Review Roundup: Did Critics Feel Welcomed to the Rock in the UK Premiere of COME FROM AWAY?

Telling the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded air passengers during the wake of 911, and the small town in Newfoundland that welcomed them, will beJenna BoydBeulah and others,Nathanael CampbellBob and others,Clive CarterClaude and others,Mary DohertyBonnie and others,Robert HandsNick, Doug and others,Helen HobsonDiane and others,Jonathan Andrew HumeKevin J, Ali and others,Harry MorrisonOz and others,Emma SalvoJanice and others,David ShannonKevin T, Garth and others,Cat SimmonsHannah and others andRachel TuckerBeverley, Annette and others withMark Dugdale,Bob Harms,Kiara Jay,Kirsty Malpass,Tania Mathurin,Alexander McMorran,Brandon Lee SearsandJennifer Tierney. Featured Content