State Highlights: Foster Children Return To Oregon Following Charges Of Abuse From Caretakers; Missouri’s Planned Parenthood Lawyers Seek Answers About License Denial

Media outlets report on news from Oregon, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Iowa, Georgia and Hawaii.
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French Haute Couture & Fashion Federation hires Serge Carreira to foster emerging labels

The French Haute Couture and Fashion Federation has created the position of manager in charge of initiatives for emerging labels, appointing to the role Serge Carreira, who formerly worked for the Prada group.
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Buddy Valastro & Wife Lisa Cook Eggplant Parm & Bananas Foster, Tour Their Home & Kitchen | PeopleTV



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Cardi B Publicist Patientce Foster Shares What It Takes To Succeed In Entertainment

Cardi B has made it clear that she doesn’t need more press–-and it’s in large part due to her amazing publicity team at The Cream Agency, headed by Patientce Foster.

Foster plays multiple roles for Cardi, which includes being her independent publicist. She shared, “We work very closely with Ashley Kalmanowitz, our label publicist, who has done an amazing, consistent job in bringing an immense amount of press opportunities to the table. I am also head of her brand partnerships, and day-to-day operations. [Cardi] has honestly allowed me to be a part of almost every conversation pertaining to her career, including creative, her music, her vision, her ambitions.”

Behind the Scenes of Celebrity Publicity

While onlookers get to appreciate the beautiful glossy images, energetic performances, and humorous interviews Cardi B dishes, each of these requires lots of preparation. Foster shared that the most challenging part of the job is having to work under a constant pressure that never seems to let up. You must make yourself available for everyone else while still trying to be emotionally available for yourself.

“It’s easy to lose yourself and your mind while trying to keep up with the demands and obligations of the job,” she says with a laugh.


The industry has its perks too. Foster loves being able to work with kind-hearted people with brilliant minds and genuine souls. Noting, “The best part of my job is having a voice, being able to be vocal about what we’re doing, where we’re going, how to evolve and remain consistent.”

Getting into the Industry

Foster recommends that anyone interested in pursuing this career look to build in every direction that could align with their end goal.

“Don’t be so specific in your direction that you turn down opportunities that will help you to build a Rolodex or increase your experiences. Place yourself in rooms that will help you to build contacts. Place yourself at tables that will open your ears to conversation and educate you. Become so well-versed in the industry so that when your time does come you’re equipped with education, contacts, and networks. Those elements are essentially what the person/brand hiring you wants–your reach and your experience.”

Rubbing Shoulders with Celebrities

Rubbing shoulders with celebs is a dream for many, but there are unspoken rules. Foster advises that your approach and intent are everything. “Some people want to rub a shoulder for a photo opp, rub a shoulder to be able to post on social media and caption the moment as if they are acquainted with the celeb and use the visual for their own leverage. My pet peeve would be how the approach is made. Complimenting a celeb, asking them to possibly look at their art, listen to their music or [ask] for a photo is always OK, but how it’s done is what bothers me. The sense of false entitlement is what bothers me.”

Patientce Foster’s Journey to Becoming Cardi B’s Publicist

While Foster cannot forget her Southern roots being born in Charlotte, North Carolina, she credits her upbringing to Wilmington, Delaware, where she moved at the tender age of 7.

“The city of Wilmington has played a major role in my development as a person and as a professional. The fact that Delaware is the second-smallest state, makes Wilmington even smaller. There’s no radio station, sports team, little to no representation. We are often overlooked. It takes a certain consistency, determination, and tenacity to be visible, to be seen, to be recognized. It’s easy to feel defeated when you’re counted out, or always coming in last. Wilmington lent me a fearless mind, a tough skin, and a confidence I wouldn’t have been able to get from anywhere else.”

Leaving her job at Hertz to start a full-service salon is what led her to Cardi. Foster’s pivots may seem haphazard to some, but she had a clear vision.

