How to Store Your Winter Wardrobe

While some men may not necessarily need to rotate how their closet space is used as the seasons change, doing so will not only give you the peace of mind that comes with having an uncrowded closet but it might also be beneficial for the wearable life of your garments in the long run.

Before we begin with the techniques of proper storage, here are a few things you may want to consider:

Time To Get Rid Of Unused Or Damaged Garments

First, as long as you’re already going through your closet, now would be a good time to get rid of garments that you really aren’t wearing anymore. Heavily worn or damaged items should be discarded, items needing minor repairs should be fixed up, and things that are in good shape but you don’t really see yourself wearing anymore should be donated. As a very general rule of thumb, if you find that an item has stayed on its hanger for more than a year unworn, it’s probably a good sign that you can get rid of it. Some people are more strict with this and say that you should part with things if you haven’t worn them in two months but you can decide what timetable is right for you.

Preston in the process of tidying up his closet
Preston in the process of tidying up his closet

Clean Up!

Additionally, this may be a good time to clean the closet itself as well. Vacuum the floor, wipe down the shelves, and so on. Speaking of cleaning before they’re stored, all of your winter wardrobe items should be thoroughly cleaned. After all, you don’t want dirt, dust, and other debris settling into your garments while they’re in storage for multiple months. Additionally, insects like moths and silverfish are naturally attracted to lingering scents on clothing, even scents that are imperceptible to humans.

To begin our specific cleaning instructions then, footwear should first be wiped down with a damp cloth then a clean dry cloth and then finally, given a good pass with a shoe brush. Polishing with saddle soap or leather conditioner could also be a good idea at this time and for suede, you’ll want to use cleaning tools that are specifically designed for that material. Make sure to wipe down the interiors of your footwear if you’re able as well. Also, giving footwear a day to sit and deodorize with something like a sachet full of baking soda for at least a day before storing can also be beneficial and while we, here at the Gentleman’s Gazette, advocate for keeping your footwear in tip-top shape on a day to day basis with high-quality shoe trees, natural cedar models may actually wick out too much of footwear’s natural oils if they’re left in for months at a time. With that said, the best way to keep your footwear in shape while storing it for months is to fill it with acid-free tissue paper scrunched up tightly.

Hats should also be wiped down and brushed but with a softer garment brush, a shoe brush would be too abrasive for that kind of material.

Most other items should be laundered as normal which means either hand washing or machine washing in mesh garment bags and then left to dry on a drying rack.

You can prevent insect damage to your clothes by using a natural repellent like lavender. Although something like mothballs may seem like the easy solution, they’re actually bad for storage with your garments over time. Not only do mothballs carry an unpleasant odor but the compounds that are used to make them aren’t exactly healthy after all. Think of it this way, if moths naturally know to keep away from them then humans probably should too. Cedar repels moths well but as we mentioned before, leaving clothing in direct contact with cedar for months at a time can dry it out or wick out some of the natural oils. Also, if you want to use something like a cedar chest, the gaps in the construction of those types of containers will sometimes still let insects in.

Best Ways To Store Your Garments

You can start by placing heavier items like denim, other trousers, and coats at the bottom of a breathable cotton storage container. You can find both soft-bodied models and ones with reinforcement at the sides, whichever you would prefer.

Medium weight items like sweaters come next in the storage container and then lightweight items like shirts can be placed on top. Delicate items like sweaters, ties, or scarves made from materials like cashmere, can also be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper for an extra layer of protection.

Also, you can place your cashmere items in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a day or two before storing them just to make sure that the extreme cold kills any moths or larvae that might be present.

Refrain from using wire hangers
Refrain from using wire hangers

Why not just use plastic storage containers for the long term then? Simply stated, when any garment is left in a plastic bin or garment bag and exposed to light, yellowing of the garment can occur. Further, the lack of air circulation inside most plastic containers can lead to moisture accumulation or even mold if the containers are stored improperly.

It’s important that items not to be worn for a long period of time be neatly folded instead of left on the hanger, this is especially true for sweaters. Left to hang, garments made from wool, cashmere, acrylic, or polyester will become misshapen over time as gravity pulls them in different directions across the hanger. Cotton garments are more resilient than these other types but still, folding is always preferable to hanging for long-term storage.

Genuine Fur
Genuine Fur

If you do have a genuine fur coat, you can consider keeping it hung up but at the same time, you might want to consider getting it professionally stored. Real fur needs to be kept in climate-controlled spaces at temperatures of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius and roughly 50% humidity to be kept in good condition over the long term. If you are leaving anything hung up, opt for a shaped or padded hanger over a standard plastic hanger and it goes without saying, no wire hangers ever. Before storing coats, remember also to remove any items from the pockets, meaning both the interior and exterior pockets.

Lighter weight trousers, as well as sweaters and shirts,  can also be rolled instead of folded. This way, you can stack them horizontally instead of vertically which may mean more maximization of space in your storage containers.

You can store footwear on the floor or a shelf of your closet in the open air but to be even more safe, putting it back into its original box or another cotton storage container would be a better idea. Additionally, things like hanging boot racks are also available.

Your cotton containers and any other loose garments that you may have should be stored in an environment that is dark, dry, clean, and cool. What we mean by cool here is about sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit or eighteen degrees Celsius. Bright environments will cause your clothing to fade. Hot or damp environments are just going to lead to mildew and of course, a dusty environment will just get your recently cleaned clothes dirty again.

Closet with lots of natural daylight
Closet with lots of natural daylight

Don’t try to be overly efficient with your storage containers and overfill them either. Remember that space and breathability are key to making sure that your garments have proper air circulation so that you don’t get moisture buildup or excess wrinkling. If you need to buy a few more cotton storage containers to make sure that everything is stored properly, it’s an investment that will give you a great return in the long run.

If you do need to be especially mindful of maximizing your storage space, keep in mind that some garments can be stored inside of others. For example, you could take gloves and nest them inside of boots. Vacuum sealable storage bags can also come in handy but keep in mind that the wrinkles created from this process will be much harder to get out when you excavate your garments again in the fall and when it does come time to get your garments out of storage again, steaming them with a garment steamer should be able to get out any wrinkling or scents that have accumulated in the passing months.

Here’s one final tip for today, do remember to keep a couple of transitional pieces out of storage unless you’ve happened to wait until the middle of summer to put away all of your winter clothing. Having a few medium-weight pieces out of storage that you can wear for colder spring days is a good idea especially if you live in a part of the globe where spring can mean warmer days and cooler nights. For example, here in Minnesota where Gentleman’s Gazette headquarters is located, having a few of these transitional pieces will be smart over time.

With these tips at your disposal then, you should head into spring with a closet that’s neat and tidy and garments that are safely and tightly packed away until things get chilly again.

We’d like to know which of the tips we outlined today did you find most surprising or innovative. Let us know in the comments section below.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Ariel Winter Confesses She’s Lost Weight & Feels ‘Better’ After Finding The Right Combo Of ‘Medicine’

Ariel Winter’s recent weight loss was actually a side effect from switching medication, which the ‘Modern Family’ star detailed in a lengthy Q&A. But Ariel actually wants to gain a ‘few pounds of muscle.’

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Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton and More Attend Porsha Williams’ Winter Wonderland-Themed Baby Shower [Photos]

Porsha Williams‘ baby shower was a magical moment.

The bash went down Feb 24. at Suada Studio in Atlanta.

via People:

Williams’ 80 guests — including sister Lauren and her RHOA costars Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey — wore white for the elegant event, entering the transformed space that featured ice sculptures, white flowers from Akeem Clayton, delicate linen napkins and more among a white-and-rose-gold color palette. The initials “PJ,” a nod to her daughter on the way, adorned the backs of the chairs while the floor read, “Celebrating PJ.”

“The day was magical,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE exclusively for this week’s issue, sharing a collection of photos from the stunning shower thrown by her “loving fiancé,” Dennis McKinley and planned alongside ellyB Events. “It was amazing to walk into a room and feel that much love. I have such a tremendous support system around me and women who lift me up and are just so incredibly happy for me.”

“I’ve waited a really really long time for this moment,” adds Williams, 37 (the star announced her pregnancy in September, six years after suffering a miscarriage). “I am cherishing each minute and enjoy every day being pregnant. It’s a blessing for us.”

The delectable spread provided by Chef Donald Wilsonincluded hors d’oeuvres like seasonal fruit, baked brie, teriyaki chicken tenderloin and shrimp ceviche served on edible spoons.

For the buffet station, Williams and McKinley’s family and friends could choose among organic kale salad, lemon rosemary chicken breast with caper sauce, pan-seared salmon with red-onion marmalade, roasted potatoes, orecchiette pasta with chardonnay cream sauce and pesto, green beans and grilled ciabbata.

House-made banana pudding and Georgia peach cobbler made up the sweet portion of the buffet, while guests sipped on sparkling mango beverages and lemon, strawberry and mint water between bites.

“There also wasn’t a space on the dance floor,” Williams (who wore a custom, handmade dress by Derron Cherry and was styled by Jeremy Hanes) tells PEOPLE of the “nonstop” portion of the shower. “The room was filled with laughter and zero stress — only well wishes for the McKinleys.”

And just in case banana pudding and peach cobbler weren’t enough to satisfy party-goers’ sweet tooth, Williams offered a hot-chocolate station and lavish display of desserts provided by Sweet Details, which was chock full of items like macaron towers, cheesecake shooters, chocolate-truffle cake pops, cupcakes and cookie stacks.

The confectionery centerpiece? A gorgeous (and tasty) multi-layer creation by LaMeeka Custom Cake Designs, featuring vanilla bean, butter-almond and red-velvet pastry goodness.

GB Design House provided the napkins for the event, hot-chocolate supplies, popcorn boxes, chocolate truffles for guests to take home, stir sticks and advice coasters, which guests filled out to give their best parenting tips to the mom- and dad-to-be.

