Weekly Roundup: Comfy White Sandals

White sandals look Summery, and are a nice alternative to metallics. They are just as versatile and a lot more crisp. White footwear is trendy at the moment, but I think it’s always in style. It pulls an outfit together that has white components in it. It works well with white accessories, or when you have light blonde or white hair to bookend the look. Or just wear white footwear because it looks modern and graphic.

Here’s a large assortment of comfortable dressy and casual white sandals. Many are repeat styles, and many are winners on clients. Some styles come in wide and narrow widths. Some have built-in arch support. Remember that arches and insteps are NOT the same thing. The arch is on the bottom inside part of the foot between the toe and heel. The instep is the top arched part of the foot, or vamp of the foot. Also remember to try a wide size when you have wide feet.

I’ve chosen the white options here, but there are other colours to choose from too. Browse the colours and read the stellar reviews.

  • Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Rockport Cobb Hill CollectionCobb Hill Aubrey: 812 GLOWING 5-star reviews for good reason. They look better on the foot in person.
  • SCHUTZ Elida Double Strap Mules: Soft leather and a very stable heel make these a lot more comfy than they look. You need regular volume feet to fill them out.
  • Gentle Souls By Kenneth Cole Gentle Souls by Kenneth ColeLavern: More substantial and structured than flip-flops, these slides are easy to walk in if your feet fill them out. Too wide for low-volume feet.
  • ‘Tonga’ Leather Sandal: Incredible arch support that suits a range of foot types because of adjustable straps.
  • Naot NaotLisa: These are an excellent fit for flat feet or for those that need a lot of arch support. The straps adjust for width, and the vamp fits most shapes of insteps.
  • Naot NaotPixie: This gets my vote for best smart casual dainty sandal with arch support. It’s easy to find sandals with arch support, but they’re usually very casual and quite chunky. These are not. Best on regular volume feet.
  • LifeStride LifeStrideCarnival: A dressy sandal that is reasonably soft and cushioning. Elegant on the foot. Too narrow for wide feet.
  • Benue Ankle Strap Sandal: These are my favourites because they’re refined and dainty. Surprisingly, the buckles do not dig into your feet and ankles, but they are too wide for my narrow feet. NOT for feet that need arch support.
  • Me Too Me TooArena: Fabulous for a wider foot and can work for bunions too. Great on a wider ankle.
  • Vandy Slide Sandal: These are an update on the classic Arizona Birkie, and they look as great as they feel. The platform heel adds a bit of NOW. I like these best on wider feet and ankles. Very flattering.
  • Dolly Block Heel Sandal: A relatively comfortable ’70s and ’90s sandal with statement buckles. Better on a lower volume foot because the bottom strap is not adjustable.
  • L’Amour Des Pieds L’Amour Des PiedsDordogne: Modern and fun in a utility kind of way. These can work with bunions if your feet aren’t wide. They cover a lot of the foot, so you have to be okay with that.
  • Sola Sandal: Extreme comfort with just enough support. Works best on higher volume feet.
  • Patsy Sandal: These look better on the foot and in person. Their excellent cut suits a range of foot types. Size down half a size for narrower feet. The criss-cross strap detailing is very flattering.
  • Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Rockport Cobb Hill CollectionCobb Hill Helen: Extreme casual comfort with a touch of boho. Very manageable heel height. The cut-out detailing on the foot creates a maximal effect, so consider yourself warned.
  • Premium Offroad Sandal: Trendy Sporty Sandals for high volume feet.
  • Maritsa Lara Slingback Sandal: These have worked well on wider feet with narrower ankles. Can be forgiving of small bunions. The V-shape of the vamp is flattering on wide ankles.
  • Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Rockport Cobb Hill CollectionCobb Hill Hollywood Two-Piece Sandal: Pretty good arch support and two-toned fabness with the metallic inserts. Maximal on the foot, and super cute on a wider foot.
  • Season Sandal: If you enjoy Danskos, give these a try. They’re wider than they used to be and the shape of the last is a little dfferent. That said, I have many happy clients in the fun clog that’s best suited to higher volume feet.
  • ‘Amadour’ Platform Sandal: These have worked well on narrower feet with bunions. Your toes will only peep through the hole if your feet are narrow. There is room in the toe box though, so good for bunions.
  • PIKOLINOS PikolinosP. Vallarta 655-0720: Streamlined Boho-Lite for regular volume feet. Might work on slightly wider feet.
  • Luna Sandal: Pretty and quite unique with the high vamp, slit and bow. They look like they’d be wide on the ankle, but they aren’t as long as the vamp fits the shape of your instep.
  • OAK Espadrille Wedge Sandal: These are remarkably comfy as long as you don’t mind the inflexibility of the platform. Especially flattering on a wider foot and ankle.
  • Aceline Slide Sandal: Streamlined, dressy and versatile. Very comfy on a regular volume foot.
  • LifeStride LifeStrideMilly: A modern classic and affordable wedge that goes the distance. Best on regular volume feet.
  • Laguna Sandal: Excellent uber casual support for wide feet.
  • Naturalizer NaturalizerNalani: I have these, and duplicated them because they are one of the very few styles that are available in a US6.5 NARROW. They are classic, extremely comfy and go the distance. Look better on the foot. Love them, and wear them with dresses, jeans and pants.
  • SAS SASSavanna: Dressier, classic, versatile and VERY comfy unless you need a lot of arch support. The black heel will bookend dark hair. Adjustable straps and FIVE options of width allow for a great fit.
  • Rieker Rieker43711 Mirjam 11: Interesting and quite maximal on the foot. Boho-lite, and crisp in the white. Well suited to regular and lower volume feet.

Go to the collection page if you would like to see the images alongside my descriptions.

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