Master the world’s most popular programming language online for under $40


In an industry where the spotlight is always focused on shiny new things, it’s basically unprecedented that a two-decade-old programming language like JavaScript is still thriving. If JavaScript were a person, it could now buy alcohol, rent a car, and blow money on slot machines in Vegas.

The backbone of over 95% of ALL websites, it’s considered to be the world’s most popular programming language. But even with its ubiquity, JavaScript also remains the most misunderstood language, too. Novice coders usually mistake it for Java, or relegate it to a mere scripting language rather than a full-blown programming language. Little do they know that JavaScript is also used for databases, servers, animations, visual effects, and a whole lot more. Read more…

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10 of the world’s best hotel spas

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing break, you can’t do much better than a luxury spa hotel. However, not all spa hotels are made equal; luckily, we’ve put together 10 of the very best.

Thalasso del Forte at Forte Village Resort – Italy

A stunning spa with five pools at the heart of it, this spa uses thalassotherapy and traditional Indian healing techniques, alongside beverages from a herbalist-manned health bar to create a holistic approach to wellness.

The Spa at Canyon Ranch – Arizona

If you want a side of fitness with your spa experience, this incredible 80,000 square-foot ranch is the place for you! Medical professionals help to create a custom fitness program to complement your treatments, and even offer a sleep lab to analyze your sleeping patterns.

Canyon Ranch

Spa at Chiva Som International Health Resort – Thailand

There are an incredible 200 spa treatments on offer here, and staff ranging from acupuncturists to naturopaths. They offer fitness programs alongside relaxation, and there is even a training chamber which claims to increase your ability to burn calories.

Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora – French Polynesia

Nothing screams (or quietly whispers!) relaxation and luxury like Bora Bora, but to really indulge, book a spa treatment in your own bungalow. Or for a stunning view, the Kahaia suite in the spa itself has an outdoor terrace, which overlooks Mount Otemanu.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Wellbeing and Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – Switzerland

There are so many reasons to visit this spa hotel, from the incredible views of Lake Constance and the Alps, the accolade of being the leading medical spa in the country, and the first ever Swarovski glass-covered steam room!

Spa at Rancho La Puerta – Mexico

The oldest spa in North America, there are no frills on these treatments; instead, they focus on tried-and-tested classic treatments such as herbal wraps, rather than gimmicky offerings.

Wellness Spa at COMO Shambhala Estate – Bali

The focus here is on holistic wellbeing, and your treatments are customized to your own personal needs. Traditional Balinese healing and Ayurvedic practices are at the heart of the spa, and it sees many celebrities and pro-athletes as guests!

Remede Spa at St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort – Puerto Rico

With a beachfront location, you can choose to have your treatments in a thatched-roof cabana by the water. Many of the ingredients used are from the local El Yunque Rainforest, and you can unwind with private yoga sessions.

St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

Aman Spa at The Connaught – England

Based in London, this is a stylish hotel with award-winning spa facilities. The ionized pool is very popular and treatment use ingredients based on your “Ayurvedic dosha,” or your personal makeup. It is the very first Aman Spa outside of an Aman resort.

Spa at the Chedi Andermatt – Switzerland

Another Swiss entry, this modern, minimalist spa has an incredible hydrotherapy zone, 100-foot indoor pool and enormous floor-to-ceiling windows for guests to bask in the stunning views.

So where are you going to head? Or should we say, where are you going to head to first! With so many to choose from, you’ll want to add them all to your bucket list.

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The world’s best food festivals

Food festivals may well be one of our favorite things on earth. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day exploring the different sights, smells and tastes at an event solely evolving around offering you delicious food?

There’s hundreds and thousands of different food festivals located around the globe waiting to fill your mouth with exciting stuff, each specializing in a particular type of food or cuisine. If you’re a big foodie and love to travel, then perfect…You have come to the right place! Here’s a list of some the world’s best food festivals to tantalize your taste buds.

Warning – may induce severe hunger. Our mouths are literally drooling.

Wildfoods Festival (Hokitika, New Zealand)

This festival is located in the small town of Hokitika on the west coast of New Zealand, and offers visitors some rather odd things to eat, to say the least. From seagull eggs to insects, this event specializes in eccentric foods that attempt to blow your mind in how something sounding so gross can actually be delightfully delicious. This one’s for you if you have an adventurous taste palette and don’t squirm easily.

Wildfoods Festival

Salon de Chocolate (Quito, Ecuador)

Although there are plenty of renowned chocolate festivals around the world, Quito is perhaps considered the best. Thousands of visitors gather each year to get a taste of some of Ecuador’s tastiest high-quality chocolate. There’s also plenty to see and do with cookery classes and competitions. This one’s for you if you love chocolate – so that’s pretty much everyone then?

Dumpling Festival (Hong Kong)

AKA The Dragon Boat festival. This holiday date takes place on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month, with restaurants, locals and tourists coming together as one to feast on tasty dumplings. The festival takes to the streets, offering up the best-tasting variety of dumplings made from glutinous rice and plenty of different fillings. This is for you if you’re looking to explore and celebrate a National cultural heritage.

Vegetarian Festival (Phuket, Thailand)

Mostly taking place on the island of Phuket, this festival is part of a nine-day Thai celebration for the promotion of mind and body detoxification. Locals take to the streets to celebrate, conjuring up some of Thai’s tasty vegetarian dishes using soybean and protein substitute products instead of meat. This one’s for you if you’re not a meat-eater and want to find out some fantastic new Asian recipes.

