Engineered Garments Mixes Sportswear, Workwear & Military Influences for Barbour Collaboration

Following on from a reissued capsule with Vans, New York-based Engineered Garments is back with another collaboration. Teaming up with BarbourDaiki Suzuki‘s label has reworked pieces from the British brands archive with influences coming from American sportswear, workwear and functional military clothing.

The capsule consists of five different outerwear silhouettes — the Cowen, Dumbo, Parka, Graham and Cape — with each one constructed from waxed black waxed cotton with detailing in navy, black and olive. Standout pieces include the oversized parka, the Dumbo — a mix between an MA-1 bomber and a varsity jacket — and the Cape, which is an updated version of a military policeman’s cape. The full collection will release at Barbour’s London flagship on August 6, with prices ranging from £349 to £599 (approx. $ 460 USD to $ 795 USD).

In other fashion news, YSTRDY’S TMMRW just dropped its Fall/Winter 2018 lookbook.

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The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale: The Best Workwear for Women in the 2018 Sale

nordstrom half-yearly sale for women 2018I’ve been getting sale alerts for days, and it finally occurred to me: the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is here! (It officially started this morning, but they started marking things down a day or two ago.) The dresses for work are the main attraction, I think — SO MANY GOOD ONES UNDER $ 100! — but there are also a bunch of nice blazers on sale. Specific brands of note: there’s lots to love in the sale from Hugo Boss, Boden (!), Tahari, HalogenTheory, Equipment, DvF, Kate Spade New York, and Lewit. Some of these finds may be a little party focused, but if you’re on the hunt or have a very feminine style they sales may be for you: Ted Baker, Maggy London, Adrianna Pappell, and Eliza J.

Good deals on underthings from NatoriHanky Panky, Chantelle, and Spanx – and great deals on workout items from Zella and Beyond Yoga.

One important note: things are selling out quickly in the sale — so if you find something you really like that’s in stock and in your size, you may want to check out quickly rather than let it sit for an hour (or day or two). I inevitably shop for myself while I’m doing these sale roundups and heard sad trombones a few times when things I wanted sold out while they were sitting in my shopping cart, so I just made a few smaller orders instead of one big one.

Anything we’ve previously featured that is now on sale (and still in stock) is tagged here.

Some particular picks for workwear from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale of 2018, after the jump…

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Dresses for Work in the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Pictured above, $ 33-$ 70: cobalt / black / pink sleeved / orange sleeveless / aqua

Pictured above: $ 77-$ 83: ruched / navy & white with pockets / black / bell sleeves / midi


Pictured above, $ 84-$ 398: navy / black / beige / gray cashmere / navy & white

Blazers for Women in the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (Spring 2018)

nordstrom half yearly sale 2018 - blazers for women

Pictured above, $ 77-$ 217: black / plaid / plus / scalloped


Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Tops and Blouses

Pictured above, $ 35-$ 118: black / cardigan / plaid / floral

Pictured above, $ 130-$ 170: striped / pink sweater with blouse / tie-back sweater (2 colors) / navy cardigan


Bottoms for Work in the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Pictured above, $ 47-$ 149: white (3 colors) / skirt / red / trousers


The Underrated Workwear Piece You Should Always Have on Hand

We talk a lot about hero pieces. You know the ones; they singlehandedly make any outfit a seriously good one and they never fail to make you feel at your best, even when you just happen to throw them on and go. For us, shirtdresses are the one-and-done answer to our 9-to-5 lives. We count on them constantly to make us look polished (even when we don’t feel it) and professional (even when we’d rather be wearing jeans). They can be the simplest to style, whether with pumps or over pants for a more forward take. What about shirt dresses for winter? You’ll find a few inventive layering tricks in here, too.