“I left Hertz to open a full-service salon in 2013, Vixated. Vixated was able to fuel my ambitions and my journey to being a publicist by allowing me freedom, time, and funds to travel and take unpaid opportunities to build my resume and experience. It was in my second year of business (2015) that I was introduced to Cardi by a friend at the time, and now my partner. She needed hair and beauty services and my Wilmington salon location provided that. God made it so that we met again a month later during a Fashion Week PR internship, and it was then that I was hired. I went from working in Hertz, to building a business that paved the way to a career in publicity.”

On top of being a ‘small town girl’ who took a leap of faith to start her own business, Foster is also a single mother. This responsibility helped to mold her in a massive way,

“Being a single mother is a responsibility like no other. You can’t go out and a build a team to assist you, or ask just anyone to help you, or expect anyone to love and care for your child the way you do. That baby is yours, and yours only, your responsibility and forever obligation. Nothing is about you anymore, everything is about your baby. Every decision you make is for that baby. Every goal you make and plan you execute has one end goal, that baby, and the baby’s future.

“That mindset has become the fuel that burns my fire, it has become the motivation and intent behind every decision I make. It has made me a more aware woman, a more direct woman, a more assertive woman. There’s no time for question, doubt, or error. I have become a more decisive woman. I have to go get what I want, and ask for what I want, and make what I want happen–not for me anymore, but for the future, and well-being of my child.”

Millennials Changing the Game

Foster, a Millennial herself, does not buy into the dialog that Millennials are lazy and entitled.

“I believe that we are in a new era of new approach. How the generation before us achieved success, and the paths they took has changed. Times have changed.

“I believe that this generation is innovative, fearless, doesn’t hear the word ‘no’ [and] will make something out of nothing. This generation has been revolutionary. We have single-handedly changed the world as they once knew it. This generation has changed the digital age, how we listen to music, how we purchase items, how we socialize, how we look for and obtain jobs. This generation has given the power to individuals in becoming whatever they want to be.

The Cream Agency

Foster is so grateful in what she has been able to accomplish. “[I’m] so humbled to be a part of one of the greatest, most consistent teams in the game. My contributions, my work, and my results have allowed me to build one of the fastest-growing PR and creative marketing/branding boutique agencies in the business. The Cream Agency has only begun to make its mark. The impression we make will be one that will last to the end of time. I’m standing on that!”

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The NAACP Launched a Socially-Driven ETF to Foster Impact Investing and Corporate Diversity

Among the issues to be addressed at the 2019 NAACP annual convention, being held July 20-24 in Detroit, is what corporate America is doing to create real opportunities for minority firms. That question will be raised when leaders of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization host a “CEO Panel,” in which they will ask corporate leaders how they approach diversity and inclusion within their specific corporate environments.

“We won’t move the needle on these issues without the commitment of corporate CEOs,” Marvin Owens, senior director of the NAACP Economic Department, tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “As the markets continue to punish bad corporate behavior and reward good corporate behavior, CEOs have the necessary incentive from shareholders and investors to make a real impact. Diversity and inclusion become not only the right thing to do but also good business.”

The panel is also expected to encourage new investors to buy into the NAACP Minority Empowerment ETF (NYSE: NACP). The fund celebrates its one-year anniversary this month after the NAACP partnered with ETF issuer and investment manager Impact Shares to launch it in July 2018. The fund is the first of its type allowing investors to allocate money to companies that fit the NAACP’s vision of good corporate citizens. The fund invests in companies that are financially strong and promote racial and ethnic equity in all aspects of their business. It’s worth noting the NAACP is not actually traded on the stock exchange but has linked its iconic brand with a publicly-traded financial tool for corporate engagement.

BLACK ENTERPRISE caught up with Owens via email to get an update on the NACP fund.

BE: What is the fund’s overall objective for individual and corporate investors whether they are members of the NAACP or not?

Owens: A central objective of the fund is to provide a tool to align investment capital with the causes we care so deeply about. For more than two decades, the NAACP has used the corporate scorecard as a tool for measurement and accountability around the issues like blacks in corporate leadership, supplier diversity commitments, and pay equity. NACP is an innovation on this model in that it utilizes a similar strategy, but applies it to publicly traded companies on the Russell 1000. This tool provides investors who care deeply about issues of minority economic empowerment with a unique opportunity to align their capital with this commitment. It also offers market-driven incentives for companies to “up their game” related to diversity and inclusion.