Lauren (outfitted in a dress from Williams’ new line, Porsha Williams) and Dish Nation co-host Gary Hayes hosted a hair game. As Williams, owner of Go Naked Hair, explains to PEOPLE, “They had a contest among women [of] who could style the hair on plastic heads the best. The ladies were extremely competitive and it was so much fun!”

For more from Porsha’s baby shower, visit

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Weekly Roundup: Winter & Spring Refresh

Spring and Summer collections are making their mark, although there’s lots of Wintery merchandise too. It’s all good depending on whether you want to refresh for a long and cold Winter, or get cracking with Spring and Summer. 

Here are items that have been winners on clients and forum members recently.

Go to the collection page if you would like to see the images alongside my descriptions.

NOTE: Some rich content in this post was omitted because it isn’t supported by the feed. Please visit the post on to see the additional content.



Winter storm could dump 6 to 8 inches of snow on Northeast

The storm could bring 3 to 6 inches of snow from New Jersey to Massachusetts.
ABC News: Top Stories

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Ariel Winter Goes Braless In Plunging White Blazer For Her Vegas Birthday Party – Pics

Ariel Winter took to Instagram on Feb. 15 to show off incredible pics from her fun-filled 21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas, and she looked amazing in multiple outfits, including a sexy white blazer suit and a strapless black dress.

Hollywood Life


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Nordstrom Winter Sale 2019 Picks for Men

Nordstrom Winter Sale 2/15 – 2/24

Is Nordstrom slowly starting to increase the number of sale events that they run? They don’t run many. The big Anniversary Sale pre-fall, a couple of half-yearly sales, and that used to be it. But this “winter sale” has seen the sale section swell from under 2000 items to almost 4000. So, that’s something. Especially when everything ships for free. Sure, it’s not as amazing as the aforementioned Anniversary or Half-yearly events, but it’s still worth a look. We scrolled through all those pages so you don’t have to.


Jack Erwin ” Joe” Cap Toe Oxford – $ 130.65 ($ 195)

Jack Erwin " Joe" Cap Toe Oxford

Looks like a few Jack Erwin models are included in this sale. These are their basic, made in Spain, blake stitch, cap toe oxfords. A fair price at $ 195, and a nifty deal at $ 131. Full review here.


Norstrom Long Sleeve Polo – $ 35.70 ($ 59.50)

Norstrom Long Sleeve Polo

Basic, but Nordstrom’s house brand stuff usually punches above it’s weight. All cotton. Would look great under a knit sportcoat.


L.B.M 1911 Classic Fit Stretch Cotton Sport Coat – $ 416.98 ($ 695)

L.B.M 1911 Classic Fit Stretch Cotton Sport Coat

Meanwhile, on the other end of the price spectrum compared to those long sleeve polos… that’s a LOT of cash for a cotton sportcoat. But some guys swear by LBM 1911 and their offerings. I’m not one of them, personally, but I’m just some dope on the internet. 98% cotton and 2% stretch. Made in Italy.


1901 Made in Italy Wool or Wool/Cashmere Sportcoat – $ 209.40 ($ 349)

1901 Sportcoats

That’s more like it. Unconstructed, also made in Italy, and a HELL of a lot less expensive when compared to those LBM jackets. Oh, and these 1901 options are wool or wool/cashmere to boot. You can keep the cotton.


Robert Talbott Goodyear Welted Double Monks – $ 197.65 ($ 295)

Robert Talbott Goodyear Welted Double Monks

I don’t know where they’re made (all it says is “imported”) but Goodyear welted double monks in a do-anything shade of timeless brown? With a medallion at the toe too? Not bad. Especially since you can get them in your hands, and on your feet, and return them in case they don’t work out (just try them out on carpet to keep the soles pristine and returnable).


Barbour Flyweight Chelsea Quilted Jacket – $ 137.40 ($ 229)

Barbour Flyweight Chelsea Quilted Jacket

Not a bad price for a piece of heritage British designed outerwear. Just seeing the gray color for now?


Made in Italy GREATS Royale Sneaker – $ 119.93 ($ 179)

Made in Italy GREATS Royale Sneaker

White leather, gum sole. Not bad for made in Italy too. Extremely well reviewed. Word is they run large so order the next size down?


Red Wing Unlined Leather Gloves – $ 55.24–$ 64.24 ($ 84.99)

Red Wing Unlined Leather Gloves

Deerskin, made in the USA, and two colors to pick from. Lots to like for a casual glove.


Barbour Lutz Quilted Jacket – $ 161.40 ($ 269)

Barbour Lutz Quilted Jacket

Gets a lot of things right. Diamond quilting. Belted collar. Couple of colors to pick from.


Jack Erwin Adam Wingtip – $ 130.65 ($ 195)

Jack Erwin Adam Wingtip

More Spanish made, sleek, Blake stitch goodness. A little more modern looking than most other wingtips. True oxford lacing here.


adidas originals Beckenbauer Track Jacket – $ 47.98 ($ 80)

adidas originals Beckenbauer Track Jacket

Perfect for getting back and forth to the gym. And the fact that the pockets zip close is key. Why? Because track jackets almost always have pretty slick fabric. And if you’ve had something slide out of your pockets to/from the gym in the past (keys/wallet/earbuds), you know it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Fabric makeup is 52% cotton, 48% recycled polyester.


MVMT Forty Series “Black Silver” Watch – $ 71.98 ($ 120)

MVMT Forty Series “Black Silver” Watch

Nothing wild here. Simplicity and affordability. Also one of the five favorites from The Blue Stones. Here’s Tarek’s take on it: It’s just as wearable with a suit as it is with a T-shirt and jeans. Freaky, right?


Thomas and Vine Plain Toe Derby – $ 66.95 ($ 99.95)

Thomas and Vine Plain Toe Derby

A little funky (look at that lighter blue accents on the brown pair) but perhaps that’s what you’re going for at sixty seven dollars. Five different colors to pick from.


Golden Bear Waxed Cotton Car Coat – $ 399.90 ($ 650)

Golden Bear Waxed Cotton Car Coat

Cheap? Nope. Is it a timeless classic that’s made in the USA from waxed cotton? Yes. Yes it is.


Jack Erwin Hubert Longwing Derby – $ 97.49 – $ 130.65 ($ 195)

Jack Erwin Hubert Longwing Derby

Goodyear welted and made in Spain. Not bad for $ 100 – $ 130. Brown will run you $ 130. Black is half off and just under $ 100.


The North Face Campshire Fleece Vest – $ 59.40 ($ 99)

The North Face Campshire Fleece Vest

I woulda killed for one of these in 1997. Now? They prove that fashion certainly is cyclical. And I have to admit… that off white option is giving off some pretty cool retro vibes.


1901 Richland Buck Shoe – $ 54.98–$ 73.70 ($ 110)

1901 Richland Buck Shoe

Bucks that aren’t clunky like traditional bucks. Studded rubber soles too. So, bucks that aren’t just for summertime? Price depends on which of the three colors you’re after.


adidas Tiro Soccer Training Pants – $ 32.98 ($ 45)

adidas Tiro Soccer Training Pants

Because sometimes you need some new pants to get back and forth to the gym in.


John W. Nordstrom Classic Fit Plaid Wool Sport Coat – $ 299.40 ($ 499)

John W. Nordstrom Classic Fit Plaid Wool Sport Coat

Made in Italy, 100% wool, and just partially lined.


1901 Bremerton Wingtip – $ 87.10 ($ 130)

1901 Bremerton Wingtip

From one of their younger leaning house brands. A basic wingtip blucher, which leans more casual than an oxford, but sleeker than your Dad’s or Grandpa’s wingers.


The Rail Fleece Jacket – $ 59.70 ($ 99.50)

The Rail Fleece Jacket

My Grandmother had this exact same toilet lid cover.

This Nordstrom Winter Sale is scheduled to run clear through the 24th. Not sure what happens then… if these items go back to a full price, some get marked down further, prices stay the same, or it’s a combination of all three. 

Dappered Style Mail


Ariel Winter Shows Off Abs In Crop Tops & Flashes Bra Strap In Sexy New Magazine Shoot — Pics

Ariel Winter has always been a symbol of being body positive. Now she’s showing off her recent weight loss in crop tops while flaunting her abs for a sexy new magazine spread and we’ve got the pics.

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Quick Picks: J. Press Winter Sale

J. Press: Up to 60% off Winter Sale (anything over 25% off = Final Sale)

J. Press is not known to everyone. They are traditional, preppy, sometimes expensive, and haven’t saturated the web quite like bigger brands and retailers. Some people love em’. Some people think they’re classic to the point of being old and dusty.

Doesn’t mean this sale isn’t worth covering.

Anything over 25% off is final sale. No returns. So be careful. Also know that navigating their site is kinda a pain. To find all items on sale, you’ll have to scout through each category one at a time. Seems like their “sale” links aren’t showing the full inventory of markdowns. Big thanks to Ben M. for sending in the tip and feedback on individual items for this one!


Loake Suede Monk Straps in Brown or Navy – $ 221.25 ($ 295)

A nice little surprise, especially with winter (hopefully) coming to a close in the next month or two. Right at 25% off so I think you can return them? Made in England and sized in UK sizes. Most suggest going down half a size from your US size. See Loake’s conversion chart here.


Loake Chelsea boots in brown or black – $ 206.25 ($ 275)

Also right at 25% off, so, I believe these can be returned. Also sized in UK Sizes, so, do that conversion. No idea what’s going on with their graphics as shown above. That “blip” on each boot, towards the top of the shaft? Beats me. A glitch in the Matrix?


Barbour Flyweight Chelsea – $ 137.40 FINAL ($ 229) or Lowerdale Vest – $ 107.40 FINAL ($ 179)

Couple of transitional weather pieces of classic British designed outerwear. More than a couple of colors to pick from. Really liking that lighter blue. Didn’t even know they made one in that shade.