With a bright handbag and a fun pair of mules, this look is proving the shirtdress can go much, much farther than the office.
As we mused before, the power of a shirtdress lies in its versatility. This look couldn’t illustrate better the simplicity in wearing it by itself.
If you work in a more casual office setting or a creative role, this look is for you. The dress makes her denim duster feel polished and her white shoes freshen up the whole outfit.
Try layering your sweaterdresses over your shirt dresses this winter for some extra warmth.
The street style set is teaching us all sorts of lessons on making the dress the coolest thing in your closet. Hint: It involves bold accessories and the fashion-favorite dress-over-pants combo.
Simple never has to mean lackluster. When you have really solid classic pieces, a shirtdress achieves an elevated look.
This winter, everyone seems to be layering their plain turtlenecks underneath more summery items, and we’re actually so into the “nerdy” styling trick.
In some instances, wearing a shirtdress over jeans really can be too casual. In this case, try opting for tailored trousers or fashion leggings with the work staple.
Or do wear them with jeans, but let your shoes and bag be the polished pieces that tie the look together.
Contemporary designers are re-thinking the traditional shirtdress, testing out wrap dress styles and deconstructed tailoring. Wear over crisp trousers for a forward look.
Ground a flowing shirtdress in the winter months with a puffer coat and your go-to denim.
This look is all the proof we need that a simple pair of heels can finish off a shirtdress outfit.
Try this outfit next time you need to freshen up your warm-weather dresses: a dress over jeans with pretty slides.
Swap out your classic pumps for a sultry lace-up pair and voilà, you’re ready for date night.

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NEIGHBORHOOD Creatively Blends Military, Sportswear & Workwear for Spring/Summer 2018

Following up on its collaborative collection alongside Burton revealed last month, NEIGHBORHOOD starts 2018 strong by unveiling images of its upcoming spring/summer range. The streetwear imprint incorporates military, heritage workwear and sportswear elements throughout — creating a lineup as diverse and functional as is stylish.

Lightweight outerwear plays a pivotal role, as bombers, field jackets, chore coats, coach silhouettes, denim trucker styles, amongst others, come to the forefront. Although design details remain subtle, typography, patchwork, and prints surface now and again, not to mention a small capsule from the brand’s Specimen Research Laboratory line. The collection will be arriving at select retailers in the coming weeks. Visit NEIGHBORHOOD’s website for a comprehensive look at the collection.

Check out the lookbook above and for more style news, here is a closer look at the PACCBET x Carhartt WIP collection.


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Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale: Workwear Picks

nordstrom thanksgiving sale 2017I’ve been a busy bee going through the early Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale all day! Note that they’ve kind of got two sales going on right now: one is the big designer clearance sale they always have around this time of year, and the second is early markdowns hitting the racks in anticipation of their usual Thanksgiving sale — with TONS of workwear under $ 100.  On the designer side of things, I’m noticing a lot of sale items for Manolo Blahnik, Chloé, Max MaraAkris punto, Prada and more — and on the regular side of things, lots of good deals on J.Crew, Lafayette 148 New York, Kate Spade New York, Nic + ZoeAGLStuart Weitzman, and Tahari. Note that there are also lots of good deals on beauty, including on Urban Decay (some up to 50% off!), MAC, Philosophy, and Bobbi Brown — and of course some great deals on lingerie including NatoriChantelle, Hanky Panky, Yummie Tummie, and more. I’ll have to save the shoes and accessories in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale for another post — stay tuned!

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Dresses for Work in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale — Under $ 100!

Above, $ 28-$ 58: bluefloral sheath dress / mock neck sweater dress / greenish floral dress


Above, $ 58-$ 89: green ponte dress / dress with collar / stretch sheath dress / gray drape dress

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Slightly Splurgier Dresses in the Nordstrom Sale ($ 136-$ 773)

 fit & flare dress (plus sizes too) / black and floral dress (several print options) / gray check dress /  cobalt zip dress (matching crop jacket) / velvet dot

Cute Tops for Work in the 2017 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale

Above, $ 23-$ 53: tiered bell sleeve tee / blue cardigan (lots of colors) / gray merino wool sweater (lots of colors) / twist neck satin /  color block sweater

Above, $ 89-$ 178 yellow cashmere sweater / keyhole print / light gray silk blouse / silk stripe button front / teal print

Blazers for Work in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale 2017

Above, $ 47-$ 416: knit blazer (tons of colors) / boucle jacket / red velvet blazer (lots of colors) / blue/red fitted blazer


Ladies, what are you getting in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale? What pieces in general are you keeping an on for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Any favorite designer stuff you’re hunting for in the designer clearance sale?)