Why did the NAACP create the ETF (exchange-traded fund)?

Innovation. Addressing the staggering racial wealth gap and persistent economic inequality in this country are central to the mission for the NAACP. One hundred and ten years of advocacy and activism has taught us that we have to match our vigilance with creativity. This ETF is an innovation on the work we’ve been doing all along to break down the systemic barriers blocking economic opportunity for black people in this country. We learned through the South Africa divestment campaigns of the 1980s that capital markets can be a potent force to drive social change. This ETF builds upon our history of advocacy and creates a new platform for corporate engagement.

What have been some of the fund’s top accomplishments since it started? 

One of the fund’s top accomplishments has been the creation of new opportunities for engagement. As part of our launch last year, we convened a closed-door symposium for chief diversity officers, chief investment officers, supplier diversity leads, as well as institutional investors to discuss challenges and best practices in making a real impact against the business goal of diversity and inclusion. While the discussion included companies with a history of partnering with the NAACP, the fund incentivized the participation of companies with no previous interaction with the NAACP. The fund has helped to reposition the NAACP as not only an advocate but a conveyor of critical accountability conversations related to minority economic empowerment.

What has been the fund’s performance since it was initially launched?   

For the one year ending July 12, NACP has returned 10.21%, which compares to 7.76% for the average Large Blend Mutual Fund and ETF in the United States. Large Blend represents the peer group as assigned by Morningstar. This ranks the fund in the 25% percentile. The fund has achieved a “High,” or “5 Globe” Morningstar Sustainability Rating, and is ranked in the 4th percentile globally. This rating is designed to identify companies that score highly on minority empowerment, as well as across a broad range of environmental, social, and governance issues.

Can you provide examples of the strategies being implemented to get more investments in the fund? 

We are actively working with public pension funds, family offices such as the Sarowitz Family L.L.C., and financial intermediaries. Additionally, we are pursuing a partnership with a large financial services firm that we hope to announce in the coming months.

How has the number of major U.S. companies in the fund increased over the last year? (For instance, we hear companies in the fund as of September 2018 included Amazon, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Alphabet GOOG, and Johnson & Johnson. By late 2018, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Home Depot, and  TJX Cos. Inc. were among the largest companies added to the fund. Is this information correct?      

The position sizes in the fund is a function of minimizing tracking error to the broad equity market. However, you are correct that a number of companies entered and exited the fund at the beginning of the year. That was largely a result of improvements in business practices relative to our goals/screens.

(Owens noted around 15 companies have dropped from the fund, including Adient Inc., Danaher Corp., Huntsman Corp., Marathon Oil Corp., and Sprint Nextel Corp among them. Simultaneously nearly 20 companies have been added, including Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Roper Technologies Inc.,  Kroger Co., Motorola Solutions Inc., PG&E Corp., and Yum! Brands Inc.)

How is the fund helping the NAACP boost its revenues? In what way is the NAACP using that money to convince blue-chip companies to do things like boost racial diversity on their boards or increase the number of black-owned minority suppliers they use?

The fund is still young, but the unique model of Impact Shares, our nonprofit fund manager, allows for the NAACP to receive fee income after expenses. By diversifying our funding, the NAACP will be able to build out new programs and efforts creating pathways for blacks to corporate boards; to actively engage in the persistent problem of the lack of access and opportunities for black asset managers; to use the power of the market to push for greater supplier diversity opportunities while simultaneously reducing our dependence on traditional philanthropic sources to fund our mission.

Recent reports have indicated affluent millennials will be armed with trillions of dollars over the next several years to sink money into investments reflecting their values and social beliefs. How is your fund positioned to attract this potentially lucrative demographic group as investors?

Depending on the research you read, upwards of 90% of millennials would like social considerations included in their portfolio. We are the only publicly available strategy whose sole social mission is to empower people of color. We believe this will resonant with all investors that believe in racial equity.

Why should other black nonprofit groups consider launching their own ETFs to help them better accomplish their missions of empowering the black community?