Made in the USA Navy Gingham Classic Fit Button Down – $ 81 FINAL ($ 135)

Not J. Crew Factory pricing. And that’s understandable. Made in the USA. Check out the substantial collar. Classic fit here.


Made in Scotland Merino Shawl Collar Sweaters – $ 110 FINAL ($ 275)

Big thanks again to Ben M. for the tip and feedback here. He bought the gray option, said it’s a nice, substantial, warm sweater, but note that the tags say the sweaters are actually made in Ireland. Not Scotland. And I’m pretty sure the Scots and the Irish are tired of people confusing the two.


Made in Scotland Shetland Fair Isle Sweaters – $ 104 FINAL ($ 260)

The real deal and not some cheap imitation. Final sale though.


Shinola Assembled in the USA Runwell in Black/Blue or Orange/Cream – $ 330 FINAL ($ 575)

Yes they’re quartz. Yes, some watch snobs turn their noses up at the idea of Shinola. But they’re assembled in Detroit, and some people love the updated vintage aesthetic that Shinola goes after. And the brand just doesn’t go on sale anywhere all that often.


Made in the USA Silk Bulldog or Skull & Bones Tie – $ 47.40 FINAL ($ 79)

So preppy it hurts. Anyone for a game of squash? Anywho, made in the USA and 3.25″ wide. Lots of other ties are on sale too.


Merino Wool Cardigan Vest in Navy or Charcoal – $ 74 FINAL ($ 185)

For awhile there I was convinced that I was gonna become a Social Studies teacher. That dream died quick once I realized I couldn’t stay awake after reading more than 50 pages of anything. Phone book, Harry Potter*, War & Peace, whatever. So yeah. Had to pivot.


Wool Blend Ivy Cap in Olive – $ 66 FINAL or Grey Multi Pane – $ 58.80 FINAL ($ 98 – $ 110)

In case you’ve reached the age where you can wear hats un-ironically. Or maybe you just really like Peaky Blinders. Or you just can’t help but break into “Seize the Day” every once in awhile.

*I’ve never read a word of Harry Potter. Don’t know how it hasn’t happened, but it just hasn’t. Yet, every time I walk into the room and Mrs. Dappered has the TV on, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings is playing.

Dappered Style Mail


Winter storm hits Seattle, leaving icy roads

Associated Press

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The frigid winter weather isn’t over. Now there is talk of frost quakes in one of the hardest-hit cities.

The winter weather isn’t done with Chicago; now there is talk of frost quakes. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

A Winter Storm and Thousands of Super Bowl Fans Are Bearing Down on Snow-Shy Atlanta

(ATLANTA) — Five years after cars, trucks and school buses became marooned on Atlanta freeways in what became known as “snow jam ,” another winter storm is threatening the city — just as thousands of fans begin pouring into town for Super Bowl 53.

A winter storm watch goes into effect at 4 a.m. Tuesday for Atlanta, a city known for grinding to a halt even in relatively light snowfalls.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday said state offices in more than 30 counties in the northern part of the state would be closed Tuesday, including those in the Atlanta area.

The National Weather Service projects that up to an inch (2.5 centimeters) of snow is possible Tuesday in Atlanta, with up to 2 inches (5 centimeters) in far northern suburbs. Forecasters warn of the possibility of ice-glazed roads and highways.

The potential for black ice is “the overriding concern,” said Homer Bryson, director of the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency.

“Temperatures are going to plummet,” the governor said at a Monday news conference.

“It’s very similar to what we saw in 2014 where the roadways will not have time to dry off before the moisture or precipitation on them refreezes,” Kemp said. “And that’s when you have black ice, and that’s what causes wrecks, which causes gridlock and public safety issues, injuries.”

Sunday’s Super Bowl will be played in downtown Atlanta in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which has a roof. The roof will be open if weather permits, officials have said.

There’s a 40 percent chance of showers Sunday, but highs will be near 58 degrees (14 Celsius). That’s slightly warmer than average for Feb. 3 in Atlanta, climate records show.

But forecasters say the more immediate threat is Tuesday, when roads could be treacherous.

“It is often easy to pass judgment on how we in Georgia deal with snow and ice, but for those from the north what you do know is that an ice event is very different than a snow event,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Monday. “And because we don’t want a repeat of 2014, we have already begun to pretreat our streets and are paying particularly attention to our sidewalks because we do know that we will have many visitors in our tourist areas.”

Forecasters were uncertain how widespread the snowfall will be.

“Some uncertainty continues regarding amounts of snow accumulations and how far south and east the threat may extend,” the weather service said in a Monday update on the approaching storm.

Sports – TIME


The Cozy Quilted Jacket Whitney’s Eyeing This Winter

I often feel like my attempts at getting dressed in the winter fall into one of two categories: either I compromise my style by layering myself deep into human marshmallow territory, or I compromise my ability to stay truly warm by wearing things that I like but that aren’t all that practical for …

Continue reading



7 Ways to Help Your Kids Unplug This Winter

With darkness falling early and cold weather often limiting regular outdoor activities, your kids are apt to spend more time in front of screens during winter, using phones, computers, TVs, and other electronics and filling their hours with games and social media.

While media and digital devices are an integral part of our lives today, research has shown that face-to-face time with parents, family, and friends is even more important in promoting your child’s healthy development. By thinking creatively and being proactive, you can ensure that your kids enjoy a wintertime filled with fun, unplugged activities, and family connections.

Make a plan
Start by talking with your kids and creating a media use plan that you can all agree upon, then stick to it. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a useful template, including a digital time calculator.

Much like the way you plan your child’s nutritional diet — ensuring lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains and limiting extra sugar — you should be intentional about your kids’ daily “activity diet.” Prioritize those activities that are important for healthy development: 8 to 10 hours of sleep a day and one hour of daily exercise, plus family time, outdoor play, reading, and hobbies. Then create space in the daily schedule for the “dessert” of screen time and be consistent in enforcing daily limits.

Get outside together
A nightly walk can be a fun and easy way to get outside and get exercise. To keep the kids engaged, create a scavenger hunt-type list and bring flashlights. One night you could focus on spotting (and hearing) different types of animals. Another night could be devoted to scents (fireplace smoke, pine, etc.) or sounds (barking dogs, a siren, branches creaking). On weekends, head to your nearest park for a nature walk. Buy a bird book and encourage your kids to keep a list of the feathered friends they spot. End each walk by enjoying a warm mug of hot cocoa together.

Get your game on
Winter is the perfect time to break out the board games that have been gathering dust in the closet. For preschoolers, board games are a fun way to learn to follow rules, focus, and take turns. For older kids, these games offer a chance for healthy competition and face-to-face interaction. Old-fashioned favorites like Monopoly and Risk can be strung out over several nights or long afternoons. Or keep things interesting by having a running tournament (chess, checkers, backgammon), with results posted nightly. Share the fun by inviting other families over for Game Night and ask them to bring their favorite game to share.

Set up a creative corner
Tap into your kids’ inner artist by creating a space for them to draw, color, paint, sculpt, or construct every day. Just as schools have begun recognizing the value of providing a “maker space,” you can help your children unleash their creativity by setting aside time and providing the resources they need to create and build.

Encourage your bookworms
Cold weather offers a cozy time to curl up with a good book. The most important thing you can do to encourage your kids to love reading is to read aloud to them, notes the American Academy of Pediatrics — even after they know how to read for themselves.

Plan a weekly trip to the library and encourage your kids to use the hour you spend there choosing reading material from a wide variety of genres: poetry, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, science fiction. Whether they are 4 or 14, help them find some non-fiction books or magazines that speak to their passions — baseball, dinosaurs, bugs, or the American West. Find a book series that appeals to the whole family and carve out time each night for a family read-aloud hour, with family members assigned different characters to read.

Tap into the power of play
For kids of all ages, unstructured play is serious business — helping them build thriving brains, bodies, and social bonds. In fact, many pediatricians have begun to write a “prescription for play” for kids of all ages. The key is to create an opportunity for your children to take the lead and follow their own curiosity.

The tools you provide don’t have to be flashy or fancy.By simply equipping them with boxes, blankets, and chairs, kids can spend hours building a fort in the family room. Or put together a basket of “grown-up” clothes or inexpensive props or costumes from the local secondhand store and encourage your children and their friends to put together a production to perform for the family.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast: Whenever the temperatures permit, make plans to meet up with other families at the local playground or ball field and let the kids run wild together. Unstructured play, inside or outside, has the added benefit of being a stress-buster. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: Kids who engage in play build safe and nurturing relationships that protect against stress and help build social-emotional resilience.

Safeguard screen time
When your kids do spend time enjoying the treat of screen time, there are steps you can take to ensure their safety and prevent negative outcomes. Co-viewing or co-playing a video game with your children is one way to stay engaged and give you a better idea of how your kids are spending their time. And younger kids learn better from media when they share the experience with an adult, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Stay plugged in to who your child is playing with online, as well as the software, apps, and websites they are visiting. Make sure TVs and mobile devices are turned off at least an hour before bedtime, since the blue light can interfere with sleep. Recharging devices overnight in the kitchen or living room will ensure kids aren’t tempted to wake up and use their devices during the night.

Above all, be a good digital device role model and limit your own use so that you can be fully engaged during meal times, car trips, vacations — any time you spend with your kids.

Main RSS Feed – Kaiser Permanente


Outfit Formula: Winter Wide Crops

Wide crops have been trending for a while, and are gaining mainstream momentum. They are high in the waist, roomy to very roomy in the leg, wide at the hem, and cropped above the ankle. The idea is to showcase the high rise but tucking or semi-tucking tops into the waist, and most wide crops are styled that way. But feel free to wear an untucked top, especially when it creates a low contrast with the bottoms. That way you won’t shorten the leg line as much, especially when you wear flats.

