Adventures in Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much?

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Here’s kind of a weird question for today: what is your relationship like with caffeine? Have you found that you needed to back away from caffeine as you got older — or are you still drinking coffee and more at your usual levels? I’ve been pondering whether I need to back away from caffeine, so I’m curious…

For my $ .02, I’ve long known that if I drink a lot of caffeine after noon things do not go well — I kind of feel like I can cartwheels. (Spoiler alert: I can not do cartwheels. I can handle lesser amounts of caffeine in the afternoons, though, like black tea or Diet Coke.) But recently I realized that my afternoons are way more productive than my mornings — and wondered if perhaps this is because I always drink coffee first thing in the morning. So I’ve been trying to ween myself off caffeine, cutting back from two big cups in the morning to just half a cup some mornings. I’ve tried tea a few times as well, both as a “second cup” as well as my only cup. Thus far I’m surprised how little effect it has — I definitely don’t NEED a ton of coffee in the morning, but I prefer the taste of coffee to breakfast tea. In my mind I see a ton of benefit from those first few sips of coffee — clearing away the cobwebs! setting my intentions! starting my day! — but anything I drink after that is mere habit, comfort, or taste. (But I’m definitely not a snob about coffee — I kind of prefer my Folgers.)

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How about you, ladies — what’s your preferred source of caffeine, and do you have a routine for caffeine? Do you view caffeine like a medicine (man do I need a boost right now!) or any other food (I enjoy a cappuccino after dinner if the restaurant is known for them!)? 

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