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Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights

Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights at the OfficeReader A wrote in with a great question that we haven’t talked about in a few years: What is the most comfortable workwear for late nights at the office? Here’s her question:

I’m starting my first biglaw job at a business formal law firm in NYC and would love to see a post about “comfortable” workwear, especially for late nights and weekends. For example, I bought the Betabrand dress yoga pants and am a big fan. I’m curious to hear about particular fabrics or brands known for being less constricting/more “cozy”. I would love to hear thoughts as to HOW casual is appropriate for late nights (e.g. can I change into leggings and a cardigan at 1am?)

Great question. We talked about working late and professional clothes before, what comfy clothes to keep at the office, and what to wear for a weekend in the office — but it’s been a while. Readers just had a great threadjack about super comfortable work clothes, as well, so let’s discuss.

My default rules, at least when I was junior, were that a) as soon as my secretary left for the day, I could get more comfortable, whether that was to take off heels and happily pad to the printer in flip flops if I needed something, or to take off skirts or dresses entirely and put on yoga pants and a black t-shirt. A couple of points that should probably be noted: a) my office culture was one of a lot of closed doors, so it really was just trips to the printer or the bathroom where I might run into colleagues, and b) everything I changed into was black, opaque stuff — no crazy patterns or mesh cutouts. This isn’t to say that you CAN’T wear that stuff, just that when selecting the default stuff you keep at the office, maybe choose the conservative option. It’s probably also worth noting that I didn’t change into more comfortable clothes every night at work, because I didn’t consider every outfit to be so uncomfortable that I needed to get out of it, and there were definitely differences between nights when I knew I had 6 hours ahead of me of document-intensive work and would need to stretch out on my office floor surrounded by piles of paper and highlighters and notes; regular nights where I thought I could get out by 8 or 9, or was meeting friends afterwards; and nights where I was working in conference rooms with other people or running around and managing other teams where it just didn’t occur to me to go put my comfy pants on.

As for WHAT to wear, I think these days you have a lot of options in addition to the classic yoga pants, from pull-on ponte pants that might be comfortable and appropriate enough to wear all day (readers were just singing the praises of these Lands’ End ones as their “holy grail ponte pants,” as well as NYDJ ones*), to more traditional leggings (I’m a big fan of the Hue leggings* for opacity, durability, comfort, price, etc.), to comfortable jeans/jeggings. (I also have the readers to thank for turning me onto the pull-on JAG jeans*.) Know your office, but I think the conservative take on “I might be going to or coming from the gym” might also work for weekends or late nights — by “conservative take” I don’t mean sports bra + running shorts or “strappy sexy yoga bra + leggings with daring mesh cutouts” — but again, know your office. (I say “daring mesh cutouts” because there are definitely some that seem more… well, daring… but obviously it’s hard to find workout leggings without mesh cutouts of some kind these days.)

Over to you, readers: What do you consider to be comfortable workwear for late nights? What do you think is off-limits — and what factors would influence your decision to change or not change on a particular night? (Slightly off topic, BUT two more Qs: a) what’s your opinion on mesh cutouts/gym looks, and b) do you think it’s ever acceptable to put on a “comfy bra”? The closest I have in my closet to an “18-hour bra” right now is the shorter version* of this one, so I might choose that one at the beginning of the day.)

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Picture via Stencil.

What is comfortable workwear for late nights at the office? Can you change into leggings after 8PM, should you wear comfortable clothes at the start of the day, or should you just tough it out in your sheath dress and Spanx? We've got some thoughts...


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Carhartt Big and Tall Mens Short Sleeve Workwear Pocket T-Shirt 18 Colors

Carhartt Big and Tall Mens Short Sleeve Workwear Pocket T-Shirt 18 Colors

Carhartt Big and Tall Mens Short Sleeve Workwear Pocket T-ShirtA classic! The jersey knit T-Shirt. 100% cotton comfort in a 6.75-ounce weight. Features a standard rib-knit crew neck and the convenience of a left chest pocket. Side-seamed construction guarantees less twisting and more comfort and ease of movement on the job. Fabric tested for wear-resistance you can count on. Perfect to wear by itself or under any of our other shirts or sweats.STYLE # K87
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