Here are four outfit ideas to get you started.

1. Streamlined & Punchy Shoes

These wide crops are streamlined and the tucked top showcases the self-fabric belt. The black moto adds structure to the outfit because it’s short, thereby accentuating the natural form of the wearer from the hips down. The black moto also creates a column of colour in a more subtle way. Black boots would have been an obvious elongating choice, but the snakeskin is unexpected and punchy. The black in the pattern of the snakeskin creates enough colour palette cohesion.

Eloquii New Crop Jean With Frayed Hem

2. Column of Colour

Columns of colour are often black or dark. But they can be any colour, like the red one here. Columns like these make a bold yet calming statement. They are elongating, streamlining, and make a statement. Columns of colour allow you to combine a larger assortment of silhouettes because they offset the horizontal lines that get in the way of flattering proportions. They also provide a so-called blank canvas for all sorts of accessories and footwear. Here, the white boots are crisp, and their black heels match the black buttons of the outfit.

Mango Micro Corduroy Structured Blazer

3. Earthy Super Hero

These might be proportions that are easier to accomplish when you wear heels, but flats can work if they’re structured and tidy on the foot and ankle. The high contrast of the top, boots and coat create horizontal lines that affect proportions. Yet the subtle elongating strategies make a difference like the the semi-tucked top, the very long length of the coat, the open front of the coat, and shorter length of the wide crops.

SEE BY CHLOE Cropped High-rise Wide-leg Jeans

4. Textured Black

I like the texture in this outfit, which offsets the flatness and severity that an all-black outfit can exude. There are six textures: wool, bouclé, fur, surface interest stitching, ribbing and patent. The grey laces and Swiss dot are subtle, but make a dancing difference against the black. The proportions work because a column of colour offsets horizontal lines that high-contrast items create. The result is streamlining no matter the silhouette.

MaxMara Plain Weave Trousers



The best places to travel for winter break


If you live in a cold climate, it is common to want to flee to a warmer place as soon as the snow begins to fall. Some people plan a long vacation from work in order to take a trip to warmer climates in the middle of winter. Relieving the chill for a few weeks in January or February can really help break the monotony of winter, and give your face the necessary sunshine. And with so many destinations battling for your holiday dollars, it can be hard to choose from a variety of holiday offers. Here are some of the best places to travel during winter break.


Mexico is a warm destination for a winter vacation. No matter where you live, you can always find package deals if you want to travel to Mexico. Depending on your tastes and interests, you might want to look into taking a holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Mexico City or Cozumel. Figure out what you want to get out of your vacation and choose your destination based on that. For each location, there are packages with activities and services that appeal to your specific interests.


Another popular winter escape is Cuba. Plan ahead, however, because even though Americans can travel to Cuba, there are some restrictions that you must look into. Cuba is also a popular destination for Canadian travelers. Holidays in Cuba offer the luxury of sun, sand, and resorts, as well as beautiful cities and fascinating culture. A trip to Cuba can be very rewarding, relaxing and affordable.


Florida is a popular vacation spot for spring break, of course, but is still suitable for a warm winter vacation. You should not have difficulty finding a variety of interesting Florida vacation rentals during the winter season. Places like Miami Beach, Key West, and Daytona Beach are the favorites for tired winter travelers who love the sun and the beach. Take a look at each package so you can choose a destination that suits your interests. For families, Florida has the best resorts in the city of Orlando. Places like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are great for children of almost all ages.


If your budget is a bit higher than average, the Hawaiian Islands have a beauty that can not be surpassed anywhere else. Places like Maui or Kauai offer sun, sand, beaches, and history lessons. Hawaii is often better suited for adults, but you can also find holiday offers with activities for children. Whatever you are looking for in warm winter weather, think about your budget and choose the destination and package that best suits your interests.


If you want to travel to Europe, the city of London is a great place to take a break. Many hotels offer seasonal discounts so you can surround yourself with luxury without breaking the bank. This is the perfect time to attend the Winter Wonderland celebrations held every year at Hyde Park, when skating on the huge ice rink will give everyone a cause to smile. Do not forget to go to Regent Street to take advantage of the huge savings during the annual January sales.


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Cheapest places to travel to in the winter


We are living in a society where almost everyone is struggling to save up money while trying to fulfill their dreams. People spend their most of the time in a set routine, at offices, shops, factories, hospitals, and school. They are so stuck in their professional life schedule that they forget to enjoy their personal life.

It’s very important to spend quality time with your loved ones, and we should never forget to explore the beauty of nature. This is particularly true in the winter, that time of year when the holidays roll around. This season is a collection of festivals and vacations, and with the cold weather, it can be tempting to take a trip somewhere new.

Here are some of the best places to travel to in the winter – even if you are on a budget.


Gambia is best for nature lovers. It is one of the smallest country in Africa, but there are a number of beaches to be found there. Some of the cities on the western coast of the country are Bakau, Fajara, and Kotu you can soak up the sun and sea at the coastal resorts there. There are a lot cheap and cheerful hotels available, like the beachside Lemon Creek Hotel Resort in Bijilo.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

December is the time of winter when a lot of people start to think about sunbathing. Tenerife is balmy compared to rest of the places in Europe. The weather is still reliably pleasant all year round, with almost no rain. There are plenty of hotels and hundreds of delicious restaurants for people coming for shorter periods, but weekly and monthly rental apartments here are very popular.


Mexico is a great destination for people who want affordable winter sun destinations. It is also closer to the United States than Europe, so might be easier for Americans to reach. There are frequently vacation deals, which can help bring down the prices, too.

For beautiful beaches, you can head to the Riviera Maya and soak up the Mexican culture on the breathtaking coastline. Riviera Maya is a tourist destination and resort town, so there are plenty of hotels, resorts, and hostels that will fit your budget.

There are many water sports and activities that you can do including scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and more. The underwater caves are unique and unmatched by any other locations in the world. Plus, there are some excellent archaeological sites nearby such as Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the one of the finest destinations for those people who are living the coldest climates \across the globe. This is a fairly cheap city compared to North America or Europe, so bargains are not hard to find on the ground. Of course, hotels will be cheaper in early December than during Christmas week. 3-star hotels are available from $ 61 for a couple. There is so much to see and do here from the stunning nature to water sports and beaches.


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20 Warm Winter Getaways for Families That Won’t Break the Bank

Pack your bathing suit and take your family to one of these easy-to-reach sunny destinations in the United States and the Caribbean that are as easy on your wallet as the warm sun is on your skin.

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Reader’s Digest


It May Be Cold, But the Fashionable Are Rejecting Winter Gloves

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

After a mild start to winter, a cold front and snow storm has rather rudely hit much of the country this weekend. Those of us who are not using the weather as a socially-acceptable excuse to avoid human contact for the next 48 hours face the predictable, arduous dance of winter dressing. It’s time to shimmy into that puffer coat, lace up those waterproof boots, grab a scarf, hat, and gloves.

Or maybe not. Though the past few months have shown fashion types eagerly appropriating dorky winter staples such as Patagonia fleeces and airbag-level puffer coats, there has been little love for the glove. Yes, this resistance could have something to do with amenable temperatures, but I don’t expect much change as the chill sets in.

That is because I spent this week conducting an extremely unscientific survey: checking out my fellow New Yorkers’ hands during each commute. I saw knuckle tattoos. I saw engagement rings. I saw plenty of chewed cuticles. What I didn’t see: a whole lot of gloves.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


WATCH: World News 01/13/19: A Deadly Winter Storm Heads to the East Coast

A Washington Post report claims President Trump concealed details of talks with Putin; A mother and her long-lost daughter reunite after five decades of separation
ABC News: World News Tonight

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A deadly winter storm heads to the East Coast

ABC News

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Where to get the best snowboarding in this winter


For many people, winter is a season during which they want to spend time snowboarding. You can imagine how much fun it is to hit the slopes in various locations around the world. But where should you go to get the best snowboarding this winter? There are a lot of great snowboarding resorts that you can head to.

Here are some of the best snowboarding sites in the world.

1. Verbier in Switzerland

This is one of the best and cheapest snowboarding resorts in the world. The beautiful Swiss mountains in this area make for incredible snowboarding and beautiful views. The doorstep of the resort has some of the best freeride terrain. The locals in the area are so friendly and once you are there, they are ready to offer advice and assistance as you explore the area.

2. Mammoth Mountain in the USA

The original homeland for snowboarders is on Mammoth Mountain in California. There are nine world class freestyle parks in the area, and you can snowboard your winter days away in all of them. However, South Park is the best of all because it is ideal for both beginning snowboarders and those with experience. You can enjoy the trails no matter your experience.

3. Whistler Blackcomb in Canada

If you are in Canada and you ask the snowboarders about the best snowboarding resort, one of the most common answers will be Whistler. It is not far from Vancouver and it has all you need in winter if you are a snowboarder. If you are searching for miles of trails, fresh snow, deep tree runs, and even steep pitches it is all available in the resort.

4. Chamonix in France

Chamonix is well known if you are into ice axes, ropes, and carabiners. The resort is ideal for those who are searching for a rappel and those who do not want to hit themselves as they snowboard. It is just beneath Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe. If you are an adventurous freerider and mountaineer snowboarder, then Chamonix is where you need to go this winter. There is a wide variety of terrain to explore.

5. Jackson Hole

This resort is also one of the ideal destinations for snowboarders. Jackson Hole is known for its freeriding. In the winter, various snowboarders flock to the area so that they can explore the beautiful Teton Range, which has deep powder, steep lines, and so many other things. If you’re an expert snowboarder, you will be able to check out the famous Corbet’s Couloir, a difficult technical run that has been described as “America’s scariest ski slope”. And if you want someone to guide you, guides are always readily available at the resort.