Pizzafest (Naples, Italy)

Did someone say pizza? Yes please. Pizzafest is one of the world’s biggest pizza festivals, taking place every year in Napoli’s Caracciolo in which over 500’000 visitors will come to eat more than 100’000 pizzas. The celebrations include recreations of historical recipes and pizza-making competitions. This one’s for you if you’re feeling extra hungry. Dig in!


Bacon Festival (Sacramento, California)

The Bacon festival offers the very best of bacon – all from farm-bred organic hogs and made with the very best natural ingredients. There’s plenty of strange dishes on offer – bacon ice cream, bacon salad, and bacon cocktails. It’s also advised that all of this is washed down with the very best beverages from the local breweries. We’re not gonna say no to that now are we? There’s even a Kevin Bacon tribute band that plays. This one’s for you if you want to have some good old’ fashioned community fun.


Food festivals are the perfect way to try some of the regional grub. There seems to be more and more cropping up each year so keep your eye open for what ones that may be near you on your travels. Top tip – go when you’re feeling extra hungry. You’ll be in heaven.

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World’s largest plane makes first flight over California

The world’s largest aircraft took off over the Mojave Desert in California on Saturday, the first flight for the carbon-composite plane built by Stratolaunch Systems Corp, started by late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, as the company enters the lucrative private space market.

Reuters: Technology News


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Elon Musk’s SpaceX sends world’s most powerful rocket on first commercial flight

The most powerful operational rocket in the world, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, launched its first commercial mission on Thursday from Florida in a key demonstration for billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s space company in the race to grasp lucrative military launch contracts.

Reuters: Science News

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Toyota’s new robot may be the world’s best 3-point shooter

TOKYO — It can’t dribble, let alone slam dunk, yet Toyota’s basketball robot hardly ever misses a free throw or 3-pointer. The 207-centimeter (six-foot, 10-inch) tall machine made 5 of 8 3-point shots in a demonstration in a Tokyo suburb Monday, a ratio its engineers say is worse than usual. Toyota Motor Corp.’s robot, called…
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Spotify Aims to Become ‘World’s Leading Audio Platform’ By Building Original Podcast Content

Earlier this week, Spotify announced that it has acquired Parcast, a “premier storytelling-driven” podcast studio that specializes in crime and mystery series. The news comes shortly after the music streaming services acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor, two other podcast networks.

Spotify has offered the ability to stream podcasts via its app for a while now, but it’s purchasing of three podcast networks and studios means that some of this content will now be developed in-house. Parcast was founded in 2016 and has since become extremely popular, particularly with women, who make up 75% of its audience. Since Parcast launched three years ago it has already developed 18 original series, such as “Unsolved Murders”, “Cult”, “Serial Killers” and “Conspiracy”.

The three recent acquisitions highlight Spotify’s growing desire to move its business model beyond music streaming and instead provide a range of audio content for a wide variety of people. As the CEO Daniel Ek said in a recent blog-post: “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, but what I didn’t know when we launched to consumers in 2008 was that audio — not just music — would be the future of Spotify.”

Parcast’s proven success makes the deal between the two audio companies make sense for Spotify, as it provides little risk and potentially high reward. Over the years podcasts have become integral to millions of people’s daily routines and, as The New York Times points out, podcasts are also cheap to produce and can, therefore, bring in loyal subscribers to Spotify without relying on expensive music licensing rights.

And this is where the real incentive lies: as Owen Grover, the chief executive of Pocket Casts, a podcast app, said: “I don’t think Spotify woke up one day and realized that audio storytelling has some incredible emotional place in the life of their brand. Strategically, if they can get their users to listen to podcasts in place of music, it improves their margins.”

The move also highlights the growing competition between Apple and Spotify as they battle for top spot in the audio streaming business. Apple has so far provided the main international platform for podcasts, but Spotify’s recent expansion shows that it believes it can challenge Apple for this title. Spotify has also recently announced that it aims to spend $ 500 million on podcast-related deals over the next couple of years, so expect the competition to heat up.

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Stolen Picasso’s return is latest triumph for art world’s ‘Indiana Jones’

He’s not called “the Indiana Jones of the art world” for nothing. Ace art researcher Arthur Brand has tricked Nazi sympathizers into coughing up swiped treasures, negotiated with Mafiosi over hot paintings and tracked down missing Byzantine mosaics. Like his fictional film namesake, the Dutch-born sleuth says he has learned to deal with a global…
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This is where the world’s richest people vacation


There’s nothing better than packing your bags and going on vacation. This is a time for you to relax, unwind, and see a new part of the world that you haven’t seen before. Of course, going on vacation isn’t cheap. You need to pay for flights, you need to pay for your accommodation, and you need to pay for all of the added extras. Because of this, many people choose to fly closer to home to save themselves money. However, rich people don’t need to save any money. They have more than enough to go on exclusive and exotic vacations, and this is where they go…

They lounge on a private island

It’s always awkward when you want to totally sit back and relax, but there are other people around you. You have to share the pool, you have to race for sun loungers, and you have to deal with their sticky bodies sitting right next to you. Well, rich people are able to cut out this little niggle. They can lounge on private islands across the globe, but one of their favorites is Coco Prive. This private island will set you back around $ 35,000 a night, but it’s definitely worth it.

