‘Groundhog Day’ VR game let’s you revisit Bill Murray’s 1993 adventure as his son


Groundhog Day has been a movie and a musical, so why not make it a virtual reality game next?

Sony Pictures has teamed up with Tequila Works — the studio behind 2017’s wonderful indie efforts Rime and The Sexy Brutale — for Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son. It’s a……… sequel? To Groundhog Day? Set 26 years later, where you’re playing as Phil Connors’ son as he’s caught in the same kind of time loop as his dad?

Sure, why not?

This game looks completely cuckoo bananas, though it’s not yet clear if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. There’s reason to be hopeful with Tequila Works at the helm though! And Groundhog Day, the 1993 film, is such a wonderful, well-told story. Any chance to spend a little more time in that world is a welcome thing. Read more…

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