The model of dependence on philanthropic sources to fund our missions simply has to change. If we truly believe in long-term sustainability, then harnessing the power of the capital market has to be not only considered, but accomplished. Socially-driven ETFs provide a unique vehicle for corporate engagement, but a more equitable society continues to be the goal.

Money | Black Enterprise


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Tanisha Foster, Mom Of Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter, Discusses Their Relationship, Being “Good” With Lauren London

Celebs at Lakers game.

Source: / WENN

There has been a lot said and implied about Tanisha Foster ever since rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away. She is the mother of his 10-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom, and she’s currently fighting with the rapper’s sister, Samantha, for custody of the child. Emani has been living with Samantha, and according to TMZ, during a recent court appearance, Tanisha broke down in tears because she claimed she hadn’t seen her daughter in months. Nipsey’s family is reportedly trying to organize visitation for mother and daughter.

The family believes Samantha can provide Emani with the most stable living situation and claim Tanisha has a substance abuse issue that they want to help her deal with. The custody case continues in July, when both sides meet for their next court date.

Until then though, Tanisha is speaking out. She took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to clear up some misconceptions. She also wanted to thank people for their support, saying, “Thank you, I’m going to stay strong. I have to stay strong because I have babies.”

As far as what people think of her lifestyle based on what they see on social media, including when it comes to her social media names, which reference Nipsey, she’s going to keep doing what she wants to do.

“I’m going to live my life,” she said. “It was 16 years. He was 16 years of my life. Do anybody know that?”

“I don’t prove nothing to nobody,” she added. “I don’t have to.”

With that in mind, she said she doesn’t worry about or deal with the “disrespectful sh-t” people say online because when Nipsey was alive, he showed her nothing but love.

“My child’s father didn’t disrespect me,” she said. “I talked to him 30 minutes before he died. How about those apples? Do y’all know that?”

“I don’t feed into negativity, baby. I don’t pay ’em no mind,” she added. “I don’t give a damn about these people. They give a damn about me, though. So all the haters can eat my sh-t, but the people who love me, I love y’all.”

She also wanted to make it clear that despite what she may have said or done in the past in reference to Lauren London (there were some past regrettable tweets and “likes” of negative comments about the actress), they have no issues.

“I don’t have a problem with Lauren. She don’t have a problem with me,” she said. “We good.”

Last time Tanisha spoke out about Nipsey on social media, she found herself heavily criticized by people who felt that since she was his ex, her public condolences were inappropriate and disrespectful to Lauren. Still, she’s always stood by the positive relationship they had and the sentiments she shared.



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Trump admin, SC sued over gay couple turned away by religious foster care agency

Advocacy groups sued the Trump administration and state of South Carolina after a Christian ministry denied a gay couple from participating in its foster care program.
ABC News: Top Stories

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Jodie Foster Mourns the Death of Her Mom and Former Manager Evelyn

Jodie Foster and her mother Evelyn ‘Brandy’ Foster at the Hollywood Reporter Power 100 Breakfast at The Beverly Hills Hotel on December 4, 2007 in Beverly Hills , California. Jeff Vespa/WireImage

One last Mother’s Day. Jodie Foster’s mother, Evelyn Foster, died on Monday, May 13, Us Weekly can confirm. She was 90 years old.

“Evelyn ‘Brandy’ Foster, mother of Jodie, Lucinda, Constance and Bud, passed away peacefully in her home on May 13th from complications related to dementia,” the obituary obtained by Us reads.

The family celebrated Evelyn’s accomplishments in the obituary, noting that she briefly worked as a Hollywood publicist for Arthur Jacobs, whose clients included Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, James Stewart and Marilyn Monroe.

“She was raised in Rockford, Illinois but in the forties took her big band singing chops on the road to California. There she met Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Foster at a fencing match. … In her thirties, suddenly divorced and a single mother of four, Evelyn brought her entertainment savvy to managing the young acting career of her son Buddy best known as Ken Berry’s son in the series Mayberry RFD,” the family explained. “At three, her youngest daughter Jodie landed her first commercial, the famed 60’s Coppertone ad. Evelyn successfully managed and guided her daughter’s career until her second Best Actress Oscar win in 1991 for The Silence of The Lambs.”