They diamond dive and keep the treasure

Rich people are almost always looking for ways to expand their wealth, and a Diamond Safari is one of the most fun ways to do that. This underwater safari takes place in South Africa over the course of 11 days and offers guests the chance to dive beneath the surface in search of priceless diamonds and jewels. They are allowed to keep anything they can find and will provide expert service along the way. They can get their jewels estimated, they can keep the raw jewels for themselves, or they can turn it into jewelry of some kind. The underwater world is their oyster – and the pearl is always inside.

They apres-ski in their own ski chalet

If you’ve ever been skiing, you’ll know that the ultimate dream is to stay in your very own ski chalet up in the mountains. Most people can’t afford that, but rich people can. In fact, they are able to rent out beautiful ski chalets that are more than what people earn every single year. Yes, Leo Trippi’s Chalet Ormello is constantly booked up with celebs and Royals alike and will cost you around $ 300,000+ a week. This will give you whole use of the chalet, including the indoor swimming pool, the home theater, the massage room, 15 beds, and even private access to the slopes.

Those who have oodles of cash to their name have the chance to go anywhere in the world. However, everyday vacations get boring after a while, so they like to mix things up a bit. They like to stay in ski chalets, they like to top up their tan on a private island, or they like to dive for diamonds. Soon enough they’ll be going into space!


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Critic’s Notebook: Nine Concerts in Seven Days at the World’s Most Famous Concert Hall

Carnegie Hall manages to present the vast sprawl of the classical field in the 21st century better than almost anywhere else.
NYT > Arts


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Why women are the world’s biggest solo travelers


If you are someone who experiences the undeniable pull of wanderlust, you will understand why others find traveling such a thrill. Meeting new people, exploring different cultures, broadening your horizons – there are so many reasons to travel. Although for some people, there is nothing better than jetting off with a partner, family or group of friends; for others, travel is an adventure that should be performed solo. Research has shown that women are more likely to travel solo than men, but why is this?

A change in time

For so many years, women were expected to marry, have children and stay at home, cooking, cleaning and keeping the household intact. Thankfully, these shackles have been released (or at the very least, loosened somewhat) and therefore women are using this freedom to explore the world and discover their passions. Of course, there have always been female travelers in history, but their male counterparts have often overshadowed them.

Family values

The age at which women are achieving certain life milestones has also changed, leaving them with more time to explore. The average age that women have their first child has been rising since the 1960s, and now in America, it is an average of 26, although, in New York and San Francisco, this number is much higher, at 31. Marriage rates are down to 50% of people ages 18 and over, whereas in 1962 it was 72%. Finally, women are earning more money than they ever have, so this extra income, plus a few additional years before settling down means more time for exploring the world.

Social media

Instagram is awash with pictures of solo female travelers, looking candidly at a sunset, or posing stylishly against a graffitied wall in a far off land. Seeing this life empowers other women, sat at home, to want to do the same thing and therefore more women begin to travel and document their adventures.

Men and women

It seems that men generally travel as a pack and are rarely as proactive when it comes to planning as women – broadly speaking. A lot of women like to work on self-improvement and travel is a fantastic way of accomplishing this. When things in life get difficult, or they are dealt a hard blow, a woman is likely to want to make a significant change – look at Eat, Pray, Love for example. These women might be trying to heal a broken heart, or wanting to find themselves, and the popular culture around them suggests that travel is a way to do this.

Whatever the reasons, it’s undeniable that women are traveling solo more than men, and what a fantastic adventure it is. Whether you are someone who pops to Paris to work on your poetry or takes a year off work to backpack around India and learn to teach yoga, there are so many benefits to travel, and many more to traveling on your own. Take a leap and book that trip you’ve always wanted to do, without waiting for someone else to go with you.


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This Oregon City Will Have the World’s Last Blockbuster Store

BEND, Ore. (AP) — The Blockbuster store in a city near central Oregon became the last one in the U.S. last year. And soon it’ll be the only one in the world.

The Bulletin reports that a Blockbuster store in Perth, Australia, is closing later this month, leaving the Bend franchise alone on the planet.

Blockbuster stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, closed last July.

The yellow-and-blue themed movie rental stores were once everywhere, with 9,000 stores worldwide.

But competition from on-demand movie-streaming services like Netflix and Hulu forced Blockbuster to declare bankruptcy in 2010.

The company closed all of its corporate-owned stores in 2014.

The remaining franchised stores kept closing until the Bend Blockbuster was the last one.

Manager Sandi Harding says the store is a tourist attraction and won’t close anytime soon.




Entertainment – TIME


At 21, Kylie Jenner Becomes World’s Youngest Billionaire

21-year-old American reality television personality, model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, according to Forbes billionaires’ list.

Kylie, the youngest among the Kardashian sisters, made it to the richest list for the first time with a net worth of $ 1 billion.

Kylie Cosmetics, the cosmetic company she founded just three years ago, had an estimated
RTT – Entertainment Top Story


Kaiser Permanente Among World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2019

In a testament to its demonstrable commitment to integrity, Kaiser Permanente has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2019 by the Ethisphere Institute, an independent group that monitors business ethics.

Kaiser Permanente was one of 128 honorees worldwide, and one of only 2 organizations recognized in the Integrated Healthcare System category.

The award honors organizations whose practices improve communities, build capable and empowered workforces, and foster corporate cultures focused on ethics and a strong sense of purpose.

“More than ever, consumers care about not only what organizations do, but how they do it,” said Vanessa Benavides, Kaiser Permanente senior vice president and chief compliance and privacy officer. “Trust is scarce, and thus, more valuable. The organizations that think, speak, and act in a way that creates and promotes a more trusting environment will thrive. The World’s Most Ethical Companies honor is recognition for the work our organization is doing to ensure a culture of trust and ethics.”