6. Breckenridge in the USA

In terms of best parks in the world, Breckenridge is one of them. Its runs extend across 25 acres of mountain terrain, which is all that you need. Most snowboarders like to train here because the conditions are ideal.

There are so many snowboarding resorts that you can check out this winter. Those listed here are some of the best in the world. All you need is to do a little research to figure out which resort will fit your level of snowboarding and your budget.


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The best European getaways for winter break


Winter does not have to be a time of hibernation. On the contrary, it may be the ideal time to explore what there is to see in Europe. So pack up your coats and boots and take a journey to one of the following locations for a wonderful winter break getaway. Here are the top winter destinations in Europe.

1. Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is a must-see in any season, but the truth is that in winter, its magic increases, making it the ideal destination for colder days. With various markets scattered throughout the city, classical music concerts, and ice rinks for adventures on skates, Vienna is a kind of winter paradise. Lose yourself among the white-washed houses and enjoy some of the city’s historic buildings, such as the Homburg Palace and the Belvedere.

2. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, with its immense canals and buildings that transcend history, is one of the most popular getaways for winter break in Europe. Venice is beautiful all year round, but in winter, the city is covered with a mystical fog. The streets empty out a bit during the off season, giving you the chance to explore even the most famous sights free of the masses. Take the opportunity to visit St. Mark’s Basilica and the markets that dot the streets at this time.

3. Budapest, Hungary

With buildings that will leave you breathless, Budapest is a charming city that undoubtedly deserves a visit when the winter cold sets in and the snow begin to fall. There are many Christmas markets that pop up in the city, where it will not be difficult to find delicious food and handicrafts to take home with you. Explore the river on a small boat and, if you dare, experience the famous thermal baths.

5. Abisko, Sweden

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights? Abisko is a small village in Sweden, near the border with Norway, and one of the best – if not the best – sites to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Northern Lights. With sparkling lakes and a huge green mantle, it is the perfect place to escape the buzz of big cities and immerse yourself in nature.

4. Lucerne, Switzerland

Nestled on Lake Lucerne in a breathtaking mountainous setting, this Switzerland town is one of Europe’s best winter gateway as it is during this season that it really comes to life. There are many activities to do once in Lucerne, such as skiing or hiking on the paths that surround the medieval city. But there’s more here than just natural landscapes – lose yourself in its streets and you will see that the architecture is also fascinating.

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a city whose canals contain unparalleled magic. The city is small for a capital, and therefore has a unique, picturesque character which makes it a great destination for a winter getaway. Wander the streets, take a stroll through the Christmas markets, and, if you have the time, take a trip over to Lake Bled, which looks like it’s taken straight from a postcard, especially when the surrounding mountains are covered with snow.


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The Best Winter Coats to Wear On Your Commute

the best winter coats to wear on your commute

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Are you on the hunt for a new winter coat to wear on your commute to work? There are a TON of great options — and some crazy sales happening right now — so I thought we’d do a roundup. I’ve always advised here that wool coats are the more formal option and, in my humble opinion, often “look bettter” with conservative work attire — but I’ll be the first to note that down coats and puffer jackets have come a LONG way, and there are a ton of stylish options out there right now. (I know I’ve seen readers singing the praises of this particular coat.) Ladies, what do you look for in a winter coat — what are the most important qualities to you? Washability? Pockets? Hood? Warmth? Comfort? Do tell..

Here are some of our favorites out there right now…

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

the best winter coats to wear on your commute - affordable

Uniqlo has a nice, classic-looking coat for a mere $ 79 on sale (down from $ 150). It’s available in four colors, but is only available in lucky sizes. Other really affordable options include an asymmetrical boiled wool blend coat for $ 129, with lots of sizes and colors left, and this hiiiighly rated walking coat for $ 150 in regular and petite sizes.

the best winter coats for your commute - stylish

Wrap coats are really in right now, and this gorgeous, sophisticated option from Cole Haan comes down to $ 199 right now. I love that there’s a working hood! You can find a ton of similar options out there right now, including this fun purple wrap coat from Tahari, an online-only option from Ann Taylor, a sleek option from Judith & Charles, and a reversible one from Talbots in regular, petite, and plus sizes. If down is your thing, I’ve seen a lot of readers singing the praises of this jacket from Cole Haan (available in regular and plus sizes in knee- and calf-lengths). 

the best winter coats to wear on your commute - babaton

I keep hearing great things about Babaton coats, sold at Aritzia — and they’re down to $ 175 right now, at least for the wool blend — the alpaca/wool blend is $ 275, and the wool/cashmere is down to $ 250 . We’ve pictured the wool blend, but 

the best winter coats to wear on your commute - stadium cloth

Stadium coats can be great if you don’t want a super fitted option — and I like all the pockets. J.Crew’s is very popular and highly rated (and on sale at Nordstrom and J.Crew, bringing it mostly under $ 200), but note that Everlane’s popular cocoon coat has a similar vibe. Talbots has a stadium coat in really nice rich jewel tones available now in regular, petite, plus, and plus-size petites (whoa, and for $ 135). If you like the neck coverage, this funnel neck coat from Ann Taylor is also nice.

the best winter coats to wear on your commute - ted baker

Ted Baker always makes some of the most stylish winter coats, and this printed chevron coat (with the brand’s signature rose-gold details) is gorgeous. (The Ted Baker wrap coat has been around for several seasons now — I love the collarless-look once it’s buttoned-up.) It was $ 615, but is now marked to $ 399. Other drool-worthy brands to be sure to check out if you want something really stylish: Mackage, Soia & Kyo, Trina Turk, and, on the more affordable side, Helene Berman. (Also keep an eye out for statement coats at stores like Anthropologie, The Outnet, Last Call, and more!)

the best winter coats to wear on your commute - the most elegant, luxurious option

If you’re looking for an elegant, luxurious option, it’s hard to go wrong with Fleurette — but they’re definitely pricey. The pictured coat is made from “plush Loro Piana wool” and available in multiple colors — and it’s marked from $ 1200 down to $ 800. There are lots of other Fleurette coats if you like this look and want a discount; also keep an eye out for brands like Cinzia Rocca and Brooks Brothers.  

Readers, which are your favorite winter coats? Are you on Team Wool or Team Down? Have you bought any great ones recently? 

Like this feature? Check out other recent installments! Curious for other roundups of winter coats? Here they are from 201720162013, and 2009.

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

If you're hunting for the best winter coat to wear on your commute, boy have we got you covered: we did a big roundup of the best winter coats to wear to work in 2019 -- and TONS are on sale right now, including cashmere coats, alpaca coats, wool coats, stadium coats, wrap coats, blazer coats, and more!

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Top places where the British Royal family travels during winter


When most people hear about the royal family, all they think about is wealth and extravagance. Most of us think that because of their position, they only spend their time in the most luxurious and expensive cities during winter. However, this is not the case.

The British royal family often spends their time in some of the simplest but coolest regions of the world. They have been known to travel as far as Africa just to enjoy themselves. Here are the top locations where the British royal family loves to travel in winter.

1. Scotland

For many years now, Scotland has been the choice destination for Queen Elizabeth during winter. Her Royal Highness and Prince Philip usually spend their time in the private Balmoral Castle. Here, all other family members usually visit and enjoy themselves. The region is ideal for many sports that are loved by the royal family, including fishing, hunting, and taking walks on the beach. The climate in Scotland is very favorable, so the family can stay a bit warmer there during winter.

2. Norfolk

Norfolk, England is an eastern county, and is a traditional vacation spot for the royal family during winter. Here, they stay at Sandringham House where there are expensive gardens, woodland estates, wetlands, a country park, and tidal mudflats to enjoy. This is the perfect outdoor destination just for the Royal family to enjoy. William and Kate own a house in Sandringham Estate, too. They love to spend their time here with their loved ones.

3. Corfu Island, Greece

When it comes to picking a vacation destination, the royal family usually considers the sand, sea, and sun. The royal family usually selects Corfu Island as an ideal place for a relaxing vacation during the winter, where they often stay at Rothschild Villa. Corfu is famously known for its wonderful scenery and secluded beaches. Corfu’s center has been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, because of its historic buildings including palaces, churches, and forts.

4. Kenya

Another location that is loved by the British royal family is a country located in East Africa next to the Indian Ocean – Kenya. Her Royal Highness spent time at Treetops Safari Lodge in 1952, where she received the news of her father’s death and that she was now a Queen. In 1983, she made another trip back to Kenya, this time with Prince Philip. Kenya was also the location where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while the couple was staying at Lake Rutundu back in 2010. The climate in Kenya makes the country an ideal place for vacations during winter.

5. Botswana

This is another favorite destination for the royal family. Its warm temperatures, as well as sunny days all year round, make it an ideal place for a vacation. Prince Harry spent a gap year helping out in Botswana, where he set up a charity for children who were in need of medical care and assistance. He also took a trip there with Meghan Markle, which helped the couple to cement their relationship.


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Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan’s Hawaii Vacation Will Make You Forget It’s Winter

Ansel Elgort, Violetta KomyshanSay aloha to love and romance in 2019!
As many Hollywood stars find themselves traveling to the mountains for snowboarding and skiing, Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan decided to flip…

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Americans are plagued by ‘winter skin syndrome’

Six in ten Americans are plagued by “winter skin syndrome” according to new research. A survey examining the winter ailments of 2,000 Americans saw sixty percent of respondents cite their skin as unhealthy in the winter – with one in four suffering regular itching. The research examined the frequency with which respondents experience certain winter…
Living | New York Post


Outfit Formula: White Jeans in Winter

Wearing white jeans in Winter looks fresh and gives your blue jeans a break. It might not work in your snowy, slushy, rural and wet climate, or be your cup of tea. But as a white jeans advocate, I’m hopeful you’ll give it a go anyway. Maybe you’ll wear the look on a bright, dry and sunny Winter’s day. Or when you’re being chauffeured and don’t need to traipse through the snow. Failing that, freeze the idea till things thaw out in Spring.

