Even though 26% of millennials work in the gig economy as independent contractors or freelancers, this has not stopped our generation from thinking ahead. Rather, not having access to a traditional employer-sponsored retirement fund such as a 401(k) has forced us to become more proactive about saving on our own. I, in fact, opened a personal IRA account after spending years of freelancing and doing gig work.

Furthermore, because we’re focused on our future, many of us are intentionally postponing starting a family. Like the survey shows, 30% of millennial parents say financial considerations have played a major role in their decision to have children.

Don’t be dismayed: We’re proving to be a generation of innovative, entrepreneurial-minded people who are more financially savvy than expected.


Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that “6% of millennials have saved at least $ 100,000.” 

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Were Quentin Tarantino’s Movies Ever Actually Feminist?

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Quentin Tarantino probably feels like his beleaguered Bride from Kill Bill this week, with the combination of Uma Thurman’s New York Times interview about the accident she was forced to endure on one of his film sets and the resurfacing of his Howard Stern interview where he defended Roman Polanski’s rape of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. It makes you wonder: as more about Tarantino’s past, his cavalier attitude toward statutory rape, and his behavior toward the actresses in his films comes to light, should we re-examine the films of his that have been dubbed feminist?

Tarantino has expressed regret for his comments about Geimer from 2003. Of the rape, Tarantino said, “He didn’t rape a 13-year-old. It was statutory rape. That’s not quite the same thing. … He had sex with a minor. That’s not rape. To me, when you use the word ‘rape,’ you’re talking about violent, throwing them down; it’s like one of the most violent crimes in the world. Throwing the word ‘rape’ around is like throwing the word ‘racist’ around. It doesn’t apply to everything that people use it for. He was guilty of having sex with a minor.”

He continued to insist that the sex was consensual and that Geimer was a “party girl” who “wanted it.” Geimer has since refuted the claim.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Kylie Jenner revealed Stormi’s last name, and it’s not what we were expecting

Kylie Jenner revealed Stormi’s last name, and it’s not what we were expecting

Kylie Jenner revealed Stormi’s last name, and it’s not what we were expecting

After Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her first child, we had to make up for lost time. There’s so much to catch up on! We missed out on nine months of pregnancy updates, cravings, baby shower gifts, and baby bump pictures. Fortunately, Kylie is making our job easy. She made a YouTube video about her pregnancy so we could catch up on what we missed. Now that Kylie and Travis Scott’s little bundle of joy is here, she seems ready to share more about her journey to motherhood with us. And she’s getting right to it. On Tuesday, February 6th, Kylie shared the first photo of her baby on Instagram. Kylie also shared her baby’s name: Stormi. The picture’s original caption simply read “stormi” with a smiling baby emoji. But she later updated it to include Stormi’s last name: “stormi webster.”

You might be wondering, Whose last name is Webster? And the answer is Travis Scott’s. Yep, Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Webster. Many wondered if Stormi would take Kylie’s last name and go by Stormi Jenner. As far as we know, Kylie and Travis have no plans to get married at the moment. But Stormi’s last name is Webster, just like her father’s.

Introducing: Stormi Webster!

stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We’re pretty sure that she’s going to go by “Stormi Webster” and not “stormi webster.” But hey, you never know. The Kardashian/Jenner fam is famous for their naming conventions. Maybe giving kids all-lowercase names is the trend of the next generation of Jenners.

The name Stormi Scott would be pretty cute. But Stormi Webster has a beautiful ring to it too.

Welcome to the world, Stormi Webster! Now, how long until there’s a Kylie Cosmetics “Stormi” shade? Fingers crossed she’ll bless us with an entire “Stormi” collection!



New trailers for some the hottest movies of the year were just released during Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2018

You know how I was telling you that the Super Bowl LII game on Sunday will be peppered with plenty of new trailers. Well, that’s exactly what happened between the Eagles and Patriots’ hot plays last night. But little did I know that so many of the hottest movies coming this year will get new Super Bowl trailers.

Think Avengers: Infinity War, the first Han Solo movie, the Jurassic World sequel, as well as Tom Cruise’s new Mission Impossible. Let’s check out all of them.

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Tracy McGrady Says Clippers Were ‘Disrespectful’ to Blake Griffin

Tracy McGrady tells TMZ Sports … Blake Griffin has every right to be upset with the Clippers — because learning that you’ve been traded on Twitter is “very disrespectful.” “For somebody that got that type of history with the organization, he’s…



How to turn off Instagram’s new feature that tells others when you were last online

Instagram Activity Status

In an effort to keep its direct messaging system up-to-date with the likes of Facebook Messenger and other chat apps, Instagram this week debuted a new feature that allows you to see when your friends were last online. In order to test the feature yourself, just open the Instagram app, tap on the Direct button at the top right of the screen and you can see when everyone that you have messaged within the app last logged on.

Only people who you follow and those that you’ve messaged in the past will be able to see your activity status, but the feature is turned on by default. In other words, without your prior knowledge, all of your connections on Instagram can now see the last time you opened the app. The good news is that you can toggle the feature off.

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Lamar Odom: This Is When I Knew Khloe and I Were Over

Lamar Odom still has plenty of love for his ex-wife, Khloé Kardashian. The retired NBA player, 38, sent his well wishes to the pregnant reality star, 33, during an appearance on an upcoming episode of Mancave.