This was Kaiser Permanente’s first year participating in the selection process. Honorees are scored based on 5 key competencies: the strength of their ethics and compliance program, corporate citizenship and responsibility, culture of ethics, governance, and leadership and reputation.

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Travel to the World’s Best Contemporary Houses

Courtesy of TASCHEN

There are few things we at The Daily Beast enjoy more than house porn. We love walking down residential boulevards in cities and towns, whiling away the hours admiring the ingenuity of some and the blanching at the choices of others. But, because only so many houses can be experienced on foot, books that transport you to the places and homes you’ll likely never get to see are often our favorites.

Therefor, it makes sense that this week’s selection for our Just Booked feature (our twice-a-month series on gorgeous travel-related coffee table books) is Taschen’s new Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses around the World by Philip Jodidio.

The book covers everything from outrageous mansions to tightly designed small homes around the world, and displays them against a black background which allows them to really pop. Big names like MVRDV are featured, but so are homes by less bold-faced names like our new favorite the Newberg Residence by Cutler Anderson Architects.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Union LA’s Latest Drop Is a Juxtaposition of Worlds

Union LA‘s latest drop shows a deep mix of many cultures and interests. Taking two art forms, music and film, graphics were created using the literal meanings behind the names of movies and musical acts. With Chris Gibbs‘ fascination with juxtaposing contrasting worlds, a collection of T-shirts, totes, sweats, and hoodies is born.

In the February drop, we see a bootleg Staff tee that shows the two locations of Union’s retail stores, a Radiohead shirt that plays on the word “head” in street culture (sneakerhead, metal-head, rap-head…etc), an ATLliens Outkast/Alien-movie tote, and also a very special shirt that imagines what Malcolm X’s tour merch for Africa would have looked like. It should also be noted that the lookbook was photographed during the Martin Luther King Parade in Leimert Park.

Take a look at the offerings above for Union LA’s February drop lookbook. Those looking to purchase any of the items can find them over at Union’s web store.

In other fashion news, Bode crafts covetable handmade SS19 layering pieces for Browns.

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A multibillion-dollar deal is creating one of the world’s largest real estate investment managers

Asian real estate developer CapitaLand said it will acquire Ascendas-Singbridge, which would create one of the world's largest real estate investment managers.
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Find your favorite Toy Story toys, apparel, , collectibles and more in the Toy Story Character Shops at the online Disney Store.

How the pink diamond became the world’s hottest gemstone

In a gilded ballroom at the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva last month, the world’s wealthiest collectors and their envoys gathered to bid on the final and most anticipated lot: a nearly 19-carat cotton-candy colored diamond called the Pink Legacy. As the stunning rectangular-cut gem, set in a ring with two white diamond side stones,…
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Portuguese airline Hi Fly has world’s first ‘plastic-free’ flight: ‘It’s the right thing for the airline to be doing’

FOX News

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The world’s best festivals


We all love to have a good time, but there are some places in the world where people know how to have the best time possible. These are some of the best festivals the whole wide world has to offer.

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

There’s no party like a Brazilian street party, and Carnival tops the lot. Around 5 million people per year make the journey to the Brazilian city to see the amazingly colorful spectacle. Carnival is celebrated at the end of the Brazilian summer, and it becomes one frenzied party filled with great music and people dancing in the streets.

La Tomatina, Valencia

For one whole hour, people line the streets of the Spanish city Valencia. Battle lines are drawn, and friendships are ended as chaos reigns supreme. The festival has tens of thousands of participants all flinging tomatoes at each other. We’ve all dreamed of having a huge food fight when we were children, and for over 60 years this Spanish city has been living out their childhood fantasies. When the hour is over, you just wish yourself off in the river and let the drinks flow as the party gets started.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

The Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans is probably one of the most famous in the world. It is one big party of beads, drinks, and giant heads. Revelers line the streets of New Orleans while parades of floats drift down the street, each decorated in celebration of anything and everything. Everyone dresses in costumes, adorning themselves in purples, greens, and golds as the entire city throws a huge party. Then there is the tradition of king cakes, which are baked with a toy child inside. Whoever gets the child then has to bake the cakes the following year.

Dia de Los Muertos, Mexico

If there is one culture that really knows how to celebrate their lost loved ones it is the Mexicans. Dia de Los Muertos, or ‘Day of the Dead,’ is a huge carnival where people wear paper mache skeletons and paint their faces like sugar skulls. Those who participate devote the day to cleaning the graves of their family members, decorating them with flowers and candles. Those who have passed are remembered fondly, while those still living make sure they enjoy the day by having as much fun as possible.

Krampusnacht, Central Europe

In certain parts of Europe, the Krampus is the bad side of Santa, who punishes those children who have been bad. Just as Santa is celebrated, so too is the Krampus and he even gets his own parade in many European cities. It’s a little creepy but one of the best European Christmas traditions, as Krampus appears on 5th of December, the night before the feast of St. Nicholas. It is customary to offer the Krampus some Schnapps to get him to leave you alone.

If you’re looking for a good time then join the millions of people who enjoy these world famous festivals. They are celebrated all over the globe and are all worth adding to your bucket list.