For those who like to wear white jeans in Winter like I do, here are four ways to combine them with a neutral support act. You can swap out the black for navy or olive if that’s more to your taste.

1. Classic Fabness

Create a column of white with jeans and an off-white or tan pullover. Tuck or semi-tuck into the high rise and add a belt to bookend the black jeans, and possibly your dark hair. The horizontal line of the high-contrast belt is offset by the column of colour and high rise of the jeans that elongates the silhouette. Top things off with a high-contrast neutral coat. I love this even though I don’t wear black booties. I’d substitute the black for cognac booties and belt, and wear an olive parka, or navy coat.

Mango Faux-fur Quilted Parka

2. Earthy Flares

Create a column of Winter white with white jeans and a cream pullover. The white flares are lovely but desperately need DRY weather. I like the oversized fit of the pullover that’s offset by the sleeker thigh fit of the flares. The unstructured toffee topper adds visual interest. The heels create a longer leg line which can prevent that “dumpy” feeling when you wear wide unstructured layers. But by all means create a more structured silhouette and wear tapered jeans. White boots are fab, but toffee or metallic work as well.

Mango Wool Coat

3. Cosy and Wrapped

Combine white skinnies with a turtleneck or layering pullover of your choice. Bring on the drama with a patterned or solid wrap or poncho. Wear it unstructured or belted at the waist. Add neutral boots that work with the palette of the outfit. Here, tan boots would have worked as well as black.

Violeta Check Poncho

4. Structured Equestrian Lite

This one is for extremely mild Winter weather. Heck, I’d wear the combination in Summer. Combine white skinnies with a black tee and plaid equestrian blazer. Add black boots, mules, shooties, loafers or booties. For a proper Winter, I’d tuck white skinnies into tall black riding boots, and layer a black turtleneck under the patterned blazer. I’d throw an anorak, military coat or cocoon coat over the lot.

J Brand 620 Mid-Rise Coated Skinny Jeans



Things you absolutely need to pack for a winter vacation


Packing for the winter holiday can be a bit overwhelming. There are many clothes and other things you need to be comfortable in the cold. How do you make sure you have everything you need at your destination? Fortunately, the tips in this article will help you to pack your suitcase for a cool winter vacation.


During winter holidays, it is important to bring clothing that allows you to dress in layers. You should start with a base layer of a light shirt that can have either long or short sleeves. You can put a long-sleeved shirt over it, and then a sweater or fleece over that. In addition to these shirts, you can wear a waterproof or windproof shell to keep you warm and dry. If you dress in layers, you can add or remove a layer depending on weather and comfort.


While shoes can be heavy and you may only pack so much, you should make sure you have good quality footwear. Your feet are exposed to the weather during the winter holidays, so you want something that will keep you warm and look good. Look for dark shoes so they will not stain. Also, bring shoes that are weatherproof.

Choose warm, comfortable boots

Again, you do not want to get cold feet on your trip, so bring boots to keep your toes nice and comfortable and keep frostbite in check. Today, there are a variety of winter boots on the market, and you can take your pick depending on your preferences. If you want to take a long walk, make sure you are looking for comfortable boots. If you are looking for a heel, we recommend the use of wedge boots – they are a great way to give you more height and style without sacrificing comfort.


A good hat can keep you warm. However, the hat must meet some general requirements. A good travel cap should cover your ears and part of your neck. It should be made of modern materials that are warm and provide maximum coverage. Choose your hat carefully to keep your head (and the rest of your body) warm.


Progress has been made with materials and products to keep us warm and dry. You no longer have to rely on heavy gloves to keep your hands warm. You will find gloves that are warm and waterproof but still take up little space in your luggage or bag. If you are looking for the right gloves for your vacation, look for those that are fast drying, weatherproof, lightweight, and breathable.


Sun protection is required both in winter and in summer. The sun reflects off ice or snow and can cause sunburns. The reflection of the sun can be very bright as well. That’s why you should make sure to bring polarized sunglasses. If you are vacationing in bad weather, you should bring a scarf. Scarves are usually light and small enough not to lend volume to a suitcase, but warm enough to keep you cozy in cold weather.

If you pack properly for your winter vacation, you can have a comfortable stay no matter where you are. Use the tips provided here and you will feel warm and happy while traveling.


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Vegas, baby: Get ready for ‘Inside the Rays: Winter Meetings’

FOX Sports Sun’s Rich Hollenberg catches up with Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash during MLB’s Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. Catch all this and more on “Inside the Rays: Winter Meetings,” premiering Dec. 29 on FOX Sports Sun.

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18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

Whether you love winter or just tolerate it, we all can agree that finding the proper footwear to survive the season is the ultimate task. Between price, style, warmth and comfort, you can often find yourself searching high and low for the perfect pair of boots to carry you through the winter. Oftentimes we find ourselves compromising one of more of these things on our hunt. Look no more—there are plenty of winter boots out there for you to choose from that check off all of the requirements on your list.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that you have to throw on clunky boots that clash with every outfit. This year, make it your duty to find some fun, yet practical winter boots that you’ll love putting on time and time again. Here are 18 winter boots that you should add to your footwear arsenal, from sneaker-inspired booties to fur-lined calf boots.

1. Bernardo 1946 Winnie Rain Lace Up Boot

Bernardo 1946
Bernardo 1946 | $ 155

These lace-up, weather-friendly boots make fashion and winter footwear synonymous.

2. UGG Classic Short Leather Weatherproof Boot

UGG Australa
UGG Australia | $ 220

This twist on one of our favorite Ugg boots are just what you need to get through whatever the winter throws or snows at you.

3. Palladium Pampa Cuff Waterproof Lux St

Palladium | $ 165

These strong but lightweight boots are the perfect companion for all of your winter explorations. They’re padded for extra warmth, so no need to fret about the cold.

4. Steve Madden Weston Wedge Bootie

Steve Madden | $ 99.99

These cozy, chic, sneaker-inspired wedged booties are versatility at its best.

5. UGG Australia Isley Genuine Shearling Waterproof Patent Pom Bootie

UGG Australia | $ 249.95

This shiny boots finished with a pom-pom will spread cheer way past holiday season.

6. Carlos by Carlos Santana Syracuse Bootie

Carlos by Carlos Santana | $ 49.99

Faux fur anyone? The super warm lining of these ankle boots is just the twist you needed on a pair of lace-up ankle booties.

7. The North Face Raedonda Boot Sneaker

The North Face
The North Face | $ 150

These high-cut sneaker boots are the epitome of all-day comfort.

8. Cole Haan StudioGrand Waterproof Booties

Cole Haan | $ 180 original price

If you love glitz and glamour, these shiny gold booties are the perfect shoes to protect you from the many elements of winter.

9. Marc Fisher LTD Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boot


The shearling detailing make for the perfect transition from fall to winter.

10. UGG Australia Brystl Waterproof Insulated Boot

UGG Australia | $ 249.95

These insulated boots are warm but never bulky. Trust us on this.

11. Aerosoles Binocular Winter Boots

Aerosoles | $ 159 Original Price

These boots were made for walking through the snow with your head held high.

12. The Muck Boot Company Waterproof Liberty Alpine Boot

The Muck Boot Company
The Muck Boot Company | $ 155

Who doesn’t love functional fashion? These 100% waterproof boots offer the best of both worlds.

13. BEARPAW Inka Boots

BEARPAW | $ 59.99

No need to hibernate this Winter season. These fleece lined boots can handle anything from freezing temperatures to heavy snow.

14. Ryka Aurora Sneaker Boot

Ryka | $ 69.99

If you haven’t gotten the memo, sneaker boots are totally in this winter.

15. Blundstone Thermal Boots

Blundstone | $ 214.94

Slushy puddles are no match for these waterproof and weather-proof boots. Your feet will thank you.

16. GUESS Ducksy Quilted Boots

GUESS | $ 139 original price

Pairing these boots with your favorite puffer jacket is a recipe for winter fashion success.

17. Cougar Donato Leather Mid Boot

Cougar | $ 159.99

Not only are these cute boots waterproof, they have a slip proof bottom to help you avoid any winter weather mishaps.

18. Cougar Cheyenne Deertan Winter Boots

Cougar | $ 175

Dress these up or dress them down. No matter how you rock them, your feet will be completely protected and comfy.

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Warm winter foods from around the world


As winter sets in, we start noticing the cold and feel the need to cook up some tasty hot meals to warm us up from the inside out. In the miserable depths of winter, not just any meal will suffice, however. Countries around the world have developed some unique hot dishes which are perfect winter warmers, no matter what part of the world you’re from.

Sweden’s Janssons frestelse

Sweden’s perfect winter meal is Janssons frestelse, also known as Jansson’s temptation. Made from potato, onion, sprats, bread crumbs, and cream, this dish forms a traditional Swedish casserole. As a typical Christmas dish in Sweden, Janssons frestelse is the perfect winter warmer. It has a creamy taste, and the different flavors and textures work well to complement each other.

Hungary’s goulash

Hungary has a winter food which is relatively well-known throughout the world these days. Goulash is a type of meat stew, usually using beef. It is seasoned and sprinkled with a variety of spices, namely paprika. It also comprises of peppers, onions, garlic, and a range of other foodstuffs. It can be made to resemble soup more than a thick stew, but is the ideal dinner to warm your bones this winter.

Italy’s gnocchi

Gnocchi is a dish prepared from dumplings, with sauce often added to it. They are made from flour, egg, potato, cheese, and other similar ingredients. They have a light, fluffy texture, and are usually served over pasta. It’s a filling and incredibly delectable food, as well as its warmth making it perfect for the cold season.