Jodie, Lucinda, Constance and Buddy Foster added that their late mother was “a passionate world cinema lover and a liberal firebrand, always ahead of her time, with an opinion about virtually everything and a voice for social justice.”

“Evelyn was without a doubt the strongest person her family has ever met, a champion, a fighter, full of fire and love. No one could beat her style, all five feet tall with naturally ‘cork screw’ hair,” the obituary read. “Her family will remember those dimple smiles and big hugs and well placed four letter words. No one messed with Nana, an original like no other. May she live in all of us forever.”

The family concluded: “Her family will mourn her passing privately. In lieu of flowers, they suggest you look up at the sky, open your arms and say her name. She would get a kick of that.”

Us Weekly


A Mother Learns The Extent Of Her Kids’ Sexual Trauma in Foster Care | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN


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Tameka Foster Talks Almost Dying During Plastic Surgery: “I Was Married, Publicly Shamed And Didn’t Ever Feel Like I Was Enough”

Lupus LA's Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon

Source: Tiffany Rose / Getty

Ten years ago, Tameka Foster, then known as Tameka Raymond and married to Usher, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, almost died while trying to get plastic surgery.

Looking back on that experience this week, Foster expressed her gratitude for life, but also addressed the public criticism that she says pushed her to get the surgery in the first place.

“Feeling grateful today,” she wrote on Wednesday. “10 years ago today I suffered a cardiac arrest in Brazil. #Flatlined #IDied. I was married, publicly shamed and didn’t ever feel like I was enough, pretty enough, exotic enough, slim enough, light enough, worthy enough. Funny part… Today I’m 20 pounds heavier, feel much prettier, single AF, happier, and so amazingly worthy.”

Instagram Photo

As the story goes, two months after welcoming their second child together, Naviyd Ely Raymond, Foster decided to fly to Brazil to get liposuction done on her stomach. She knew that being the wife of a public figure, she wouldn’t be able to escape unwanted commentary about her body after baby. She hadn’t been able to escape it before she had Naviyd and Usher Raymond V, as people openly questioned the fact that Usher had chosen to be with her and marry her in 2007. The singer felt the need to publicly defend her honor in 2008 on MTV’s TRL, saying, “I hear y’all talking crazy out there, she’s a beautiful black woman. Stop. Stop talking. And I love her. Stop it.”

But that wouldn’t be enough.

Before Foster could even undergo the procedure, she went into cardiac arrest while under anesthesia. Ellen Dasptry, a rep for the surgeon who was supposed to have performed the surgery in Brazil, said Foster was revived and placed into a medically-induced coma immediately.

“When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage,” Dasptry told PEOPLE in 2009. “This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.”

Foster survived the very scary situation, and was in much better condition a week later. However, her marriage fell apart soon after. Just months after her health ordeal, Usher filed for divorce.

Check out photos of Tameka during happier but still stressful years with Usher by hitting the flip:

2007 Trumpet Awards

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty



12.28.18 Foster kids at risk; Warning for small biz owners; Car leasing costs going up

As foster care kids reach adulthood, difficulties mount; A warning to small business owners about expired URL’s and how they can be commandeered; Leasing a car is getting even more costly than it has been.

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Freeloaders beware: Incentives to foster cooperation are just around the corner

In our society, there are always a certain percentage of people who adopt a freeloader attitude. They let other members of society do all the work and do not do their part. In a new study researchers show that it is possible to incentivize members of society to cooperate by providing them fixed bonuses and, thus, prevent freeloader behavior from becoming prevalent.
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Photo Coverage: Go Inside Elsie Fest 2018 with Darren Criss, Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry and More!

Central Park was the place to be yesterday, as theatre fans from all over gathered to celebrate the fourth annual Elsie Fest Elsie Fest is a one-day outdoor music festival that celebrates the stars and songs from the stage and screen, giving festival goers a unique experience to their favorite musicals. Featured Content