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‘It’s Been a Rout’: Apple’s iPhones Fall Flat in World’s Largest Untapped Market

Global smartphone sales are flattening, which is why Apple and others are looking to India and its millions of newly minted consumers for growth. Yet the tech giant’s market share is falling, revenue is coming in well below expectations and its top leadership ranks are in turmoil. WSJD


How Microsoft Quietly Became the World’s Most Valuable Company

Microsoft tried through the years to compete in a range of buzzy consumer businesses, but it was Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s focus on selling humdrum yet fast-growing computing services to companies that allowed it to reclaim the title of world’s most valuable company. WSJD


Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel Marries Jensen Karp: ‘The Best Day of My Life’

Danielle Fishel is married!

The Boy Meet’s World alum has tied the knot with Drop the Mic executive producer Jensen Karp, she confirmed on social media over the weekend.

“Mr. & Mrs. Karp. Established 11/04/2018,” Fishel, 37, wrote on Instagram alongside a wedding photo that showed off the delicate, lace short-sleeves of her wedding gown.

Sharing another photo from the nuptials — taken by B.O.B. Photography — Karp, 38, wrote, “Today I married my soulmate. We were surrounded by family and friends and it was the best day of my life.”

He added, “I also ate 3 donuts after dinner. Unrelated. @daniellefishel, I love you so much and thank you for giving me this smile.”

Guests included Fishel’s Boy Meets World costars Ben Savage and Will Friedle, along with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Karp’s groomsman John Mayer, who serenaded the newlyweds with his cover of Beyoncé‘s “XO” for their first dance.

“Jensen brought many new and wonderful friends into my life and the friendship of @johnmayer is at the top of the list. His immense talent is only overshadowed by his humor, his heart, his sincerity, his loyalty, his candor, and his generous spirit,” Fishel captioned a video from the wedding.

“We are beyond grateful and thrilled that he was not only a groomsman but agreed to sing our first dance song. I’m obsessed with his cover of this song (XO by @beyoncé) and he played it for us live at the Forum last year simply because I told him how much I loved it. Thank you, John, for all of it.”

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Jensen brought many new and wonderful friends into my life and the friendship of @johnmayer is at the top of the list. His immense talent is only overshadowed by his humor, his heart, his sincerity, his loyalty, his candor, and his generous spirit. We are beyond grateful and thrilled that he was not only a groomsman but agreed to sing our first dance song. I’m obsessed with his cover of this song (XO by @beyoncé) and he played it for us live at the Forum last year simply because I told him how much I loved it. Thank you, John, for all of it. Video by: @atomictangerinefilmco Coordinator: @union3events @lisagaskarth Photographer: @jillianbob Make-up: @julie4makeup Hair: @_hairbylaurie P.S. you guys are stuck with me posting pictures from this amazing day for a few days so #dealwithit. 😜😘

A post shared by daniellefishel (@daniellefishel) on Nov 5, 2018 at 1:21pm PST


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That one’s going in the album. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by @ commentsbycelebs on Nov 5, 2018 at 11:35am PST


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Forever stuck at the kids’ table. Congratulations Jensen ❤ Danielle.

A post shared by Bobby Hundreds (@bobbyhundreds) on Nov 5, 2018 at 7:04am PST


Fishel, best known for playing Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World and the spin-off Girl Meets World, announced her engagement to Karp in March 2018.

WATCH: Boy Meets World Alum Danielle Fishel Is Engaged: ‘No One Is More Excited Than I Am’

“I woke up today thinking it would be a normal day and it was anything but normal. I put on my Genghis Cohen t-shirt and went to see @jensenclan88 at work where I proceeded to screw up a very romantic marriage proposal by being too efficient (this is very on brand for me). The future Mr. and Mrs. Karp are now engaged and no one is more excited than I am,” Fishel wrote.

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“We got engaged today. I don’t have anything witty or funny to say to accompany this picture. She is just the greatest person in the world and to imagine someone I went to high school with was always my person, is remarkable. You never know,” Karp captioned the same photo.

This is the second marriage for Fishel, who divorced ex-husband Tim Belusko in March 2016 after two years of marriage.

Fashion Deals Update:

How the World’s First Male Supermodel Escaped an Abusive Doomsday Sex Cult

Chasing Beauty

Frederick Von Mierers, a deeply tanned cult leader with a shocking crown of platinum blond hair, spoke to his followers through their television sets. At two in the morning, Von Mierers would be beamed out into the universe courtesy of cable television. In clips from these extremely ’80s appearances, the former model shills mail-order cassettes and spouts new-age gibberish, his eyes getting impossibly larger and more urgent with each nonsense aphorism. It’s hard to imagine just how strange it would all seem without context, an insomniac flipping through the channels, stumbling upon this exaggeration of a man who claimed to be an alien from the star Arcturus.

Von Mierers believed in impending doom—that he and his fellow aliens had been sent here to help earthlings, an intergalactic team of emergency responders. As the leader of the group Eternal Values, it was Von Mierers’ responsibility to find the others, and teach them about their true origins and noble calling. Like so many cult leaders, he appealed to his followers’ vanity, telling them that they were special enough to literally save the world. Von Mierers, who believed in a “master race,” courted attractive young people. His Nantucket house guests recall being sent out to scour the beach for good-looking recruits, handing out invitations to the finest physical specimens they could find. John Richards Hoyt was 16 when the 30-something Von Mierers approached him at the beach. In a new documentary, Welcome to the Beyond, Hoyt recalls his introduction to the cult leader who would alter the course of his life. “Freddy said to me, you’re different,” Hoyt says, speaking directly to the camera. He and his friends would go to Freddy’s parties for the free beer; for a moment, at least, Hoyt was using him.