France’s beef bourguignon

Beef is slowly braised in red wine, garlic, onions, herbs, and carrot, over several hours before being combined with noodles or potatoes, to make an unrivaled warm winter meal, with a flavorsome and rich taste. The beef becomes tender and soft, so it resembles a stew soup hybrid. Though originally from France, beef bourguignon has gained popularity around the world and is now enjoyed internationally as a staple piece of winter cuisine.

China’s Lanzhou lamian

Lanzhou lamian is a Chinese noodle dish, where long noodles are twisted, stretched, and prepared fresh from dough, by hand. The noodles are then served in a hot beef broth, making it an incredibly warming food for winter. It’s sold in most restaurants in China, with it being one of their most favorite dishes. Although, we want Lanzhou lamian to be sold locally – it sounds delicious!

America’s s’mores mug brownie

Why look at extravagant and exotic cuisine, when we could enjoy a simple American dessert? S’mores mug brownies are made from marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. It is microwaved into a soft gooey brownie, which tastes utterly divine and is sure to warm you up this winter.

Whether you want to try an exotic new meal or stick with what you know, there are plenty of warm winter foods to keep you cozy. You could snuggle up under a duvet with a mug brownie, or make you and some friends a full goulash, but either way, you’re sure to be left feeling warm and satisfied.


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Why you should take a winter road trip


If you don’t fancy a hot summer vacation but still fancy traveling somewhere new, then a winter road trip could be your ideal getaway. There are plenty of benefits of a road trip during the colder months as opposed to the heat of the peak season and could make for the perfect vacation.

Miles of open road

During winter, needless to say, everywhere is much less busy. Fewer families are traveling to and fro day trips and vacations, and so you’ve got the choice of roads and attractions where significantly fewer people are there than in summer. This can make for a much more relaxed and peaceful drive, so long as you drive safely and according to the weather conditions.

Avoid the crowds

For the same reason, almost any attraction, restaurant, or hotel you stop at is much less busy. There’s more chance of you finding rooms or tables on arrival than you would in summer. This is not to mention the reduction in the price of many goods and services during the off-season.

Take in the views

With less people around and significantly less traffic, you’re free to soak up the views of wherever you decide to head. If you take a winter road trip through Canada, for example, when no other vehicles are around, you can take in the stunning mountains and snow-covered trees in peace. You can even find a spot to park – which is easy in the off-season – and go for a walk in the pristine snow and forests.

Wildlife spotting

Not all animals hibernate over winter, and with considerably less traffic than in summer, you might just get the opportunity to see some animals and beautiful wildlife puttering about. You might also be treated to an incredible experience of seeing animals playing and bounding around in the snow if you’re lucky.

Better climate

Besides the lack of people around in winter, the cool air can make for a perfect road trip. While you might enjoy driving with the windows down in the heat of summer, winter road trips are great to avoid overheating or having hair whipped in your face. Winter tends to be a peaceful and serene time to drive where we can feel warm and cozy in the protection of our own cars.

An alternate winter

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean it has to be snowy, icy, or even cold at all. Many places, like Vancouver Island, get rain rather than snow which makes for a totally different experience. Surfing is often best in the off-season, as are the incredible storms you can witness over the ocean in winter. You could even take a trip to Hawaii, where winter is still warm regardless of the weather elsewhere.

There are plenty of reasons to take a winter road trip and many ways in which it beats a summer road trip, but it’s important to remember that it’s not as easy. Harsh weather conditions can make for a dangerous drive if you’re not careful and the cold can run your battery dry, so make sure you don’t leave any lights on overnight.


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Priyanka Chopra Returns to NYC Post-Wedding in Winter White

Your daily moment of fashion gratitude has arrived. Sending praise and appreciation to Priyanka Chopra who is arguably having the chicest two weeks of her entire life. We can always rely on the Quantico star to wear something colorful and feminine — but recently she’s been parading around in outfits that continually up the fashion plate ante. The actress is outdoing herself, much to the benefit of our street style inspo.

From inventive floral frocks with asymmetrical hemlines that really are groundbreaking, to draped and elegant mini dresses and tomboy color-block style, Chopra is covering all of her fashion bases. And she’s mixing things up, opting for a surprise tomboy look here and there and the occasional bodysuit too! It just goes to show, there’s something to be said with giving your style with variety. Take a peak of her best and most recent fashion moments and then go infuse some color into your wardrobe — it’s what Priyanka would want.

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Fab Find: My Favourite Winter Sneakers

I can’t rave enough about these hi-top sneakers from Converse because they are EXTREMELY comfortable and very warm. They’re leather, so they look more polished than the canvas options. Their white soles and toe boxes are iconic, Modern Retro, and add a crisp and prettier touch to the sneaker. They create a tailored fit on the foot despite the size of your ankles, because you can manipulate the width with the laces.

They look streamlined and hip, and work well with cropped pants and jeans. I’ve also worn them with midi dresses and hosiery. They are sufficiently roomy for wider feet, and will accommodate an orthotic if you go up half a size. They run true to size, and work well with socks and knee-highs.

The best part about these hi-tops is their fleece linings, which are super soft and keep your feet toasty warm. The leather is weatherproof, and the soles are grippy and stable on frozen sidewalks.

I was walking around in below freezing temperatures with ice and snow in Salt Lake City for two weeks last month, and these hi-tops are the bomb. I take them along when I see my Dad in the Netherlands in colder weather, and they’re fabulous in the Seattle rain too. Simply wipe them down to keep them clean, or use Oxi Clean on the soles.

I have three pairs of these Winter hi-tops and I’m not opposed to getting more, because they have become a wardrobe essential. I got the black pair about a year and half ago, loved them and got the off-white pair a few months later. This year I bought the cream pair with a watermelon stripe, which work well with a watermelon Furla and new watermelon specs. All three pairs are workhorses, and the most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe. These are 20,000 step city shoes.

There are more variations in colour and style as seen in this collection. Remember that the hi-tops are leather and have fleece linings, and that’s what makes them special and a cut above regular Converse hi-tops. None of the styles have side zippers for easy access, so you have to tie and untie the laces every time. But the most recent pair I got has a hiking boot hook feature at the ankle, making pulling them on and off a little easier and faster.

My favourite sneakers of all time.

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Salt Lake City Gets Green Light to Bid for Winter Olympics

Salt Lake City got the green light to bid for the Winter Olympics — most likely for 2030 — in an attempt to bring the Games back to the city that hosted in 2002 and provided the backdrop for the U.S. winter team’s ascendance into an international powerhouse.

The U.S. Olympic Committee said Friday it was selecting Utah’s capital, which stood out as a predictable, slam-dunk pick in a process that also included Denver and Reno, Nevada.

With venues still in place — some of them upgraded — from the 2002 Games, Salt Lake claims it can host again at a lower cost than other candidates, which aligns with the International Olympic Committee’s new blueprint for the Games.

It’s almost a certain bet the bid will be for 2030, though the USOC left open the possibility of other dates. There are only two bidders for 2026: from Sweden and Italy, after voters in Calgary, Alberta, rejected a proposed bid.

USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland said Denver and Salt Lake City both presented strong cases, but that the board determined Utah was the better choice due in part to the existing venues, their proximity to each other, the city’s experience hosting the games and widespread community and political support. She said it minimizes the risk.

“It is critical to ensure that we have the ability to create an incredible experience for athletes while at the same time managing sustainability and fiscal responsibility,” Hirshland said. “It was clear to us when we were there and in what they presented that Salt Lake City very much understands the practical realities of hosting a Games, but also wants and supports what they represent.”

The city’s selection set off celebration at the mayor’s office where local leaders who worked on the plan gathered. Since 2012, Utah has said it’s ready and willing to host another Olympics.

One key hurdle for Salt Lake City will be erasing memories of the bidding scandal that marred the buildup to 2002 and resulted in several IOC members losing their positions for taking bribes.

Mitt Romney was brought in to steer the games through the scandal. The newly elected U.S. Senator for Utah told The Associated Press after the announcement that a series of processes put in place by the IOC will ensure no bribery scandal happens again.

Romney said Salt Lake City should have a great chance at winning the bid from the IOC because it has shown it can host the games without losing money. Salt Lake City ended up with a surplus after the 2002 Games, money he used to help maintain venues it will use again if it’s awarded the Olympics.

“We learned how to produce the Games for the same cost as the revenue that came in,” Romney said. “We will not put a glitzy show like Sochi or Beijing, that are reported to have cost as much $ 50 billion. We will show the world that you can produce an Olympics without having the government writing the checks.”

In many parts of the United States, however, the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City are remembered not for the bribery scandal but for a different reason.

After never surpassing 13 medals at a Winter Games, the U.S. used home-turf advantage, an influx of new sports and the emotion of the recent Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks to capture 34 over three weeks in Utah.

In the aftermath, Park City and other mountain towns near Salt Lake City preserved and improved upon many of the venues, and continued hosting key international events. The freestyle world championships will be held in Park City in February.

Utah organizers say they could host the games for $ 1.35 billion, some $ 50 billion less than it cost in Russia for the 2014 Sochi Games, which are the most expensive games ever and stood out as a blaring warning signal that the IOC needed to streamline its bloated Olympic structure.

The exorbitant costs have changed the dynamic of Olympic bidding. In 2002, cities were trying to bribe IOC officials to award them the Olympics. These days, the IOC finds itself wanting for bidders.

The IOC normally awards Olympics seven years before they’re scheduled, though that calendar has been in flux because so many cities have dropped out.

Last year, the IOC handed out the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games at the same time because there were only two cities left in what began as a much bigger contest for 2024. Paris will host 2024, Los Angeles will host 2028, and if Salt Lake wins 2030, it would mark the first time since the IOC began staggering the Games two years apart, in 1994, that the same country has hosted back-to-back.

