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You Still Need Sunscreen With Your SPF Makeup


Supergoop, a fun-to-say sunscreen brand, is known for clear, non-sticky formulas. Since its launch in 2008, the line has developed a cultish following of skincare devotees who swear the products give them UV protection without the telltale white streaks of other sunscreens.

But this week, the line launched a new SPF product that, unlike previous launches, is meant to be noticed.

As the name implies, “Shimmershade” is a sparkly eyeshadow made for the “no makeup makeup” set. The $ 24 cream topcoat is meant to be applied over one’s lid with a finger. Along with leaving a slight iridescent tint, “Shimmershade” contains SPF 30. Supergoop’s promise? A “long-wearing” product that “keeps eyes pretty and protected.”

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Healthy holidays and a sunscreen rethink: top five travel trends for 2019

Rising eco-awareness, wellness breaks and a farewell to passports … we look at changes in the world of travel for the year ahead

Last October, Club 18-30 holidays staggered off into the sunset, aged 50. To the relief of Mediterranean resorts that had spent decades dealing with the carnage caused by epic drinking challenges, it appears that buckets of warm sangria – or worse – have lost their appeal. We have entered the era of the healthy holiday, driven by young people who want to be sober enough to take a flattering selfie. The rise of ‘ego travel’ was cited by Thomas Cook when it retired the Club 18-30 brand, turning its focus on its Casa Cook and Cook’s Club brands, design-conscious hotels with gyms, tasting menus, upmarket cocktails and yoga.

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