In Welcome to the Beyond, which premiered at Doc NYC on Tuesday, director Brent Huff deep-dives into Hoyt’s double life. It helps that Hoyt, or John as his family calls him throughout the film, was born into such a stereotypical American existence.

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Here’s how Singapore Airlines makes passengers comfortable on the world’s longest flight

To make passengers more comfortable during the world's longest flight, Singapore Airlines has a few tricks up its sleeve.


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The Woods-Mickelson face-off is the sporting world’s greatest con

On Nov. 23, at Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas, Tiger Woods will play Phil Mickelson in a one-off round of golf with a winner-takes-all prize of $ 9 million awaiting the victor. Billed as “The Match,” this made-for-TV contest represents something of a gamble for the producers, Turner Sports, not least because golf’s biggest…
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Influencers Help Change the World’s View of Haiti

Wanda Tima didn’t feel proud of her Haitian heritage as a child. “I grew up always hearing nothing but bad things about Haiti,” she told Black Enterprise. Born to Haitian parents in Turks and Caicos, the 35-year-old entrepreneur moved to a community in South Florida in the early 90’s where Haitians were stigmatized. “Kids were being told that Haitians eat cats and all Haitians have AIDs,” she said. In addition to the taunts and scorn, Haitian students were subjected to physical bullying and violence. “I watched Haitians get beat up on the school bus and there would be a lot of gang-related fights all the time with Haitians versus Jamaicans [and] Haitians versus everybody [else]. It was so uncool to be Haitian.”

Finding Her Roots

Wanda Tima

Wanda Tima, founder of L’union Suite (Instagram)

It took years before Tima fully embraced her lineage, which was triggered when she had an identity crisis as a young adult. At the time, she felt disconnected from her Haitian peers and detached from the culture at large. “You have a generation of kids, like myself, [who] were only Haitian by name,” she said. “My mom wasn’t speaking Creole to us at home and we weren’t listening to Haitian music. There wasn’t any Haitian culture in my house.” As a result, “I never really understood where I fit in.”

It wasn’t until she graduated from Bethune-Cookman University, an HBCU in Daytona, Florida, that she realized she couldn’t plan for her future without first connecting with her roots.

“There was a missing piece that I didn’t have any information on,” she said. “I was going through a phase of trying to learn more about Haiti and the culture.”

Her parents, however, discouraged her from exploring her ethnic background or visiting Haiti, so she started researching the country on the web, which led her down a rabbit hole of depressing news. Rather than becoming discouraged, Tima became determined to change the narrative. In 2011, she created L’union Suite, a digital platform that highlights positive news about Haiti and Haitians around the diaspora. Today, it’s one of the most popular websites for Haitian-American lifestyle, tourism, culture, and entertainment news, reaching tens of thousands of readers on a monthly basis, plus millions more on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Karen Civil and Wanda Tima circa 2017

To further empower people of Haitian descent, Tima launched a business directory called Haitian Professionals in 2015, that helps entrepreneurs gain business and exposure. In addition, she works closely with Karen Civil, a Haitian-American influencer and marketing strategist, to hosts charity events and raise money to support different projects in Haiti like a computer lab in a school in Cap-Haitian, Haiti’s second largest city.

The Beauty of Haiti


Steph Lecor with students from the Institut Sacré-Coeur du Cap-Haïtien (Photo credit: Rosslin Mozart Louis)

In October, Tima celebrated the seven-year anniversary of L’union Suite by inviting a group of U.S.-based millennial women entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and members of the press to Cap-Haitien. The goal was to expose the world to the beauty that lies beyond the protests, violence, and natural disasters that are frequently reported through American news outlets. Despite the negative depictions of the nation, “Haiti is no different than most other Caribbean countries,” said Tima. “Yes, there’s poverty; yes, there’s a lot of help that’s needed; yes, the government has a lot of issues; but, at the same time…there are beautiful parts of the country.”

During the trip, the influencers — which included singer Dawn Richards; BET correspondent Amanda BoozMecca Moore, the owner and publisher of THINK PYNK and PYNK Branded LLC; singer and reality TV star Azia Toussaint; recording artist Steph Lecor; actress and entrepreneur Shelah Marie RhoulhacSandy Pierre, a marketing specialist at Hearst Integrated Media; and this reporter — shared their experiences with their massive collection of Instagram followers. The four-day trip included a visit to a local school and a tour of the Sans-Souci Palace, an ancient royal ruin built in 1813, that was named after Jean-Baptiste Sans Souci, an African-born slave who helped lead the Haitian Revolution. The women also spent a day on Amiga Island, a stunning beach destination in Labadee, where local fishermen caught and grilled red snapper, crabs, and a Creole conch dish known as lambi. They also dined at popular Haitian restaurants like Lakay and Lolo and stayed at the luxurious Satama Hotel, which sits at the top of a mountain overlooking Northern Haiti.


The Sans-Souci Palace in the town of Milot (Photo credit: Rosslin Mozart Louis courtesy of L’union Suite)

Richard, an independent recording artist formerly signed to Bad Boy Records, was in the middle of a tour with her singing group, Danity Kane, when she received Tima’s invite to travel to Haiti. Honored by the invitation, the New Orleans native immediately cleared her schedule. “I am overwhelmed and very grateful that I had the opportunity to see my roots first hand,” the Haitian American singer told BE. “Not only am I able to see Haiti through my own eyes…but I get to do it with other women who look like me.”