At this time, Salt Lake could be considered a favorite in a 2030 contest that hasn’t really taken shape yet.

Hirshland said the USOC has the luxury of time to refine Salt Lake City’s bid.

In fact, Salt Lake could still be a favorite for 2026 had it been allowed to go that route. Recently, voters in Calgary rejected that city’s attempt to host, leaving Stockholm and a joint bid from Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy as the only two remaining candidates. A bid from Utah was considered, but putting it in front of the Los Angeles Olympics provided too many hurdles on the marketing side.

Rob Cohen, chair of Denver’s Olympic bid committee, called it disappointing that Colorado lost out on the chance to bid but said the process prepared the city as it looks for other chances to showcase the city on the world stage.

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Winter meetings’ biggest trade was made from the hospital

Jerry Dipoto will literally trade from anywhere. The Mariners general manager is baseball’s biggest dealer, and that reputation was perpetuated at the winter meetings in Las Vegas when he acquired Edwin Encarnacion from the Indians. But it wasn’t that he made the trade that was shocking, but where he made it. Dipoto was admitted to…
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WATCH: World News 12/09/18: Monster Winter Storm Hits the Southeast

Police search for a possible serial arsonist in Washington state; 2 nuns in California admit to embezzling Catholic school funds
ABC News: World News Tonight

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An affordable winter sports break in Oslo, of all places

Despite its pricey reputation, Norway’s capital may be the world’s most accessible snow sports hub, with an Olympic bobsleigh run and cross-country skiing a short schuss from the centre

I’m on the metro, Line 1 of Oslo’s T-bane, but instead of shopping bags and briefcases, people are getting on with skis and snowboards. The train heads north, emerges from the tunnel in a forested suburb covered in thick snow then climbs up and up. At Midtstuen station a crowd of excited children get on with their sledges. They have clearly just toboganned down the hill.

“Stay on the train until the last stop,” a 12-year-old tells me. “You rent a sledge and helmet. The run ends at Midtstuen.”

Continue reading…
Travel | The Guardian


Winter Is Here — and This App Will Help You Make Money Shoveling Snow

I wish I could start this article with, “We’ve all had to do it…”

But, fortunately, I’m a Floridian, and I’ve never had to shovel snow. From what I’ve heard, some people find it a real pain — a job happily pawned off to any willing being.

On the other hand, what if you’re that willing being? You might be able to make some good money from a hearty dusting.

Even 50 Cent has shoveled snow.

I’m going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I’m charging more if they want to take pictures

— 50cent (@50cent) December 27, 2010

And so has Daniel Miller, CEO of an app called Shovler.

It’s kind of like Uber — but for snow shoveling — and since its release in December 2016, more than 15,000 people have registered to become snow shovelers, according to Miller.

How Did the Shovler App Get Started?

Miller shoveled snow as a teenager and always thought it was the perfect gig: People are appreciative, you get a good workout in and it’s actually kind of fun.

Plus: The pay ain’t too shabby.

Miller came up with the idea for Shovler in the winter of 2015 when his parents were hanging out in Florida and wanted a clear driveway upon returning home to New Jersey. A full-on plow service wasn’t necessary, and, other than that, they had a hard time finding someone.

“It just dawned on me that there are lots of people in similar situations, especially the elderly, that just want to hire a snow shoveler on demand for the days they need one or want to take a break from shoveling themselves,” Miller writes in an email.

He’d always seen those apps about solving what he calls “minor problems” — like delivering food a few blocks away. “But nobody has fixed this major logistical nightmare that people have every year,” he says.

For him, the app seemed obvious. Why hadn’t it been invented years ago?

How Much Money Can You Make Shoveling Snow?

Enter: Shovler.

The app went live for iOS and Android at the beginning of December 2016, and approximately 15,000 snow shovelers have registered with it across the U.S. and parts of Canada, according to Miller.

Those who are in need of shoveling services enter their requests into the app. The registered shovelers get pinged when a job’s available nearby.

Pay is calculated by an algorithm that takes the depth of snow and the size of the property, as well as other factors, into consideration. In general, though, typical rates range from:

  • $ 20 to $ 35 for a car parked on a city street
  • $ 30 to $ 75 for up to a two-car driveway that fits three cars in length, an average walkway and an average sidewalk in front of a house
  • 50 cents to $ 2 per square feet for a city sidewalk or small parking lots (for businesses)

The Shovler app takes 20% of each job (though there are promo codes out there for 10% off), and the human shoveler gets the rest.

Miller says shovelers have made up to $ 200 per gig and says the app also hosts customers who tip generously, some tacking on a 50% tip.

“Shovelers love the app because they get paid by the job, not the hour,” Miller says. “That really gives them the ability to earn $ 50 in an hour if they are quick.”

Shovelers get paid after the user rates the job or within 24 hours — whichever is faster.

How You Can Sign Up For Shovler

The app is available across the U.S. and in parts of Canada, but its most popular cities are Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and New York.

Signing up is easy — and a lot easier than awkwardly knocking on your neighbors’ doors or giving them a ring. Plus, the app is currently running a promotion for new shovelers – if you sign up by December 21, you’ll be reimbursed up to $ 30 for snow shoveling tools or receive a $ 10 credit if you already have your own tools.

So why not make some money off the most recent dumping of the devil’s dandruff?

Carson Kohler ( is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

The Penny Hoarder Promise: We provide accurate, reliable information. Here’s why you can trust us and how we make money.

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The best cashmere jumpers to keep you snug all winter

I am obsessed with cashmere, and if you visit me on any given Sunday, you’ll find me lounging in a cashmere jumper and joggers. Extra, I know, but I just haven’t found anything as comfortable and durable, so I personally think spending a bit more is a good investment.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best cashmere pieces out there, and how to care for them.

What is cashmere?

You might know that cashmere is a more luxurious type of wool, and therefore expensive, but do you know why? That is because it comes from a specific type of goat, the cashmere goat, which produce finer, softer hair. Each goat sheds its hair once a year, and there isn’t much of it, so it makes it rarer, and so pricier.

How to wash cashmere

I’ve ruined many a cashmere jumper because I’ve either been too lazy or ignorant to wash it by hand. So first off, you’ll want to check the care label as some cashmere jumpers are machine washable (M&S do a great line), but others aren’t. Usually, you’ll need to wash them by hand in warm – but not hot – water, or in certain rare cases, dry clean only. Make sure you also lay it flat to dry so that it doesn’t lose its shape, we have a full guide on how to wash and store cashmere here.

Best cashmere jumpers

There really is cashmere to suit all budgets. On the high street, you’ll be hard pressed to beat John Lewis & Partners, M&S, GAP or Uniqlo, which all have a great range of jumpers and cardigans in various colours, under £100. If you’re looking to invest in a designer piece, then Chinti & Parker, Vince and Bella & Freud have some fashion-forward styles I think you’ll love.

Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best cashmere pieces out there, from jumpers to scarves and joggers. Whilst some pieces are pricey, if you care for them well then they will last you a lifetime, and you just can’t beat that cosy factor. Also, don’t be afraid to shop the men’s collections, I love the baggy feel, which goes really well with this season’s slip skirts.

The post The best cashmere jumpers to keep you snug all winter appeared first on Marie Claire.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Jess Wright stuns in a black bikini while soaking up the winter sun in Dubai

LAPPING up the sun in Dubai was just the job for reality TV star-turned-fitness-guru Jessica Wright.

Ex-Towie fave Jess jetted off with pals for a bit of frock ’n’ roll and to escape the dismal weather back home.


The reality star looked stunning while enjoying the sun in Dubai[/caption]

Getty – Contributor

The gorgeous Towie star is known for looking glam[/caption]


Jess jetted off to Dubai with friends[/caption]

The star split earlier this year from Strictly pro Giovanni Pernice, who is currently partnered with Steps singer Faye Tozer.

Jess, 33, basked in the heat on the beach and enjoyed a dip in the water, soaking up the sun at the luxury Royal Meridien hotel.

Then it was off to LA for some more sun and a reunion with TV personality brother Mark, 31. No wonder fans say she’s hot, hot, hot . . .


Jess looked every inch the fitness guru as she showed off her toned figure[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Jess Wright and Strictly star Giovanni Pernirce split earlier this year[/caption]


The brunette beauty jetted off to see her brother Mark in LA after her holiday in Dubai[/caption]

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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx ‘Planning A Winter Wedding In Paris’

(PR Photos)

After years of dating in secret, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly set to get married in Paris, claims a source for Radar Online.

The insider said: “Paris is the city where they decided to go public with their romance after years of sneaking around.”

They are said to be planning a winter wedding.

“Katie has waited a long time to marry Jamie, and she’s now made it clear where she wants to get married and when. She’s desperate for a winter wedding in the City of Lights.”

The source added: “Jamie’s been a handful ever since they started secretly dating in 2013 — but Katie’s convinced him to settle down, and they’re ready to make it official.”

According to Daily Mail, this wedding news comes weeks after rumours circulated that the couple were engaged, as Katie was seen wearing a diamond ring earlier this month.

The duo were first romantically linked five years ago, after her split from Tom Cruise back in 2012, and she has full custody of their daughter Suri.

The source says Jamie has been more of a father figure to the 12-year-old than Tom, who hasn’t seen his alleged daughter in more than five years.

“Jamie will adopt Suri when the time is right, but not before they’ve said their vows,” the insider claimed.

“They know it won’t go down well with Tom, but it’s what he and Katie want – and also what Suri wants. She barely knows who Tom is!”

Meanwhile, the “Dawson’s Creek” alum is starring in the film adaptation of the iconic self-help book “The Secret” alongside Jerry O’Connell.

The film centers on ‘a young widow with three children who hires a handyman to fix her house, only to realize that, as he grows closer to the family, he carries a secret connection to her past,’ per The Hollywood Reporter.


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