Lamar Odom on ‘Mancave‘
Lamar Odom on ‘Mancave‘

“I’m happy for her,” Odom said on the BET late-night show in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek. “She took care of me. She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.”

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian attend Casio's Shock the World 2010 event at The Manhattan Center in New York City.
Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian attend Casio’s Shock the World 2010 event at The Manhattan Center in New York City. Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Us Weekly exclusively revealed last October that Kardashian is expecting her first child, a boy, with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. She confirmed the news on Instagram in December.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was married to Odom from 2009 to 2016. She remained by his side when he was hospitalized in late 2015 after being found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada.

“I still got my shawty’s name still on me, her initials still on me,” the former Los Angeles Lakers star said on Mancave, pointing to the ink on his hand. “But for no reason. You know what I’m saying? I understand when it’s over, it’s over. When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that.”

Odom is the first celebrity guest to appear on the new 12-episode talk show, which is executive produced by Steve Harvey and features men sharing what they often talk about within their inner circle of male friends.

Mancave premieres on BET on Thursday, January 18, at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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Bannon: Trump Tower Meeting Criticisms Were for Paul Manafort, Not Donald Trump Jr.

Steve Bannon on Sunday said his criticisms of the meeting between top Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in 2016 were actually directed at former campaign manager Paul Manafort, not Donald Trump Jr. Bannon is quoted in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book as calling the meeting “treasonous,” but Bannon said in a statement to Axios that Manafort “should have known [the Russians] are duplicitous, cunning and not our friends.” The former White House chief strategist also apologized in the statement for not responding to the controversy sooner.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Team USA’s 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Rosters Were Just Revealed. Here’s Who Will Compete

With no participation from the National Hockey League and a women’s team vying for gold, Team USA announced its rosters for its ice hockey teams competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The highly anticipated rosters were announced Monday at an intermission during the 2018 Winter Classic and come ahead of the first Winter Olympics the NHL has not participated in since 1994. That means the men’s ice hockey team competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea is a combination of former NHL players, minor league players and college athletes.

“Obviously from a selection process it’s been a battle for us on all the players we have available to us,” said Tony Granato, the men’s team coach said Monday.

He continued, “I think we’ve put together an outstanding group of players that will represent us well come February and give us a great chance to do really well and compete for a medal.”

The men’s team captain is Brian Gionta, who played for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL until 2017, when he moved to an American Hockey League club and could therefore play for Team USA. Gionta was the U.S.’s top scorer in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, where the U.S. lost in the quarterfinals.

On the women’s side, many of Team USA’s key players like Brianna Decker and Meghan Duggan will return with the goal of earning women’s ice hockey first gold medal in 20 years. While Team USA has medaled every year since women’s ice hockey was added as an Olympic sport in 1998, the U.S. has fallen repeatedly to Canada in the battle for gold.

In 2014, Team USA lost to Canada in the final round 3-2, earning silver.

“We had to figure out what we were made of, what we wanted to accomplish over these last couple of years, and really put ourselves in a position to achieve the goal we want to achieve as a program and as a team and as a country going into this next Olympics,” Duggan said Monday.

“We’re excited,” she added. “We’ve got the right group.”

Team USA men’s hockey roster

Germany v USA - Deutschland Cup 2017
TF-Images—Getty ImagesBernhard Ebner of Germany and Brian Gionta of USA battle for the ball during the Deutschland Cup 2017 match between Germany and USA at Curt-Frenzel-Stadion on November 12, 2017 in Augsburg, Germany.


  • Mark Arcobello
  • Chris Bourque
  • Bobby Butler
  • Ryan Donato
  • Brian Gionta
  • Jordan Greenway
  • Chad Kolarik
  • Broc Little
  • John McCarthy
  • Brian O’Neill
  • Garrett Roe
  • Jim Slater
  • Ryan Stoa
  • Troy Terry


  • Chad Billins
  • Jonathon Blum
  • Will Borgen
  • Matt Gilroy
  • Ryan Gunderson
  • Bobby Sanguinetti
  • Noah Welch
  • James Wisniewski


  • Ryan Zapolski

(Two other goalies will be added to the team in late January, Team USA said.)

Team USA women’s ice hockey roster

Harry How—Getty ImagesBrianna Decker #14 of the United States handles the puck against Canada during the Ice Hockey Women’s Gold Medal Game on day 13 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at Bolshoy Ice Dome on February 20, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)


  • Hannah Brandt
  • Dani Cameranesi
  • Kendall Coyne
  • Brianna Decker
  • Meghan Duggan
  • Amanda Kessel
  • Hilary Knight
  • Jocelyne Lamoureux
  • Monique Lamoureux
  • Gigi Marvin
  • Kelly Pannek
  • Amanda Pelkey
  • Haley Skarupa


  • Cayla Barnes
  • Kacey Bellamy
  • Kali Flanagan
  • Megan Keller
  • Sidney Morin
  • Emily Pfalzer
  • Lee Stecklein


  • Nicole Hensley
  • Alex Rigsby
  • Maddie Rooney

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J-Rod, Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen & John — We’re Breaking Down The Most Fashionable Celebrity Couples!

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