Likewise, Lecor, who is signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group, was delighted to return to Haiti. “I used to come every summer up until I was 12 years old,” said the first-generation Haitian-American singer. “Those were the best summers of my life.” She continued, “When Wanda called me two days before the trip, I jumped on the opportunity to be here,” she said, adding, “as soon as I got here…it felt like home.”

While appreciative of Haiti’s allure, Lecor is not remiss of what many people think of Haiti, like President Donald Trump who notoriously described it as an “s–thole” country. “The perception is that Haiti is unsafe, dirty, and dangerous,” she said, admitting that it’s hard to drive through the impoverished neighborhoods. As a result, the landscape, culture, and people are overlooked.


Amiga Island in Labadee, Haiti (Photo credit: Rosslin Mozart Louis courtesy of L’union Suite)

Toussaint, a star on BET’s “Hustle in Brooklyn,” had dreamed of visiting Haiti, the country where her father was born, as a little girl. However, she said seeing the poverty and devastation juxtaposed to the scenic landscape was “bittersweet.” “Even [though] the places have gone through so much destruction and hardship, it’s [still] a beautiful place,” she said. She added that Haitians have not lost the grit needed to survive. “I saw a bunch of people who still had pride, still had hope, and the strength, courage, and the willingness to move forward.”


Mecca Moore, Sandy Pierre, Amanda Booz, Selena Hill, Shelah Rhoulhac, Wanda Tima, Steph Lecor, Azia Toussaint, and Dawn Richards at the Sans-Souci Palace (Photo credit: Rosslin Mozart Louis courtesy of L’union Suite)

After returning to her home in Sunrise, Florida, Tima said the trip was “beyond successful.” In addition to a great experience, the women networked and connected with each other as well as with locals all while shining a positive light on Haiti through social platforms. L’union Suite’s “social media impressions during the trip were record-breaking,” said Tima, “and now more and more people know about the work we are doing in Haiti and want to not only vacation [here] but [also] assist in giving back at the school.”

Furthermore, the trip reaffirmed Tima’s commitment to uplift Haiti and spotlight its beauty and strength. “I come from a lineage of people who are leaders and unapologetically strong. I am the daughter of the first Black republic. We are such truly a group of resilient people,” she said. “The more I learn about my history and our contributions to the world, the more I fall in love with who I am.”


Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Nov. 6, 2018.




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Simone Biles Now Tied for Most Decorated Female Gymnast Ever After Winning a Fourth Gold at Worlds

(DOHA, Qatar) — Simone Biles returned to training last November wondering if she could ever return to the form that made her an Olympic champion.

She doesn’t wonder anymore. Neither does anyone else.

The American star capped a remarkable 2018 world gymnastics championships by claiming gold on floor exercise and bronze on balance beam during event finals Saturday, giving her six medals for the meet and 20 overall in the world championships, tied with Russia’s Svetlana Khorkina for the most by a female gymnast.

“I think there’s a lot to be proud, but I’m most proud of that I’m here, I made all the event finals, medaled in all of the events and I survived,” Biles said.

Something that wasn’t a guarantee when the meet began. Biles spent the night before qualifying in the hospital dealing with pain from a kidney stone. The stone was too big to pass and she couldn’t take prescription pain medication because of doping regulations, forcing her to simply deal with it.

Biles did more than deal with it. She dominated. Just like always.

The 21-year-old will head home to Houston with gold medals from the team final, the all-around final, floor and vault as well as silver on uneven bars and bronze on beam. She became the first woman to earn a medal on all four events since Yelena Shushunova did it for the Soviet Union in 1987.

Biles believes it’s just the beginning. She’ll visit with doctors to treat the kidney stone, go on a short vacation and then point toward 2019.

“Hopefully I feel more confident next year going into all of the events,” she said. “We’ll see about upgrades. I’m not sure. We’ll see.”

Biles finished a busy 10 days by drilling her floor routine, which includes intricate tumbling runs that are as difficult as anything done by the men these days. Though she stepped out of bounds on her third pass, her score of 14.933 was a full point better than that of teammate Morgan Hurd, who earned her third medal of the meet by finishing with silver. Japan’s Mai Murakami took third.

Biles wasn’t quite as crisp on beam, an event that she’s struggled with recently. She wobbled during qualifying and fell off during the all-around finals. Though she managed to stay on during event finals, she found herself off balance on multiple occasions. Her score of 13.6 held up for bronze behind China’s Liu Tingting and Canada’s Ana Padurariu.

While allowing it wasn’t her best, Biles took to Twitter in between beam and floor exercise to chastise those who criticized her for not winning gold. It’s a move she felt was necessary.

“I think it’s upsetting to me whenever I see all the tweets after I do performances of how disappointed they are in me,” Biles said. “It’s not fair because they can’t set expectations on me. I have to set them for myself.”

And no one’s expectations are higher. Biles took herself to task after the all-around, unhappy with a series of uncharacteristic mistakes. She vowed to redeem herself in the event finals and responded by reaching the podium on each event.

“I’m really happy to be done,” Biles said. “Proud of my performances here. I wish some of them would have been better but I’m really proud of the outcome.”

So was Hurd, who won a team gold, bronze in the all-around and silver on floor, validating her breakthrough performance at the 2017 world championships when she became an unlikely champion.

“Oh, I wanted it so badly,” Hurd said. “Now I’ve got a full set.”

Five-time U.S. champion and two-time Olympian Sam Mikulak picked up the first world championship medal of his career when he finished third in the high bar final behind Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands and Japan’s Kohei Uchimura, who boosted his career medal at worlds to 21.

Mikulak will settle with having just one for now.

“I made a statement to the world that Sam isn’t some washed-out gymnast that’s holding on,” the 26-year-old Mikulak said. “He’s here to play and he’s here to get medals.”

North Korea’s Ri Se Gwang picked up his third world title on vault. Men’s all-around champion Artur Dalaloyan earned silver, with Japan’s Kenzo Shirai taking bronze. China’s Zou Jingyuan captured gold on parallel bars with a score of 16.433 — the highest on any apparatus by a man during the meet — while Oleg Verniaiev took silver and Dalaloyan bronze.

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20 of the world’s creepiest museums

Some of our worst fears are explored at these bizarre museums. They’ll give you the creeps for Halloween … or any other time of year

Despite being a familiar horror movie character, the ventriloquist’s dummy, with its clunky mouth, heavy eyelids and twisting head wasn’t meant to be fearful when it was invented for 18th century music hall entertainment. This museum houses the largest collection of ventriloquial figures and memorabilia in the world. It once belonged to William Shakespeare Berger, former president of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists.

Continue reading…
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Wealth of world’s billionaires grew 20% last year, study reveals

China's ultra-wealthy are driving the trend, adding two new billionaires per week last year, and growing at a rate almost double that of the Americas and Europe.


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The Worlds of ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

The Worlds of 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'

In Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2, there is much ado about said breaking, but what about creating the internet?

No, this isn’t about Al Gore.

The story of the internet, specifically the version we see in Ralph Breaks the Internet, starts like most worlds created by Disney animators: in research. For example, the Frozen team visited Norway to study snow, and for Zootopia they spent hours with all kinds of awesome animals and their respective environments….

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Scientists prepare for expedition to the world’s deepest depths

For the first time, humans will visit the deepest part of each of the five oceans, plunging to the sea floor using a two-person craft designed to withstand the intense pressures more than 5.5 miles (9 km) below the surface.

Reuters: Science News

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US Is World’s Most Competitive Economy: World Economic Forum

In its annual Global Competitiveness Report, the World Economic Forum has named the United States as the most competitive economy in the world.

Under the new framework for competitiveness, the U.S. economy is the closest to the “competitiveness frontier”, followed by Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, says the closely-watched Report, which was published on Wednesday.

The U.S. is ranked
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World’s best spots for scuba diving


Many people enjoy going to the coast to soak up the sun and relax on the beach, but there other great reasons to make these destinations your next vacation spot. Rather than chilling atop the surface of the water, you can explore what’s hiding beneath it. Scuba diving will introduce you to some of nature’s most breathtaking sights, and it may well change your life. If you think you’ve already seen all the beauty that the world has to offer, just wait until you visit these incredible locations.


You might expect a lot of natural beauty when you go scuba diving, but Thistlegorm features something a little more unexpected. Here lies a shipwreck from the 1940s that is still filled with all manner of vehicles, including motorbikes and trucks. If you’re fascinated by history, exploring this place of interest ought to be on your bucket list.

Barracuda Point

The sea life on offer here is some of the most diverse you’ll ever find around the world. From Buffalo Fish to Sea Turtles, you can never quite be sure what you’re going to encounter while scuba diving at this Malaysian site. Plus, with an 800 meter drop off, there’s so much here for you to explore.

Cape Kri

Of course, if its sea life that you want to discover, then Cape Kri in Indonesia has got you covered. This diving spot is home to almost 400 different species, including sharks and barracudas. Many of these enjoy swimming around in the coral reefs along the ocean floor, a sight that you definitely should not miss.

Great Blue Hole

Blue Holes are a wonder to see from the outside, and they don’t get much more magnificent than the Great Blue Hole in Belize. This sinkhole is 143 meters deep and considered to be one of the best places on Earth, probably because it’s so beautiful under the surface. It’s advised that you only dive here once you’re something of a pro because of the dark interior, but the wait will be worth it.

The Yongala

The Yongala is another shipwreck, although you’re not actually allowed to enter this one. The site is protected by the Historic Shipwrecks Act of 1976, meaning it’s something that should only be admired from afar. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t worth visiting, especially with the plethora of marine life that swims around the sunken ship.

Blue Corner

For people who have become pros at scuba diving, you’ll likely appreciate a visit to Blue Corner. This spot challenges divers with its strong currents and sometimes deadly wildlife that call this place their home. The wall dive isn’t easy to do, but if you have the skills, you’ll never forget your experience here.

Big Brother

The real test of your skills is at Big Brother in the Red Sea. If you want to go under the surface here, you’ll need to have experienced more than 50 open water dives, which can take some time to build up. It’s essential that you know what you’re doing if you’re going to dive here, though, because it can be a very unpredictable location. Strong currents and shark encounters make it a unique experience, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Liberty Wreck

From one of the most dangerous dives to one of the safest. The Liberty Wreck in Indonesia only has a diving distance of 10-30 meters, so newbies can enjoy the site just as much as any professional. Visibility here is incredible because the water is relatively still, and there’s a great deal to see. Liberty Wreck is home to so much sea life that it’ll probably take your breath away.

Whether you’re a diving fanatic or you’ve only recently acquired your flippers, there’s a lot for you to explore underwater. If there are sites on here you haven’t seen before, be sure to go check them out – you won’t regret it.


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